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Robert is one of the best accountants around! He's been doing my taxes for the past five years or so and not only does he do know what he's doing but he's also just an all around great,
Courtney Brockmeyer April, 2017
had some tax debt piling up and Robert and his team helped me figure out what options I had. If you have any questions or the IRS is slamming you then you should definitely talk to them.
Austin CoulsonOctober, 2016
I really like how they walked me though everything to help me understand it. Thank you to all that helped me
Willie O.July, 2017

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Tax Issues Too Much To Handle? The Protect Solution Is Here!

The cost of living in this era is too high. Prices of basic things like a house, car, food, education, and hospital bills are shooting through the roof, making it difficult for common people to afford anything. An accident or a serious health issue can cause a major dent to your monthly budget. In order to come up with the money for all these things, people have even had to spend their savings, if there was any at all, just to stay afloat. Hence, when it comes to the paying of taxes, the common American can end up defaulting on tax debt  and get themselves into a serious legal and financial situation.
Tax debt can be a bad situation for any household irrespective of their income. Once one gets themselves in a situation like this, it becomes tough for them to handle and can easily get out of control. There are various factors that come into the scene when you default on taxes. Any source of income, including your business, your assets, your possessions and everything else owned by you can come under the scrutiny of state and government tax officials.
People usually are not aware of the various and ever changing tax rules and regulations, and therefore they commit a lot of mistakes in the process, leading to them either ending up having to pay more in taxes than they are supposed to, or getting entangled in the many complications of confusing tax laws. Therefore, it is very important that when it comes to a serious tax related issue, it is best to rely on somebody or seek help from someone who has a better knowledge in this area, and can help you in finding solutions.
National Tax Attorney is an established tax negotiation firm that has expertise in dealing with tax debt situations. The attorneys of this firm are highly experienced, educated and have the knowledge it requires to deal with even the most complicated of tax situations.
When you are facing tax debt, you will find a number of issues that go along with it piling up in front of you. Dealing with everything that can happen in light of tax debt can be difficult, and without a proper understanding of laws and regulations, you could find yourself even deeper financially and legally. Hence, availing the services of professional tax lawyers can prove to be your best move. The attorneys of this firm are themselves tax attorneys hence they are well versed in tax laws and regulations.
National Tax Attorney understands that a bad investment or a mere miscalculation can cause a tremendous monetary crunch for the average American family and they do not want their clients to feel they are in such a constant state of vulnerability. The attorneys here will therefore work their hardest to make their client feel protected by providing them with instant relief from legal harassment because of their unfortunate tax debt situation.
The threatening letters, the intimidation, the continuous bombardment by the IRS authorities can be curtailed through tactics that these lawyers have learned through experience and education over the years. A client of National Tax Attorney can be confident they will respond with full force on their behalf, so that their clients can pass through this phase of the process without undergoing too much trauma or humiliation.
So the question remains, what exactly happens to people when they do not pay the tax monies owed, or fail to come up with the amount due on time? The results can be extreme, to the ultimate result that you could lose everything that you own and even end up incarcerated in the worst of circumstances.
Bank Levy: When the government does not receive any response from the tax defaulter, even after sending several notifications, they can and will take strict measures to deal with the delinquent taxpayer. One such tactic is that they could impose a bank levy on you. This is when a bank account is frozen in an attempt to get the debtor to repay tax debt owed. A bank levy can occur due to either unpaid taxes or unpaid taxes with incurred penalties resulting from the delinquency. A bank levy can be recurring, not just a one time thing.  Rather, it is imposed as many times as is deemed necessary to get all tax money due. When you are experiencing a bank levy you cannot access the money in your account. This can be disastrous for you and your family, because monthly expenditures don’t cease just because access to your money does. However, with National Tax Attorney in your corner there should be nothing to worry about. The professional staff at National Tax Attorney are highly skilled in the art of negotiating with the IRS and/or state tax authorities in removing a bank levy from your account. They can also be helpful by negotiating with them on your behalf to provide you with a livable payment installment situation that will give you the time you need to come up with the money that you owe. They are your ally and will have your back when dealing with the IRS, state tax authorities, or any other financial institution that is imposes a tax levy against you.
Tax Liens
Of all the actions allowed under law to recoup owed taxes, tax liens are some of the most severe. This particular measure is where state and/or IRS tax authorities imposed a law where a property is held as a security to ensure payment of taxes. A tax lien could also be imposed for any past due taxes owed on either personal property or even business property, or even the end result because of failure to pay income and or other taxes. When you consider this could attack all things with your name on them- things such as your business, home, office, vehicle and any other things with your name on the title.  Losing access to your properties, possessions, and business can not only be embarrassing but also affect all those around you. and if the problems are not solved, and an appropriate tax plan in place, ultimately after a certain period, they also have the authority to seize it completely. the attorneys of National Tax Attorney work here to remove tax liens from your property and possessions, helping you to climb out of debt and not lose access to all the things that help keep you, your loved ones and your associates secure.
Wage Garnishments
Wage garnishment is a measure by the government wherein they can go directly after your wages and your garnish your paycheck. According to the law your employers can be made to hand over your paycheck to the IRS or other tax authorities if you are tax defaulters who is extremely late in paying taxes owed and has made or broken an agreed upon payment agreement. They can deduct up to 70% of your salary from your earnings. The expert tax attorneys at the firm help you by negotiating with tax authorities to remove wage garnishments.
National Tax Attorney is always ready to help their clients solve all tax problems, from the most complicated of situations to the most minor of tax problems. They dedicate themselves completely to the task at hand and do their best to handle each of them with the most efficient and professional care possible. For those who are seeking information about tax related rules and regulations you can contact and obtain help from the experts at National Tax Attorney over the phone or directly. A simple thing like a phone call or an email now can help save you from facing a big disaster in the future.

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