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 Tax Trouble in Santa Clara? Get Tax Relief with National Santa Clara Tax Attorney.

"'Tis impossible to be sure of anything but Death and Taxes," has often been attributed to Benjamin Franklin and he did write about death and taxes in a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy back in 1789. However the phrase was originally penned in The Cobbler of Preston by Christopher Bullock in 1716 (1). Taxes have been around at least since the time of Ancient Mesopotamia. Cuneiform tablets from Ancient Mesopotamia detail how taxes were required throughout the year and paid in-kind (meaning they paid with something other than money because at that time, they didn't have coined money). It's not likely that taxes will go away anytime soon. and not paying them often becomes costlier than one can imagine due to fees for filing or paying late, penalties on unpaid taxes and interest. The State and IRS can even legally prosecute someone who hasn't paid taxes and have them put in prison.

Everything you have saved up for in life could be at risk, property seizure and tax liens can affect your home and personal belongings. Bank liens and wage garnishments your wages and savings. Tax filings must be complete, correct, on time, and if owed, your tax completely paid or you could face a potentially serious financial crisis that could severely impact you and your loved ones for a long time.

Tax Liens?
When you owe the IRS, they often begin the process of collecting the money owed by filing a Notice of Federal Tax Lien. A tax lien is a public notice that notifies interested parties (creditors etc.) about the debt you owe the IRS and there right to legal claim to your property. While there is no immediate ramification from a tax lien, there are intended consequences that result from tax liens. You become a credit risk to potential creditors. When your credit takes a substantial hit, you can't refinance houses or cars, you may be unable to take out a loan to get out of debt, you can't get a credit card. Imagine you have lost your job, which put you in this tough spot to begin with and you have been offered a job out of town. But the IRS has filed a Tax Lien against you. With the lien in place, you might not be able to take that new job as you can't find a place that will rent you an apartment because you have bad credit.

Why gamble with your future? If you are experiencing financial difficulties due to a round robin of tax issues resulting from the IRS' ire, take the time to hire a someone who will give you the best representation allowed under the law. A person who had dedicated their career to helping people just like you. With Santa Clara Tax Attorney you will have a team of experts working on your side to bring you the relief you need from financial hardship due to liens, wage garnishments and bank levies.

How Can We Help You?
Those of us at National Santa Clara Tax Attorney are licensed, professionals who have the background, certifications and experience with negotiating on behalf of our clients with IRS agents and state taxing authorities. We have a professional team made up certified enrolled agents, tax attorneys and Certified Public accountants. We specialize in tax law and tax negotiations and have decades of combined experience with helping people with their tax issues, no matter how far along in process the IRS has gotten toward recovering the debt they have assessed you owe.

Garnishment of Wages

Wage garnishments or salary levies permit theIRSor othercreditorsto collectoutstanding or defaultedobligations. It requiresa business to takea specifiedamount of cashaway fromfor eachpay checkthat's then paidtothe actualcreditor. Whenan employeris givenany kind ofdemandinvolving a garnishment, they areunder a legal obligation tokeep backthose funds or they may face civil legal actions. Normally a
collectoris restrictedwith regards tohow much ofyour incomethey couldgetas a result oflegal guidelines,and alegal
judgement towards theindividualhas to beacquiredprior togivingan order of
And yet, this is notso when you owe taxes to the Federal government, completely no judgement is required
prior tothe garnishment and consequentlycompared withbeingrestricted toexactly how muchthey couldseizefrom your
paycheck, the IRS tax code establisheshow much ofyour income the Governmentis required to leave. And, once a garnishment is put in place by the IRS, there are onlya couple differentsituationswhere theInternal revenue servicewillreleasea person's garnishment beforethe full amount of tax, feesin addition to the interest is actuallypaidin its entirety.

Whether you contacted regarding an intent to garnish your wages or your pay is already being garnished, our professionals at National Santa Clara Tax Attorney can help. Together we will decide the best path forward for getting you compliant while giving you some financial breathing room.

Banking Institution Levies
Yet another waythe governmentusesto recoupbacktaxis abanking institutionlevy. A banktax levyfreezesa person's financial accounts so the IRScanrecuperateoverdueincome taxes, interest and penalties. Exactly like a salary garnishment, it's advisable for you to talk to aprofessionalif youget the notice to levy order. But nevertheless, if you arebeyondthat period of time, you have still gotsome amount of timeto act. When abanking institutionisserved with a notice it isrequired tohold thefunds for a three week periodprior tohanding it over tothe government. With the amount ofemployersnowcalling for direct checkingdeposits, without havingpermission to accessyour hard earned moneyis generallydevastating. Just picturethe end resultsof not being in a positionto payyour debts. How might yousatisfyyour day-to-dayneeds like rent, food and utility bill payments.

Professional Services of National Santa Clara Tax Attorney
What price would you put on not having to look over your shoulder any more or to be able to answer the phone without having to look to see if the IRS is calling? If hired, the team at National Santa Clara Tax Attorney can arrange for the IRS to stop processing that bank levy or wage garnishment and instead give you a payment option and they can often get the penalties and fees reduced to save you money.

Our staff of professionals can break down the complicated tax laws and proceedings into an easily understood process so you don't have to wonder what is coming next. Financial complications because of back taxes can put you in a downward spiral that worsens the deeper into it you become, which is why hiring a professional with a background in resolving your type of tax issue is an investment in your future you should seriously consider.

We offer our clients personalized service and provide the most up to date information available. Death and taxes are unavoidable. And, unlike some of our competitors we guarantee our services. At least let the life you lead be easier by letting the staff at National Santa Clara Tax Attorney

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Frequently Asked Questions

May the Internal Revenue Service recover back taxes as soon as seven years pass by?

The I.R.S. can not collect on for past due tax obligations that happens to be more than ten years old. This will begin from the time that the I.R.S. formulated the actual assessment of your IRS tax burden. The Federal government loses their claim in order to gather on a back Internal Revenue Service tax burden the instant this 120 month time frame ends. Concerning Santa Clara natives a catastrophic IRS LIEN present in your main City of Santa Clara is understood to be a declaration against a person's belongings (including autos, condos, or anything else) as being guarantee in terms of a tax arrears Although; a tax levy is a genuine seizure of your own personal real estate property to be enough for your debt.

Could Internal Revenue Service personal debt possibly be emitted in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Whether a debt is emitted inside of a B.K. relies on the I.R.S. Directives. Priority IRS tax debts ordinarily are not wiped away in bankruptcy therefore you must pay any of them off 100 % through your B.K. monthly payment schedule. Alternatively, non-precedence I.R.S. obligations will most likely just be removed inside a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Most I.R.S. tax bills tend to be precedence unsecured debts within bankruptcy proceedings. It is reasonably impossible to minimize IRS debts by filing BK. You will be obligated to pay a lot of Internal Revenue Service obligations within B.K. laws.

What I.R.S. bills can certainly be a part of individual bankruptcy?

Primarily, I.R.S. taxes which are in excess of several years old could possibly be. For your debt to end up being included in a Chap Seven Bankruptcy it must first be approved that the actual cash, possessions or services weren't gathered with the use of untrue pretenses. When it is found that the consumer exercised a deceptive means to attain services or goods it would have to be taken out of the bankruptcy proceedings. As opposed almost every other type of rulings may be resolved.

Just what exactly do I need to actually do if I can't afford to pay off my IRS income taxes?

The Internal Revenue Service has repayment choices any time you just cannot pay back your tax debt. The I.R.S. surely check just how much your debt is as well as your present debt situation to find out what strategy can most assist you. Every single course of action contains particular terms plus some have fees. It's important to give some thought to the income tax bearing for taking capital out of a ROTH or debt relief. Just remember, if you believe you have got a hard time settling your I.R.S. debt, call us.

So what is the I.R.S. debt settlement service?

The Fresh Start initiative is part of the agency's plan in order to assist with intimidating income tax debt. Providing you simply cannot pay back your Internal Revenue Service tax debts in full, quite often you can easily make an Installment Commitment aided by the I.R.S. This plan enables people to make month by month installments up to the point your tax debt is attained. A fresh start Offer in Compromise provides you to negotiate your IRS tax bills for less than the total they owe. There are actually prerequisites that should be satisfied to take advantage of an O.I.C. If you haven't paid your I.R.S. income tax obligations as a result of special trouble in Santa Clara, penalty abatement is often provided by the Internal Revenue Service in restricted occasions.

May I forgive Internal Revenue Service bills for substantially less than I owe?

This will happen, only in circumstances in which you clearly doesn't possess the financial assets and/or cash flow to repay the tax bills in a reasonable time. If you've got the income to pay back the Internal Revenue Service, or will almost certainly get it down the road, no magnitude of negotiating shall persuade the IRS to resolve your tax arrears.

What exactly is the the new program with the I.R.S.?

An Offer in Compromise makes it possible for a debtor to pay off significantly less than they have to pay regarding tax bills. The Offer-in-Compromise is now effective and in addition expanded through the improved Relief model. There is now more range of flexibility as the IRS analyzes a taxpayer's ability to pay.

Precisely how much of your I.R.S. tax bills might be settled?

Your tax bill should be dropped when you have sustained altering economic difficulties. Such as a occupational elimination, medical related condition as well as other financial hardship. A considerable drop on your Internal Revenue Service obligation can be obtained simply by the removal of I.R.S. penalty and interest fees.

Is it possible to decrease my income tax burden on my own?

When you may hope to remedy all of your IRS tax bill concern alone, it is always in your welfare to get help from an I.R.S. relief pro. If your car / truck were to break or maybe your water line split it is most helpful to telephone a skilled professional. The exact same idea is valid for negotiating your present IRS liabilities. Save yourself some money, the effort and fuss of trying to decipher it yourself, and just let a (NAME OF CITY) Internal Revenue Service authorized attorney to deal with it all.

May I remove my IRS obligations?

The IRS most certainly, compute a more affordable Internal Revenue Service bill. An income tax settlement lawyer could actually help with the required information to put yourself on a path to get rid of your I.R.S. bills.A tax law firm or C.P.A. should be able to provide you with guidance on cutting your tax obligations. If you owe old income tax debts then a tax authorized professional can assist applying the best methods to lessen your tax obligations.