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Do You Have Tax Problems in Eureka? Call National Tax Attorney If you live in Eureka and have tax related issues that you can't handle then you are like many other citizens across the United States. One small mistake on a tax filing and you, like many people across America, could find yourself with tax issues you just aren't sure how to handle. If this is you, call National Tax Attorney, where instant tax relief is just a phone call away.

There are many possible causes for tax related issues. You could get a letter informing you of an IRS audit, where you like thousands of other citizens are randomly chosen. Or perhaps you failed for some reason to file your tax paperwork, getting notice you owe money as they estimate what they think you should have paid. Or maybe you were just unfortunate enough to owe back taxes and have an inability to pay because of financial hardship.

No matter the issue, tax troubles left unresolved will only worsen. They could escalate to the extent that you might be in danger of losing your car, home, everything you have worked so hard to build, and even have your wages garnished. Your situation can avalanche rapidly! In one fell swoop you could lose your house, your car, even your wages.

National Tax Attorney is only a phone call away, it doesn't matter where you are, if you live in Eureka, come on in. Don't have time to leave the office? Can't find a sitter for the kids? The internet brings our services right to where you are. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff have the understanding and experience it takes to handle even the most sensitive of IRS negotiations, and will use all of the tools and expertise at their disposal to work for the best possible outcome with the IRS. They will negotiate on your behalf to bring you peace of mind and a solution you can live with.

Tax debt and the situations that arise from it can be complicated and time consuming to resolve. Some time consulting with one of our well-educated attorneys will give you insight into the collection process giving you more control over your tax debt situation. Our experienced and professional staff will help you solve all your tax debt issues, as well as stand by you while dealing with state and government agencies regarding your tax situation.

Wage Garnishment

By law an employer would have to comply with a wage garnishment request if a creditor had a legal right to request a certain sum of money be withheld from regular paychecks and sent directly to the creditor to be applied directly to tax debt owed. If your employer is issued an order of garnishment, then they are legally bound to withhold the amount from your wages or be in danger of civil lawsuits and other penalties. Federal law states that most creditors have a limit to the amount of money that they can garnish from your wages and there must be a judgment against you prior to the garnishment starting. The IRS, however, doesn't need for you to obtain a judgment first, nor do they have a limit to how much of your wages they take. In fact, current tax code determines what percent of your paycheck the IRS is forced to leave you. There are cases where the IRS can take an amount equal to 70% of your salary!

There are steps taken prior to garnishment. The IRS will typically send a Demand for Payment. This is preliminary and is a good point to try to stop the process if possible. If one fails to respond, then the end result will be a Final Notice of Intent to Levy. This could be your paycheck and/or bank account. This will also include a Notice of Your Right to a Hearing. This is where the countdown begins. 30 days must pass before the last step. Once an order of garnishment has been presented to your employer, there is 2 weeks before the garnishment is enacted and after that time it will become harder to reverse it. Regardless of your state, National Tax Attorney can help. We work with you to determine the solution that best suit your financial situation and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.

Bank Levy

Bank levies freeze your financial accounts in order for the tax authorities to recover any taxes, interest and penalties a debtor may owe the IRS. The IRS takes similar steps to issue bank levies as it does a wage garnishment, also known as a wage levy. However if a bank receives notice they must hold your money for 21 days and then send it to the IRS. This is an exceptionally difficult levy, especially if you use Direct Deposit to receive your paycheck. No access to money can be crippling. Call National Tax Attorney if you find yourself in this situation and experience instant tax relief.

Request an Installment Agreement
If you are like many Americans you may not be able to pay the whole amount of tax owed when filing. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf in order to pay smaller amounts owed monthly and do whatever possible to reduce penalties and interest. However, do be aware that although the IRS may approve your installment agreement that was requested on your behalf, you will still continue being charged interest until the amount of the full taxed owed is paid off completely.

Why choose National Tax Attorney?

National Tax Attorney is a firm that specializes in tax law issues and negotiation. We have helped clients with all kinds of situations arising from unfiled tax returns, wage garnishments, bank levies and tax audits. Whatever your situation, if it involves taxes, we can help. Our group consists of certified professional tax experts. We are attorneys, CPAs and EAs who have years of experience in negotiating with state and federal tax entities on behalf of our clients.

Former TurboTax developer and founder of National Tax Attorney Robert Harris had this to say, "What we are seeing with clients in this situation is a drastic decrease in the overall liability, leaving you more financial breathing room. The end result is to get you into a tax planning strategy so you can get back into current and future compliance and make sure your situation does not get worse or continue moving forward."

What we do
IRS Problems can permeate all aspects of life, draining joy and taking a toll on you financially. They take up space in your mind and creep up on you in the middle of the night, robbing you of sleep and filling you with dread and anxiety. They disturb your workdays with IRS letters, threats and notices. As a whole IRS issues can make you miserable. You never really get a break worrying about them day or night.

At National Tax Attorney we know how the IRS works and will use all our available experience in tax law in IRS negotiations and will be dedicated to resolving your tax issues. Our firm will help explore all your options, all you need to do is take that first step and give us a call today. When you call for your Free Consultation we will discuss all your options confidentially. You truly have nothing at all to lose and everything to gain. Imagine being able to have the peace of mind and a good night's sleep our many satisfied clients already enjoying. A call to us could do the same for you and your family.

If you live in Eureka and want professional help to give you instant tax relief, give National Tax Associates a call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

May I decrease my I.R.S. tax obligation on my own?

You could endeavor to fix your own Internal Revenue Service tax obligation struggles exclusively by yourself but it's extremely recommended to hand it over to an income tax relief skilled professional such as an Enrolled Agent or an income tax law firm. If your appendix bursts you might get a hold of 911, true? The same identical situation holds true for IRS tax issues. You could potentially save a considerable amount of time and difficulties by locating an I.R.S. legal professional

Am I able to compromise all your income tax obligations to the Internal Revenue Service?

The I.R.S. shall compute a more affordable tax debt. Find out if you qualify with a highly qualified Enrolled Agent or a tax attorney at law that will examine your own IRS hurdles and build a concept to decrease your Internal Revenue Service bills. It is advisable to look for recommendations from a tax attorney or lawyer who is familiar with how to handle the Internal Revenue Service taxes owed. If you've extreme old IRS debts, then a tax legal practitioner can tackle the figures and provide you with the optimal technique to get rid of your IRS obligations.

May Government personal debt be wiped away?

The I.R.S. won't be able to come after an individual for taxes which are over 10 years old. This can start from the time the Internal Revenue Service prepared the analysis of their tax debt. Because of this since this 10 year timeframe is considered to be done, the IRS cannot recover upon the tax arrears. This system would seem to be of great help for a tax debtor, however this is not an alternative given that the I.R.S. could still start debt collection measures such as an IRS LIEN.

May an income tax bill be dropped within a B.K.?

Whether or not some sort of bill is discharged within a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy relies on the IRS Regulations. Some IRS tax debt can't be cleared into a BK. On the flip side, non-precedence IRS liabilities have the capability to just be wiped out into a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Just about all I.R.S. liabilities will definitely be regarded as precedent in the course of bankruptcy hearing. Regrettably, a great deal of tax problems are unable to be released in personal bankruptcy. Within your Bankruptcy pay backplane much of your actual Internal Revenue Service debts will need to be played in whole.

May a tax debt be removed inside a Bankruptcy?

Whether or not obligation is dropped inside a Chapter 13 is dependent upon the I.R.S. Rules. Selected Internal Revenue Service tax debts cannot be discharged within a BK. Then again, non-priority Internal Revenue Service bills could well get dismissed inside of a Chapter 13. A large number of Internal Revenue Service tax debts are usually considered precedent in the course of a bankruptcy proceeding. Sadly, most Internal Revenue Service tax debt are not resolved by using individual bankruptcy alone. Inside of your consumer bankruptcy repayment program nearly all of your current I.R.S. liabilities will have to be paid completely.

What Internal Revenue Service tax debts are able to be part of bankruptcy proceedings?

Virtually all consumer debt of an unguaranteed nature is actually released in a bankruptcy proceedings. For starters it should also be determined if the debt were acquired utilizing criminal techniques. When it is found that the client used a criminal means to obtain services or goods then it would have to be taken right out of the individual bankruptcy proceedings. Alternatively almost every other type of judgments tend to be relieved.

What I.R.S. debts are usually wiped away?

Medical bills as well as electricity bills, bank loans, visa card fees and penalties and plenty of other kinds of unleveraged liabilities is often eliminated by getting a Chapter 7. For starters it ought to be decided if the debts were acquired using counterfeit means. If it is found that the individual exercised a fraudulent way to get hold of services or goods it would have to be taken outside the BK proceedings. On the contrary most other types of judgments happen to be forgiven.

Just what exactly takes place when I owe I.R.S. tax obligations which I simply cannot settle?

For everybody who is in a emergency and you can never make the payment for your IRS taxes the IRS has offers which often can help. The alternative that may possibly meet your requirements ordinarily will depend on just how much you will can pay back plus your up to date monetary state of affairs. Pretty much every solution has different factors and others may have expenses. Having to take currency from a S.E.P. plus utilizing personal debt relief can result in strangling tax effect. Most of all, if you believe you have got a difficult time paying your IRS liability, call us.

What Internal Revenue Service tax arrears negotiation applications are there?

The I.R.S.'s Fresh Start Procedure is among a handful of income tax negotiation plans. A pay back decision is going to be utilised by you if you struggle to make the payment for your Internal Revenue Service tax debts in its entirety. The system encourages you to come up with small equal payments so that the the entire debts are satisfied. The most suitable process might be the Offer in Compromise (OIC). Which enables the I.R.S. to consolidate your tax arrears for a lot less than the amount you owe. There are actually conditions that must be reached to benefit from an Offer-in-Compromise. In most cases a Penalty Abatement will most likely decrease your tax debt.

Can income tax be forgiven?

One may settle for less or in some instances have their I.R.S. tax liabilities resolved but first they must move through a qualification process. This is a good method for individuals that struggle to pay for their back taxes.

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