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Do you own your own business and are having trouble keeping up with payroll? Maybe you are an individual and you have gotten notice of an impending audit or an error in your taxes. Has a bank levy or a tax lien been filed against you or your corporation? Perhaps you want to make sure you are filing the correct forms at tax time. If so give National Tax Attorney a call or contact us via email us because we can help no matter what your situation might be. At National Tax Attorney you will find our staff of highly trained and experienced EAs, CPAs, attorneys who have dedicated their careers to assisting clients with tax planning, sales tax and payroll and are well prepared to assist you with any tax related problem you may have.

Why Call National Tax Attorney?

If you are a company and you have past due payroll taxes you have a serious problem, penalties and interest will accrue quickly and you could even potentially be charged with a crime. If you are an Individual and you haven’t filed or you filed and can’t pay your taxes in full, you too will find yourself looking at penalties and interest.  If you have been receiving notices from the IRS and haven’t opened them or have avoided responding, time will not be your friend. Now is the time to act.  If your situation has gone beyond that point and the IRS has taken action against you in the form of wage garnishment, tax liens or bank levies, we suggest you hire a professional to help you because the more complicated your issue is, the more likely it will be that you could make a mistake that will complicated it further. National Tax Attorney has professionals capable of resolving both corporate and individual tax law issues. We have experienced staff who specialize in tax issues no matter how small or how complicated they may be. We can negotiate with the IRS to get penalties reduced or allow you to pay your overdue taxes in instalments. We can free up your time and find the best solution for you so you can get back to operating your business or concentrating on the things that matter most to you.

When you file a tax return and owe taxes, the IRS automatically assesses a failure to pay penalty and interest the taxes owed (1).  Interest is applied to any tax owed from the due date of the return (April 15th for individuals) until your debt is paid completely off. And the interest builds up daily! On top of that, penalties are assessed monthly, including partial months, for as long as the tax remains unpaid.

If you haven’t filed and it’s determined that you owe taxes, there's also a failure to file penalty that is can equal to five percent what you owe every month, and/or partial month that the return is late, up to a maximum of 25%. If is past due more than 60 days, the minimum penalty assessed is whichever amount is less, $205 or 100 percent of the tax owed.

That is why you need to take the bull by the horns and initiate a dialog with the IRS about your situation.  However, a lot of people find the IRS intimidating to work with or just feel like they have no options for moving forward or perhaps you dispute the amount of taxes the IRS believes you to owe. Whatever your situation, you can get help by calling or contacting National Tax Attorney by email from our website.

What Sort of Issues Do We Handle?

If you have received notice of an impending action against you by the IRS such as a wage garnishment or, if you couldn’t pay, we can help you get it straight with the IRS.  Don’t let those issues become even bigger problems.  At National Tax Attorney, we are experts on fixing errors, filing tax returns and negotiating with the IRS. No matter your situation, whether you are an individual or a corporation, we can help with the most complicated of tax problems. As our client, we will work hard to find a solution that will work for you.

Why You Can’t Ignore Those Notices….

As a taxing authority, the IRS has several means by which it can recover taxes owed to them and if steps aren’t taken to negotiate a resolution to the issue of unpaid taxes in a suitable manner, the IRS will proceed to attempt to recover taxes owed. If it gets to that point, and the IRS proceeds with a wage garnishment or a bank levy, they will be reluctant to reverse the process until they have collected what they claim you owe.

Wage Garnishment

A wage garnishment is a process by which your employer withholds a portion of your pay check until a debt is satisfied. A court order is not required for the IRS to put a wage garnishment in place, they merely have to notify your employer needs to withhold a predetermined amount (up to 70%) of your check to be sent directly to the IRS.

Bank Levies

Another method the IRS uses to ensure payment, is by freezing your financial accounts. Much like wage garnishments, a bank levy prevents you from accessing your money. Once notified of the levy, the bank holds the money for 15 days before sending it to the IRS so you can see the need to act immediately if you should get a notice of intent to levy.

Tax Liens and Seizures  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       A tax lien places a hold on your property – a car, a house, a boat, or even something as personal as jewelry to ensure the taxing authority will get their money. When a lien is placed on your property, the lien holder collects their money first in the event the property is sold. Bet you are thinking if you don’t sell your property no harm, no foul right? Not so, a lien can immediately hurt your credit such that if you own a business, your suppliers might no longer allow extend you credit for the supplies you need to run your business because you have been identified as a risk. If a tax lien has been placed against you because of individual taxes, you might be prevented from renting an apartment, purchasing a car, refinancing your home or make selling your property difficult.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Services

At National Tax Attorney, we understand how easy it is to make a mistake on your taxes. Taxes are complicated, and the laws are constantly changing. We also know people who are behind on their taxes are often financially overwhelmed and often don’t know the best course of action to take to resolve the problem.  The professional staff of National Tax Attorney stay on top of the law changes so you don’t have to and we can help you determine your options and help you arrange to get the tax relief you need.

Whatever your situation, if you have tax issues, address the situation quickly to prevent your debt from ballooning through the addition of accruing penalties and interest.

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BBB Rating: A+

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Frequently Asked Questions

Would the government collect back fees immediately after ten years pass by?

The Internal Revenue Service may not collect on for past due taxes that are more than ten years old. This occurs from the time that they have formulated the assessment of your IRS tax liability. The Government loses the stake in order to gather on a back IRS tax debt as that Ten year time frame dies. This system is well suited for the avid taxpayer, however this is hardly an option given that the IRS might nonetheless pursue recovery processes by placing an IRS LIEN.

May an income tax bill get released within a Chapter 13?

Just how any kind of back taxes owed might be taken care of within a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy would depend upon whether or not it's a main priority or non-priority tax bill liability. You would be forced to pay off any sort of Precedence Internal Revenue Service bills in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy requirements. Whereas, non-priority IRS bills usually are wiped out similar to your main unprotected financial debts (which include charge card as well as, doctors charges) and then dropped when you get your prized release. Nearly all I.R.S. tax liabilities tend to be primary unsecured debts while in a bankruptcy proceeding. Which means that, filing B.K. is definitely not the end with regards to your own Internal Revenue Service debt troubles. Priority Internal Revenue Service tax bills needs to be repaid in B.K.

What Internal Revenue Service liabilities are usually incorporated into Chapter Seven?

Physical bills not to mention electricity bills, loans, visa card fees and penalties and a lot of some other unleveraged debt could in fact be wiped away by way of a Chapter 7. To have a credit card debt to end up being included in a bankruptcy proceedings it has to first be approved that the money, assets or expert services were not purchased with the use of phony pretenses. When it can be found that the consumer used a misleading technique to procure services or goods then it would have to be taken out of the bankruptcy hearing process. Alternatively most other types of judgments are actually consolidated.

Specifically what comes about if someone is can not repay their Internal Revenue Service liabilities?

If someone can never pay all of ones IRS tax obligations they'll find tax resolution solutions for an individual. The technique that will likely aid someone basically varies according to simply how much they definitely can pay back coupled with their monetary situation. Most of the Internal Revenue Service options have circumstances that must be met and some contain extra charges. Individuals presented with income burdens could find that there's an Internal Revenue Service income tax outcome to times like a occupation decline, consumer debt negotiation or removing some money from your retirement account. First and foremost, if one feels they will have a hard time repaying their income tax obligation, contact us today.

Is there a IRS relief system?

There are specific I.R.S. back tax relief systems to help, which includes the Internal Revenue Service's Fresh Start system. Frequently a repayment agreement can be used as those who just cannot make the payment for their IRS tax obligation all at once. The offer allows people to make payments right until their tax obligation is achieved. A settlement enables one to clear their I.R.S. tax liabilities for less than the debt. Not all the people meet the criteria for a settlement. One more IRS technique has been Penalty Reduction, where by a portion of their penalty fees just might be thrown out.

Is one able to settle their I.R.S. bills for a lower amount than they owe?

It's possible to negotiate for less or in some instances have their IRS liabilities negotiated but first they are required to endure a qualification process. This is an excellent system for those who can not pay off their past due taxes.

Just what is the modern plan the I.R.S. facilitates?

An Offer & Compromise enables a taxpayer to repay a portion of what they are obligated to pay on I.R.S. tax liabilities. Enhancements have actually been made in the Fresh Start technique to ease the actual Offer-in-Compromise. The I.R.S. now has a great deal more slack when studying a person's potential to pay off.

Normally, how much will the Internal Revenue Service accept as payment in full?

You will be qualified to greatly lessen your Internal Revenue Service liabilities as much as 95% or perhaps more dependant on all your own state of affairs. But also in case you might not, solely by eliminating the IRS penalty charges and interest charges, you may easily get up to 23 Per-cent to 52% off the amount that you owe.

Can I cut down my income tax obligation alone?

You are able to try and address your Internal Revenue Service tax bill complications exclusively on your own nevertheless it's extremely recommended to hire an Internal Revenue Service tax relief skilled professional such as a Certified Public Accountant or a tax attorney. If you were getting a problem in the pipe joints in the night, and your downstairs room was flooded, the best way to solve the situation fast is speak with a skilled professional. identical technique applies to reducing an individual's IRS obligations. Save yourself your cash, time and also irritation of trying to decipher it yourself, and hire a (NAME OF CITY) Internal Revenue Service relief expert to fix it all.

Will the I.R.S. resolve my debt?

In many cases income tax debts are typically dropped. Verify you qualify with a trained Certified Public Accountant or a tax attorney or lawyer that will be able to look at your Internal Revenue Service tax challenges and create a blueprint to get rid of your I.R.S. obligations. It is important to locate a tax authorized professional that has a reputation of fighting the I.R.S. and knows all aspects of tax relief. In case you have serious back I.R.S. liabilities, then a tax attorney can take care of the situation and construct the very best alternative to eliminate your I.R.S. obligations.