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If You Stressing over Taxes in Salinas, National Tax Attorney Can Help You Relax
Life is like a roller coaster. Full of ups and downs. One minute you are cruising along and life is sweet and then the unthinkable happens and you take a major financial hit. Then to top it all off, the IRS starts sends you a notice that you made an error on your tax form and you owe additional tax plus penalties and interest. With so many of us living day to day, a situation like the one just described might be the straw that broke the camel's back. You don't know what options you have and so you are thinking if you ignore the situation until you get back on your feet, things will be ok.
If you have an issue with your taxes, whether it involves a past return or one you are getting ready to file, deal with it head on and if you don't know what your options may be, contact the staff of National Tax Attorney or visit our website.
Why Call on National Tax Attorney for Help?
National Tax Attorney has a knowledgeable staff with years of background with fixing erroneous returns, filing corporate and individual tax returns and arbitrations with the IRS. If you failed to file a return, filed a late return, didn't include a form, filed the wrong form or couldn't pay your taxes when filed your return, we have staff who can help.
Our staff consists of tax attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled agents. Enrolled agents are often former IRS agents who through their experience with the IRS are considered uniquely qualified to represent you with the IRS in regards to tax collections, IRS audits and tax disputes. Professionals like Al who has been licensed to practice before the IRS since 1994 and has spent his career specializing in Installment Agreements and Offers in Compromise and Joanna, a senior bookkeeper with 25 plus years' experience in payroll and payroll issues.
Our customers have given us 4.7 out of a possible 5-star rating for our services. We are so sure we can help with whatever tax issue you may have that we will fully return our fees if you aren't happy with our services regarding your tax settlement within 3 days of hiring us.
What Kinds of Tax Issues Do We Handle?
Have been contacted regarding an audit, calculation error in your return, a potential bank levy, wage levy or tax hold on your property? Did you miss a deadline, forget to file, file an incorrect tax return or form? Were you lacking the financial means to pay what you owed when you filed your return? If so, we can work through a solution with the IRS.  Hire us and you will prevent your current situation from escalating out of control.
Failure to File
Being unable to pay the tax you owe is not a crime however failure to file a tax return is. If you failed to file a return, and you have received notice from the IRS it is missing one, you would be wise to communicate to the IRS why you don't need to file or simply file one. Be sure to use the correct IRS tax form and, if different from your current address, the correct information for your residence for the year of the missing return(s). However, if you received notice of a missing tax return and didn't contact the IRS as requested, the IRS may have filed a Substitute for Return (meaning they filled out a tax return based on what they think you owe). Because the IRS may not have all the pertinent information to correctly calculate your taxes, the tax you are indicated to owe on the Substitute for Return is often for more than you would owed had you filed yourself. If you dispute the amount the IRS' calculations, we would help you request an audit reconsideration. However, you should understand that the IRS requires you to be current on filing your taxes. Make sure to address all delinquent tax returns when requesting your compromise.

Notice of Intent to Levy.
The IRS has the authority and means to recover monies owed them. They may garnish your wages, issue a bank levy or a tax lien and if the IRS processes any of the aforementioned tax-collection processes, they will be averse to release the levy or lien until the amount owed is paid off entirely.
Bank Levies
Unless you can prove to the IRS that you are in financial hardship (you demonstrate you are barely making enough finances to meet your basic needs) you will be expected to pay all the back taxes and penalties you owe. With a bank levy, the IRS notifies your bank of the levy. Once a notice is received by the bank the money is held for 21 days prior to being sent to the IRS. If your place of employment has direct deposit, and you have no access to that money or worse, that money is gone, how are you going to meet your day to day living expenses? In that circumstance, you most likely would not just be behind with your tax payments, but with other payments as too.
Wage Garnishment
When the IRS processes a Bank Levy, it has to notify the bank every time before the bank will freeze the account. Not so with a wage levy (garnishment). Once the IRS sends notice to your employer, money is deducted from your pay check until all the money the IRS indicates it is owed has been collected from your pay. With a wage levy, tax law indicates what portion of your pay should remain available to you. Since most of us live pay check to pay check, a wage garnishment could leave you struggling to pay your rent rent, keep your lights, on and so forth.
Benefits of Hiring Professional Services
Our goal is to settle your tax debt and while we are working with the IRS to find the right solution for your situation (your Offer in Compromise), we promise you that the IRS won't take any further action against you involving seizure of your property or garnishment of your wages.

Requesting an Installment Agreement

Because the staff at National Tax Attorney are experts on tax law and tax relief, we will tailor your solution to whatever your current financial circumstances may be. One of the choices you will have to pay off your debt is to request an installment agreement for the taxes you owe. To request the installment we typically file a 9565 tax-form after which the IRS will have a month to respond. If the IRS agrees to the terms you have and any special requirements to process the agreement. In many instances, part of the compromise has included reduced penalties and interest.

Whatever your current situation may be, if you have tax issues, we urge you to start the process to resolve the situation quickly to prevent your debt problem from escalating. At National Tax Attorneys we have the expert staff that can make that process much easier for you and we will do our best to help you understand how you got where you are and how to avoid getting there in the future.
Our guarantee is that our OIC will be error free or we'll pay any penalties resulting from our error! Don't sweat your tax issues anymore - call us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Government bills be dismissed?

To recover upon a tax debt the IRS needs to gather inside the 120 month timeframe, otherwise it comes outside of the time limit to collect. The Internal Revenue Service loses their stake to collect on past due I.R.S. tax burden after that 10 year time frame transpires. With regards to Salinas residents a IRS LIEN here in City of Salinas is defined as a declaration against an individuals assets (including trucks, homes, or anything else) to provide a collateral towards a taxes owed Whilst; a levy is the physical seizure of your home or property to be enough for that bill.

May a tax bill be wiped out inside a Chapter 13?

Just how an IRS liability is regarded inside of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy relys entirely on whether it's a primary or alternatively non-priority income tax obligation. Lots of I.R.S. tax obligations can not be removed inside a B.K. Although, non-priority Internal Revenue Service obligations have proven to be wiped out just like your personal unsecured personal debt (for example , credit cards in addition to M.D. charges) and even absolved in the event that you receive your actual relief. A great number of I.R.S. debts will most certainly be seen of as precedent within consumer bankruptcy. Generally, the largest percentage of Internal Revenue Service tax installments can't be dealt with with bankruptcy hearing all by yourself. You might have to pay almost all I.R.S. tax debts with a bankruptcy proceeding criteria.

What Internal Revenue Service obligations should be removed?

Essentially, Federal taxes that are at least 3 years old may possibly be. You'll find that there's an exception to clear if ever the funds, YOUR STATE possessions, or products and services have been purchased with phony pretenses. The untrue remark must have been made in writing with the financial institution and also misrepresentation must've been material, meaning the portrayal was in a way that the lender would not have provided the loan had the real information been known. Also, revenue rulings are normally dischargeable, with just a few exceptions.

Just what must I do if I can not manage to pay off my I.R.S. income taxes?

If you just can't pay off your personal Internal Revenue Service tax liability there exist tax resolution options for yourself. The strategy that is ideal for you relies upon your ability to pay for and how much you really owe. Just a few of the IRS choices have requirements that must be met while some contain premiums. There are actually Internal Revenue Service tax significance for debt resolution and / or currently taking capital from your 503B. You have to call us now if you have virtually any IRS considerations you need assistance with.

What IRS tax arrears relief practices are available?

The I.R.S. provides numerous tax settlement programs that may assist taxpayers with their taxes like the IRS Fresh Start program. A settlement Commitment is often times available to folks that can't take care of their tax obligation entirely at one time. In this way someone would make monthly installments till the time their income tax obligation is paid fully. A Fresh Start Offer in Compromise (OIC) allows you to clear their I.R.S. tax debts . Not everyone qualifies for an Offer in Compromise. In some cases a Penalty Abatement can possibly solve their IRS payments.

Can a taxpayer's Internal Revenue Service obligations be relieved?

A taxpayer may negotiate at a discount or perhaps in a few occasions get his or her's tax obligations settled but first they should undergo a qualification procedure. A great technique just in case they really can't settle their prior years taxes.

Is there a Internal Revenue Service relief program?

An Offer-and-Compromise is definitely an a contract that allows you to settle the I.R.S. obligations for less than the entire amount. The Offer and Compromise process has been made less cumbersome from the Fresh Start motivation. The Internal Revenue Service has a bit more range of flexibility when examining a persons potential to spend.

Precisely how much shall the Internal Revenue Service accept as a settlement?

One could be capable of drastically decrease one's IRS tax obligations as much as Ninety three Percent or perhaps more dependent on a taxpayer's very own personal circumstances. If a taxpayer is overwhelmed by debt burdens such as the loss of employment, health related hardship as well as other monetary grievances one will probably be able to hugely reduce an individual's IRS bill. Ones own Internal Revenue Service obligation could also be lowered if one has been through life changing income problems. For example a job loss, hospital problem along with other income hardship. Note: An enormous relief from a taxpayer's IRS bill is obtainable by merely eliminating Internal Revenue Service penalty and interest charges.

Am I allowed to lower my income tax obligation on my own?

You could attempt to work out your own I.R.S. liability troubles exclusively on your own nevertheless it's seriously easier to retain an income tax relief pro like an accountant or a tax authorized attorney.If your sports car were to break down or your hoses cracked it's often most helpful to get a hold of a specialist. It really is the identical with respect to income tax obligation tribulations. Save your money, precious time as well as a headache of trying to figure it out on your own, and allow a (NAME OF CITY) income tax relief expert to cure it.

Am I able to relieve Internal Revenue Service tax liabilities for less?

It is true. A variety of procedures can be utilized to trim the tax debt. Find out if you qualify with a qualified CPA or a tax legal practitioner that can easily evaluate your main IRS stumbling-blocks and procure a concept to reduce your tax obligations.A tax lawyer offers firm direction about how to lower your income tax bills and they are loaded with the information regarding how to get a handle on the I.R.S.. If you owe back IRS income tax liabilities then an I.R.S. lawyer or attorney will help making use of the best options to get rid of your tax bills.