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Has the IRS got you by the Throat? Call National Tax Attorney to Break the Choke Hold

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The Internal Revenue Services is a well-organized money-making machine. It was designed that way intentionally because it funds the many services our government provides that we have become reliant upon. Amongst those services are Social Security, welfare and infrastructure for this great nation. However, when the IRS has you in its sights, that money making machine is relentless and they know how to turn a small debt into a large one very quickly!
You Could be In for a Costly Fight
No doubt you've heard a horror story or two involving the IRS. Especially during the time since the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act was passed in the year 2000. That particular law was designed to give the IRS the power to seize the bank accounts of suspected terrorists, drug dealers or other persons conducting criminal activities, prior to having any charges filed against the suspected persons or convictions achieved against them.
The Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform requires banks to alert federal authorities to patterns of bank deposits that were slightly below the $10,000 amount which used to be the trigger for reporting deposits. The thought being that criminals were smart enough to deposit vast sums of money in multiple deposits that were less than the $10,000 to avoid detection.
However, what ultimately resulted from the law was that legitimate businesses making deposits amounting to less than $10,000 were now subject to property and bank account seizures. To make matters worse, the burden of proof was on the business owners to prove their business was legitimate. Business owners found themselves drowning in legal fees, having to borrow money to keep their businesses afloat and spending time that should have been devoted to running their companies, fighting the IRS. People like Carol Hinders who the New York times reported had $33,000 seized from her checking account without prior notice or any charges filed (1). In fact, of the 639 seizures that occurred in 2012 only 20% of those cases were ever prosecuted for criminal activity.
In another reported case, a father who was saving money for his children's college educations and initially stored the money in his basement because at the time banks were failing. When he was ready to deposit the money into his kid’s accounts, he worried about paying taxes a second time on the money. He was subsequently advised by a bank teller that he wouldn't have to worry about it if he made deposits less than $10,000. Since the he had no reason to think that the bank teller was giving him bad advice that's what he proceeded to do. The IRS seized $66,000 and it ultimately cost him $20,000 to settle his account with the IRS.
More Reasons to Work with a Professional
Stories like those above are enough to keep you up at night. Especially if you are being sent letters from the IRS regarding past due returns or money owed. There are many legitimate reasons why people owe the IRS. Unexpected tragedies, miscalculations and sometimes incorrect information. What many of the people didn't know when the IRS took their money in the long run hurt them and what you don't know can hurt you too.
Tax attorneys specialize in rules and policies on federal, state, and municipal levels pertaining to taxes as they relate to transfers of estates including purchases of property, income from employment and investments, and corporate transactions. Tax attorneys are often retained as consultants and are involved in litigation, representing clients in resolution of disputes both inside and outside of a courtroom. One such example would be an audit hearing to negotiate reductions or the elimination of outstanding tax obligations or a nullification of wage, property or bank liens. Because of their expertise in the intricacies of the law in regards to taxes, the help of tax attorneys is often sought after to help clients use the laws that govern taxation to their advantage and help them to return to or remain in compliance. Additionally, clients often consult with tax attorneys to contend with tax obligations resulting from inheritances and estate transfers which may involve establishing or enhancing trusts and/or wills, and managing the disbursement of the assets to beneficiaries.
While the assistance of a tax attorney may be sought after for to aid in issues involving any taxing authority which creates and enforces taxation policies, such as local and state authorities, the largest taxing agency and the reason most tax attorneys are sought after involve issues with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The Difference between Tax Attorneys and CPAs

Very often clients coping with taxation issues - especially when dealing with the IRS - require the services of both CPAs and tax attorneys. Here at the law firm of National Tax Attorney we offer the services of both tax attorneys and CPAs, as well as EAs. While tax attorneys must be extremely knowledgeable in tax law, as well as accounting, and finances, CPAs on the other hand are focused on those areas needed to run corporations and preparing taxes such as auditing, accounting, as well as preparing and filing tax documents. Thus, CPAs perform the work necessary to finances and taxes, tax attorneys are licensed by the state so that they may give legal advice, and represent clients should matters lead to litigation. Additionally, any information divulged to a tax attorney is protected under attorney-client privilege while that is not the case with a CPA.
Enrolled Agents (EAs) are often CPAs or other tax professionals, who are not tax attorneys, but are registered by the IRS to represent their clients for issues that go before the Tax Court. However, the policy released by the National Conference of Lawyers and CPAs is for CPAs to advise clients to consult an attorney when the IRS or a taxing entity when notified of a deficiency. The reason a CPA should advise a client to consult an attorney is that, very often the issue may go before the district court of Claims rather the Tax Court. When the matter involves the possibility of a criminal violation of tax law, a client should consult an attorney so that he or she will be aware of their lawful and constitutional rights.
Rancho Cucamonga and National Tax Attorney
If you live in Rancho Cucamonga, and you are reading this, we're guessing you aren't here just out of curiosity. You are here most likely because you are in need of professional assistance with a tax issue and you are either trying to decide what kind of help you need or just trying to find a place with integrity and affordable. At National Tax Attorney, we promise to treat you with integrity in a professional and courteous setting. We are listed with the Better Business Bureau and we have a guarantee of our services. Our experts can represent you during a tax audit from the IRS, can implement and direct a settlement with the IRS or any other taxing authority, and we can organize and/or prepare your tax documents and our staff has the expertise and ability to represent you in hearings and appeals of the IRS as well as in the United States Tax Court, the Court of Appeals and if need be the U.S. Supreme Court. Call us or visit our website for additional details on our guarantee or to find an office near you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

May the Internal Revenue Service stop striving to recover on taxes once six years pass by?

The I.R.S. simply can't collect past income taxes that are past ten years old. This starts from the time the IRS determined the evaluation of the tax debt. The Government will lose its stake to gather a past tax liability as soon as that Ten-year window goes by. This doesn't suggest they are done because the Internal Revenue Service may possibly still pursue collection steps like submitting an IRS LIEN. In Rancho Cucamonga, this is a declaration against their material goods (this includes antiques, condos, and so forth) staying an assurance for a tax debt, And; a tax levy will be the real seizure of their main possessions to be enough for the arrears.

Could a tax debt get dismissed within a B.K.?

Exactly how Internal Revenue Service liability may be fixed inside Chapter 13 is dependent directly on if it is a top priority or alternatively non-precedence tax bill obligation. One will need to pay off nearly every Priority Internal Revenue Service tax debt in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy laws. At the same time, non-precedence Internal Revenue Service tax bills are hands down removed just like your other unprotected unsecured debts (that include bank cards as well as hospital fees) and then absolved the minute you are given your very own emission. A large number of I.R.S. tax liabilities are regarded as priority financial debt with regard to personal bankruptcy. The sad thing is, the largest percentage of Internal Revenue Service debt is not cared for by using individual bankruptcy single-handedly. As soon as you declare B.K. in Rancho Cucamonga it's important to pay out your primary priority I.R.S. tax liabilities completely throughout your fee schedule. |Should someone complete Chapter 13 for some income tax debt? Exactly how to back tax debts will be viewed inside a Bankruptcy is determined by whether or not it's an actual primary or just non-precedence IRS tax liability. Precedence Internal Revenue Service tax liabilities will have to be added to the actual BK installment schedule. If you need to clear a real Internal Revenue Service debt in a Bankruptcy it should really be considered non-principal. The majority of IRS tax debts are primary unsecured debts inside a personal bankruptcy. Therefore, you can't make them go away by acquiring an emission and filing for personal bankruptcy. You'll be forced into a lot of I.R.S. liabilities according to consumer bankruptcy criteria.

What Internal Revenue Service tax debts may possibly be a part of bankruptcy proceedings?

Most nonsecured personal financial debts (which include past due rent payments, energy bills, hospital bills, bank loans, and MasterCard charges) can be discharged in bankruptcy. The B.K. court has to study to make sure items contained in the BK did not stem from false tactics. The fake pretense should have been made in some recoverable format with the bank and also misrepresentation needs to have been material, which suggests the depiction was in ways the financial institution would not have featured the funding had the true facts have been known. In contrast, almost every other type of judgment is often negotiated.

Just what exactly comes about when you are not able to take care of your Federal bills?

The I.R.S. has settlement choices at any time you simply cannot pay for your Federal taxes. The approach that could be effective for you relies upon your capability to make payments towards and precisely how much you'll pay back. Each approach has conditions that ought to be met and some strategies include service fees. Anyone dealing with some income conflicts can find that there's an IRS income tax trauma to happenings like a work loss, personal debt negotiation or currently taking earnings from any retirement account. Make sure you call us in the event you cannot really pay for your income tax debt.

What is the IRS consolidation plan?

The Internal Revenue Service's Fresh Start Procedure is among a couple of income tax resolution tools. In case a taxpayer really can't pay off their I.R.S. liabilities in its entirety, very often they may develop an Installment Plan aided by the IRS. A payback binding agreement is proven to repay one's IRS liabilities simply by making monthly payments to it. One fairly new program, the Offer-and-Compromise can help one pay a lot less than they are likely to owe. Few citizens qualify for an OiC. To those who have not paid their own Internal Revenue Service income tax bills as a result of unique hardship in Rancho Cucamonga, penalty abatement is actually available from the I.R.S. in very restricted scenarios.

Could I resolve our IRS debts for a lot less than I owe?

You'll be able to make a deal for less or in some instances have your income tax debts negotiated however you will need to go through a qualification procedure. If you meet the requirements, an O.I.C. can be used to noticeably bring down your IRS tax liabilities.

Precisely what's an IRS Fresh Start Plan?

A Fresh Start Offer and Compromise is actually an offer that allows you to resolve your income tax debts for a lot less than the complete amount. The Oic has grown to be effective plus developed due to the modified Clean Start approach. The IRS has somewhat more range of flexibility when examining a person's possibility to repay.

What precisely should the Internal Revenue Service consider as a full-blown payment?

Depending on your own specific circumstance, you are likely to reduce your IRS tax obligations by ranging from 35 Percent - 90 percent or perhaps more. Should you merely eliminate the interest and charges expenses you are able to see an elimination of your I.R.S. debt by up to 35 to 41 Percent.

May I lessen my income tax obligation without any help from an IRS legal professional?

You'll find it's very easy to handle your individual income tax liability tribulations by yourself although usually conditions present themselves making it harder to continue on without a certified public accountant or a tax law firm. If you have an ant invasion or even your motor vehicle dies will you seek to remedy it all on your own or alternatively connect with a skilled professional? It's actually the exact same with Internal Revenue Service debt issues. Save yourself money, the time as well as trouble of trying to figure it out alone, and hire a Rancho Cucamonga IRS law firm to solve all of it.

Can you really strike a deal on your personal Internal Revenue Service liabilities to the Internal Revenue Service?

It is true, your I.R.S. tax obligations can wind up being reduced. You may very well lessen your own IRS by using a few processes. For example, employing the aid of an Enrolled Agent or maybe an IRS legal professional in Rancho Cucamonga to assist in analyzing your situation and uncovering a good quality strategy to cut back your I.R.S. tax bills is a perfect place to begin. You'll need to hire a tax legal professional that has a good reputation for combating the IRS and knows the ins and outs of tax relief. If you're in serious debt with the Internal Revenue Service then an Internal Revenue Service attorney can help you stop your discomfort.