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Living in Santa Anna and Feeling Like You Need a Knight in Shining White Armor to rescue you from the IRS? National Tax Attorney is Here for You!

When the IRS has singled you out as someone who owes them money, they will do anything in their power to collect it. Wage garnishments, freezing bank accounts, property liens and personal property seizures are all in the realm of possibility. Have you ignored their attempts to get you to contact them? If so, stop. Ignoring those notices only makes things worse. As a company with staff experienced in every tax subject you can imagine and then some, we have witnessed it all. If you are looking for someone to assist you with your taxes because your financial affairs are such that the standard deductions are no longer enough, the staff at National Tax Attorney has CPAs and bookkeepers on hand that specialize in all types of tax forms. You have a complicated situation? Wage Garnishment? Bank Levy? We have attorneys and bookkeepers, we also have CPAs and EAs who have been accredited by the Treasury which allows them to negotiate tax issues with the IRS agents. Your team of specialists will be tailored to your situation, to provide you with the best results possible no matter what your tax problem might be.

Your Rights as a taxpayer

Did you know there is a taxpayer's bill of rights? Well there is and under your taxpayer's rights, you have the right to a fair and just tax system (1). That means that you have the right to make sure that the facts and circumstances that determine whether or not you can pay or provide information on time have to be considered by the IRS. It also means that the IRS can suspend or forgive any portion of the taxes owed at their discretion depending on your unique circumstances.

Options for Resolution of Taxes owed

But for you to have any resolution options to have a resolution to your tax problem, you must first send in your delinquent return(s). All of the delinquent returns must be filed at the time you begin negotiations with the IRS for resolution of taxes owed. Once you have filed or if you have already filed and can't/couldn't pay your taxes in full, you have essentially three options: 1) prove to the IRS that you are suffering hardship and cannot, therefore pay the debt you owe (whereby the IRS might issue a temporary delay of collection rather than cancel your debt), 2) request an installment agreement that allows you to make break up repayment of the full amount over a predetermined number of payments or 3) issue an OIC to the IRS (Offer in Compromise).

Installment Agreements

Installment agreements allow taxpayers to make payments for the all of the tax owed over an extended period of time. When the offered agreement has been accepted by both parties, the terms can include paying the full amount in one payment, short-term, partial payments (defined by the IRS as 120 days or less) or a long-term agreement (taking more than 120 days to pay). Whether you need to arrange a short-term plan, a extended-term plan or change which plan you choose, there may be fees, a penalty(ies) and interest applied until the you are no longer in debt.

Offer in Compromise

An arrangement with the IRS allowing you to pay less than you owe is called an Offer in Compromise. With very few exceptions, a determination has been made by the IRS that you do in fact have the ability to pay the full amount owed on your taxes they will not accept an Offer in Compromise.
When considering an OIC, your total income, whether or not you can pay and how much, your projected income, total assets and total expenses are taken into consideration by the IRS.

Payment Options under an Offer in Compromise

To request an Offer in Compromise you must choose between two payment options: a lump sum, or periodic payments. Under the lump sum, the IRS requires an initial payment of 20% of the total amount you are offering to pay, before they will process your request. If your OIC is subsequently accepted, the balance of the offer must then be payed within 5 months. The periodic plan also requires 20% of your offer upfront, and the balance to be payed within 6 to 24 months. Once an OIC is accepted by the IRS you must make your payments on time, as a late payment may put your Offer in Compromise in default and in jeopardy of cancellation.

Why use a professional like National Tax Attorney?

Filing for Tax resolution can be a complicated process. Which forms to use, and what if you disagree with the IRS's finding about your ability to pay? There is so much to consider when dealing with your taxes. We assist with an audit, correct mistakes with your 1040 return, stop bank levies, lift pay garnishments and financial liens. If you ever sent in past due tax returns, just didn't file, filed an incorrect IRS form or even just couldn't pay your entire income tax bill we can help. We correct or file all your past IRS tax returns so we can settle with the IRS.When you hire us we can stop your IRS tax predicaments from getting worse.Regardless of what your own income tax scenario might be, and
regardless of whether you need help as a person or even if you are president of a business, we are able to help you. we can resolve your tax problem no matter how complex it might be.
We often can find you ways to reduce your taxes by negotiating reduced fees, penalties and interest.
Our staff consists of tax attorneys, CPAs and federally licensed tax-practitioners who are uniquely authorized to represent citizens with the IRS in regards to collections, audits and appeals (EAs). National Tax Attorney was rated Tax Resolution Firm of the year in 2017 by Acquisition International Awards and our work has drawn the attention of CBS News, Fox, NBC and ABC and our clients have given us a 4.7 out of 5-star rating. We are also registered with the Better Business Bureau.
Additionally, starting in 2017 we will be offering strategic tax planning. Why is strategic tax planning important? According to founder Robert Harris, strategic tax planning will “ maximize tax deductions and lower your tax liability under the new tax laws. We will custom design a course of action for individuals and businesses. This full-service offering will allow us to adapt around the numerous tax changes we foresee being implemented under Trump's Tax Plan, although overall we believe that he will make tax simpler for Americans, which will benefit both our firm and our customers." (2)

Our guarantee

At National Tax Attorney, our purpose is to relieve you of your debt to the Treasury. Once we file your OIC, there will be no property seizures, or levies processed against you by the IRS.
Additionally, National Tax Attorney our services are guaranteed two ways: 1) if you let us know within 3 days after hiring us that you aren't satisfied with our services regarding your tax settlement, we will issue you a complete refund and 2) we guarantee our Offer in Compromise (OIC) calculations are 100% accurate so your settlement will be done right, or we'll pay any IRS penalties incurred.

We believe in the taxpayer's bill of rights and we will make sure you are given the fairest solution whatever your tax needs might be. Visit our website or give us a call and tell us your story. We will help you find a solution suitable for you. We are so sure of it, we guarantee it.

BBB Rating: A+

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Frequently Asked Questions

Would the I.R.S. absolve I.R.S. taxes immediately after 12 years go by?

The I.R.S. will have to recuperate the back tax debt prior to Ten years. This begins when the specific IRS tax burden was examined. Quite simply, this implies the IRS will have a ten year window to recover on the IRS tax and at that time the main time frame shuts. Therefore the IRS loses its agreed upon case with regards to the past due income taxes. Pertaining to Santa Ana home owners an IRS LIEN in City of Santa Ana is described as a claim against an individual's personal property (which includes trucks, homes, and so forth.) as a form of secureness towards taxes owed. Although; a levy might be the special seizure of a person's property and assets like houses to satisfy that particular bill.

Can IRS arrears be discharged in Bankruptcy?

Whether your bill is wiped away with the help of a BK can depend upon the I.R.S. Stipulations. A small amount of I.R.S. obligations cannot be released inside of a BK. On the other hand, non-principal I.R.S. tax bills will likely just be absolved inside of a BK. Almost all Internal Revenue Service tax debts are primary obligations with regard to B.K. That's why, it is impossible to eliminate them by getting a release and declaring consumer bankruptcy. Superiority Internal Revenue Service liabilities have to be paid back in B.K.

What I.R.S. tax bills might be wiped away?

Nearly all consumer debt of an unsecured nature will be removed inside of a Chap Seven Bankruptcy. You'll find that there's an exemption to pass should your money, California belongings, or goods and services were obtained with false pretenses. If under usual instances the financial institutions would not have rendered the financing and if less-than-honest statements were created to get the financing then simply that financial debt would not be contained in the consumer bankruptcy. What is more, cash rulings are frequently dischargeable, with a few exceptions.

Specifically what happens when you're can not take care of your Internal Revenue Service bills?

The I.R.S. has reimbursement options available whenever you really can't pay for your I.R.S. tax obligation. The method that may be right for you is dependent on your capacity to pay back and exactly how much you might owe. Every single opportunity provides different challenges and a few possess expenses. Remember to be mindful of the IRS consequence connected with taking income from your own 401K or debt relief. Make sure you call us in the event you just can't pay off your tax liability.

Just what is the I.R.S. Fresh Start program?

You can find several Internal Revenue Service tax resolution options that can help, for example the agency's recent initiative. An installment Agreement is generally accessible to folks that struggle to pay your tax obligation in full at once. This system will enable you to do reduced equal payments so that the complete debts are met. An Offer & Compromise is available to eliminate your IRS bills for less than the debt. Only a few individuals meet the criteria for a Offer in Compromise (OIC). If you have not paid your Federal income tax bills because of unique difficulty in Santa Ana, penalty abatement is sometimes made available from the I.R.S. in limited situations.

Can tax be negotiated?

It does happen, but only in cases where a debtor unquestionably has no the possessions and/or revenue to repay the income tax debts in a reasonable time. This is a good tool for individuals who simply cannot make payments towards their prior years taxes.

Is there a IRS negotiation plan?

Individuals can settle their particular Internal Revenue Service obligations for a lot less than the total supposed to be paid using a fresh start settlement. Fresh Start widened and eased the Offer in Compromise approach. The I.R.S. presently has a whole lot more range of flexibility when determining their capability to pay off.

Exactly how much less would the I.R.S. take as an offer?

Based a taxpayer's main private circumstances, an individual trim an individual's IRS obligations by about 45 Per-cent up to Ninety five Pct .When a person has experienced major economic difficulty in a taxpayer's CITY including career decline, specialized medical unexpected emergency, or another type, one can actually meet the requirements for a number of plans which may quickly reduce their old taxes. Their income tax bill might be decreased if a person has struggled life altering personal financial problems. Similar to a occupational decline, sickness challenge and also other monetary problem. Just by taking out the IRS penalty and interest fees one can lower a taxpayer's IRS tax bill by more than 54Per cent.

Am I able to cut down my Internal Revenue Service tax obligation alone?

You possibly can try to remedy your own Internal Revenue Service tax debt dilemmas by yourself however it is tremendously best to hand it over to an income tax relief expert like an Enrolled Agent or an income tax legal professional.Should you have a bee infestation or your van dies are you able to attempt to fix it or alternatively get a hold of a pro? comparable thought is valid for reducing your family IRS tax obligations. Save yourself the nightmare by using the assistance of a good an IRS legal professional.

Will the I.R.S. lower my debt?

Certainly. Lots of services may be employed to reduce the Internal Revenue Service tax bill. See whether you qualify with a capable accountant or an I.R.S. tax law firm that can certainly take a look at the I.R.S. obstacles and design plans to get rid of your I.R.S. obligations.An income tax law firm supplies excellent hints and tips on how to lower your I.R.S. debts and they are prepared with the information in order to overcome the I.R.S.. If you owe back income tax bills then an IRS tax relief attorney or lawyer can assist applying the best alternatives to reduce your tax bills.