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Living in Santa Barbara and Need Help with Tax Problems? Call National Tax Attorney

 Have you received a notice of error from the IRS along with a notice of tax assessment? In 2015 the IRS indicates it sent over 1.5 million error notices for individual tax returns and over 30% of those errors as a result of tax calculations (; Wage and Investment, Customer Account Services, Submission Processing, Paper Processing Branch). If the error results in a refund, it can be a happy occasion. However, if the error means the taxpayer owes the IRS, that unpleasant surprise can often be difficult to resolve immediately and then results in fees, penalties and interest that mount up quickly. Additionally, filing taxes can be a complicated task. With tax laws and regulations continuously being introduced and implemented, filing taxes can be a logistical nightmare.

When you feel the heaviness of tax debt on your shoulders, don’t procrastinate or think that by ignoring the problem the issue it will just disappear, however it’s in your best interest to get the help of professionals who have what it takes to file the necessary forms and open a channel of communication with the IRS. A professional is able to provide an opportunity to put your tax situation behind you and lead you up a financial path that sets you in the right direction. National Tax Attorney is knowledgeable and up to date in the latest tax laws and regulations at both the state and government level. Let us be your voice, standing up for you so you can go back to living a stress-free life.

If you owe taxes from previous years that are accruing penalties and interest, the total tax you end up owing could be staggering. State and government agencies will use whatever methods they can to obtain all the back taxes owed by you, including freezing bank accounts, seizing property and/or garnishing wages. That’s why you should always seek a professional tax advisor to deal with the IRS for you whenever there is a tax problem.

Tax Liens

If arrangements aren’t made with the IRS for paying off an outstanding balance on a tax return, then the IRS can file something called a “Notice of Federal Tax Lien” in an attempt to get funds that are already owed toward outstanding tax debt.

How does a tax lien work? Basically, a lien is a legal form telling creditors that money is owed to the IRS. That tells potential creditors and banks in light of any default on payment of taxes the government now can legally claim any property you own or may subsequently purchase. The resulting long-term effects for you, the taxpayer is that you will subsequently be considered a risk credit-wise when you attempt to make a purchase as any banks or financial companies will not be so likely to extend any credit at all to a person who is already in debt or delinquent in the repayment of said debts. Additionally, if the lien is placed against your home, and you wish to sell it, you might have difficulty closing the deal as potential buyers may be reluctant to purchase a property with a tax lien against it.

A sad reality in this highly connected world is that credit scores can mean everything. A tax lien can subtract substantial points off of your credit score, and with a lower credit score that means paying higher everything! Everyday things like renting a car, getting a credit card, buying or renting a place to live is influenced by how much you will owe and how many accounts are owed. If do manage to obtain these things, how much you ultimately have to pay, how high or low your interest rates will be will most certainly be affected. If there is a tax lien on a property then there is commonly an air of unease in would-be lenders. This kind of situation denotes uncertainty and shows you do not have first access to your assets. The government does. If this is the case, then the lender would have to consider this a bad investment, in that they would not get any repayment of debt until after the government got theirs first. Also to be considered is that your credit score will suffer, and the lower your credit score is, the more it can negatively affect not only loan and credit accessibility but can also impede your ability to rent or buy a place to live as well as make anything you need to qualify for more difficult to achieve.

There is help to be found at National Tax Attorney. Our experienced and skillful tax attorneys will look at your situation and come up with the right solution for your particular situation. With our expert help, you can avoid painful tax liens and get back on track before the paperwork is ever filed.

Your Take Home Pay

If the IRS processes a wage garnishment or a wage levy against you, your employer will be duty bound (with potentially legal consequences if they don’t) to withhold money every payday that is then sent directly to the Treasury. Once a garnishment has been implemented, getting having it reversed is often difficult, as the IRS is not concerned with how you feel the loss of pay will affect you and your family.

How a Tax Professional Can Help You

As a citizen of Santa Barbara, you can obtain help from your tax issues from a trusted tax professional by contacting National Tax Attorney. Tour expert attorneys along with the help of their supportive and courteous team of support agents can fight for you so you won’t have to.

Requesting an Installment Agreement

Taxes are due when you file your return but sometimes you just can’t come up with the money to pay the full amount owed when its due. In those instances, our staff diplomatically work with the IRS to allow you to pay taxes including penalties and interest in monthly installments that you and the IRS can agree upon, and they will even work with the IRS to reduce penalties and fees.  The kicker is that even if your request is approved, the IRS continues to be charge interest until the entire tax debt is settled. Sometimes it takes years to pay off the tax debt and often times and incorrect filing is what resulted in the taxes being owed to begin with. Something that an educated tax professional could have helped to avoid in the first place. A person who would look into every possible deduction and the best way possible for you to file.

9465 payment plans

Tax attorneys with the firm will fill out the required Form (tax form 9465) requesting an installment agreement and submit it to the IRS on your behalf. Once received, IRS typically has 30 days to respond to requests for payment arrangements. If approved, you will receive a notice outlining your agreed upon terms and the initial fees that will be required by the IRS in order for them to approve your request and move forward on your agreement. However, you should be aware that any installment agreement and requests for dismissal or reduction in penalties will only be allowed if all over due tax returns have been filed. National Tax Attorney staff have had a lot of experience dealing with form 9465, and also understand how vital it is that all and filings are complete and your forms are without error so you, their valued client, will have everything you need to correct past errors in tax filings and can be rest assured that you are on your way to having your issue resolved.

 If you have been living under a cloud of tax debt, give National Tax Attorney a call. Their professionals can keep you from drowning in debt and get you going on the right path again.


BBB Rating: A+

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