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In September 1997, Congress held several days of hearings to determine how to best restructure the IRS. During the course of those 3-day hearings, Congress heard from citizens who had been unfairly targeted by the IRS as well as from IRS agents and former IRS employees who indicated that they were encouraged to target middle class and poor citizens as those cases were easier to win. Testifying before Congress, IRS agent Jennifer Long stated she had personally witnessed the use of egregious tactics used by agents with the encouragement of management. In her statement she indicted agents with the IRS were using tactics, not found in the IRS manual, to target middle class and poor in order to entice them to pay unfairly assessed taxes. Ms. Long indicated these tactics destroyed families and businesses and further went on to state that sometimes the payments were obtained “illegally."(1) During that same hearing Robert Shriebman, who was a tax professor at the University of Southern California and at the time had written 8 books on the IRS also testified before Congress. In his testimony he indicated that the IRS could take someone’s home with just the signature of the district director. Shriebman said that by simply filing a few papers in federal court and obtaining the judge’s signature, the IRS could close down a business with a mere seizure order. The IRS was not required to give notice and there was no opportunity for the taxpayer to contest the legality of the assessment the IRS claimed was owed. Additionally, Shelly Davis, an IRS historian testified that she was made aware of lists of American citizens targeted for their political activities and of agents shredding documents to remove any paper trail of their activities.  

The Commission released their report in June 1997 which outlined their recommendations relating to oversight and management of the IRS, customer service and taxpayer compliance, implementation of electronic filing, changes needed to simplify existing tax laws, taxpayer rights and IRS financial accountability.

Additional hearings were held in January and February of 1998. During those subsequent hearing, Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi addressed the Finance Committee with the following on the reorganization “…I look forward to studying your reorganization plan. I think you should have that opportunity. I hope you will lead. In the past, I think what we have had is a little lip service, while quietly the word is being sent down to the agents, just keep doing what you’ve been doing. I am not going to say absolutely how much of that was going on. But you must make it clear that this culture of threats, intimidation, quotas, and unfair treatment of American taxpayers is going to end. So we will look at your reorganization plan. We will have what I hope will be some helpful legislation for you to be able to do that. Until I have evaluated your proposal I will not deem it too little or say anything critical. I am going to be hoping for the very best. But you are there at a critical time. You must be aggressive and work with us. If you need tools, tell us what it is. You do not work, really, for the President and you do not work for us, you work for the American people. This agency is in a mess and it is important that we restore the trust of the American people in at least being treated fairly.” (2)

Subsequently Congress passed the Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998. The Restructuring and Reform act of 1998 (RRA98) dramatically changed not only the tax law but also the structure and function of the IRS with the primary goal of the changes focused on improving customer service and to expand the rights of taxpayers.  (3)  With the passage of the act, Congress established an Oversight Board to oversee IRS procedures and disciplinary procedures for misconduct by IRS employees. Employees had to identify themselves to taxpayers and established the rule requiring 90-day letters as Statutory Notices of Deficiency that notified taxpayers of their rights to contact a Taxpayer Advocate Service(TAS) and provide the phone number of the TAS which would be appropriate for the residence or business of the taxpayer.

With all These New Protections Why Bother with a Professional?

It would be great if we could count on all these protections put in place in 1998 to keep life simple. However, we know that is not reality. Case in point, after the passage of the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act in 2000 there were abundant stories of overzealous seizures of funds of small businesses and individuals who were found to be making deposits less than $10,000. Remember Shelly Davis’ testimony that the IRS made lists to target taxpayers based on political activity during the 1997 hearings on restructuring? Did that sound familiar when you read it? As recently as this past October, the IRS was investigated for similar issues. In fact, the New York Times published an article on October 25, 2017 indicating the Treasury Department’s inspector general was investigating unfair treatment by the IRS of conservative politically active groups seeking exempt status for filing. During the investigation, the inspector general also found the IRS was scrutinizing organizations associated with liberal political actions over the past decade. (3) Now take into consideration an article written by Richard Wolf for USA today in which he describes the Supreme Courts complaint that a law passed by Congress in 1988 is “gibberish”. (4) That particular law was passed to give federal courts the responsibility to resolve security based class-action lawsuits. The article goes on to state that a short time later, Justice Elena Kagan called the wording of a stipulation supposed to protect Wall Street whistle blowers as "odd" and "peculiar"  but the article goes on to indicate the extent of the provisions ability to provide protection is dubious because of how it’s written.

Now we have a New Tax Code passed for 2018. While we were promised the Tax Code would simplify filing, given what we now know about gibberish wording and IRS practices regarding customer service, you might want to consider hiring a professional to help you prepare your taxes. With the rules changing, if you owe back taxes, now might be the time to get right with the IRS. Remember that the IRS still retains the same bag of tricks to make taxpayers pay up. They still can issue Bank and wage Levies, put a lien against or even seize your property. 

You Have Help at Your Fingertips in Oxnard

The good news is that as a citizen of Oxnard, help is right around the corner. National Tax Attorney has an office near you. All you need to do is contact us. We are on top of the new tax code changes so you won’t have to be and we have a team of CPAs, EAs, tax attorneys who are more than qualified to tackle whatever problem you have with the IRS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Internal Revenue Service tax obligations are often a part of bankruptcy?

The large majority of credit card debt of an unleveraged character often is cleared inside of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The bankruptcy proceeding court has got to examine to make sure items part of the bankruptcy hearing did not come from fictitious methods. In the event it can be found that the client utilized a misleading method to get hold of services or goods it would need to be taken outside the bankruptcy procedures. By comparison, almost every other type of ruling is undoubtedly relieved.

Whatever occurs if someone needs to pay a whole lot more Federal tax bills than they possibly could pay?

For anyone who is in an emergency and they cannot really make the payment for their IRS tax bill the Internal Revenue Service has strategies that could help. The IRS will certainly go over how much they owe together with ones up to date debt condition to find out which schedule might most help them. Distinct circumstances need to be met if one wishes to take full advantage of these strategies. Note that several might have a charge. Folks being confronted with finance concerns may find that there's an Internal Revenue Service income tax trauma to events like a work elimination, unsecured debt forgiveness, or using assets originating from a tax shelter annuity. Just remember, if one feels they've got a hard time repaying their income tax bill, give us a call.

So what is a an I.R.S. negotiation?

The Fresh Start program is part of the Internal Revenue Service's system to help taxpayers with frustrating IRS tax debt. Most often an installment contract can be used for people that really can't pay for their Internal Revenue Service tax obligation as a whole. Using this method someone will make payments right until their Internal Revenue Service tax obligation is met fully. An Offer-in-Compromise (OIC) will help taxpayers to negotiate their I.R.S. liabilities for under the amount they owe. Not everybody qualifies for an Offer & Compromise. In a number of cases, a Penalty Abatement can sometimes trim their IRS debt.

Can you really compromise a repayment plan with the I.R.S.?

Yes, IRS tax obligations are usually forgiven, however, the tax effect of termination or debt negotiation relies on your very own private details and scenarios. This is a good technique in case you can never pay your back taxes.7. What are the income tax negotiation regulations regarding 2020? A taxpayer can pay back well under the whole amount they owe via an Offer in Compromise. The Offer & Compromise has become effective and improved by way of the adjusted Clean Start regime. There is no more slack in the event the Internal Revenue Service analyzes its capability to pay off.

What percentage less could the I.R.S. take as an offer?

Based upon the given situation, you could lower your tax liabilities by anywhere from 33 Percent to Ninety-five Pct. A major discount from your Internal Revenue Service tax obligation is accessible by merely eliminating Internal Revenue Service penalties and interest fees.

Am I able to reduce my Internal Revenue Service tax obligation on my own?

When you may very well attempt to tackle your individual Internal Revenue Service debt issue exclusively on your own, it should be in your own welfare to seek some help from an income tax settlement pro. In case your water tank leaks in the midst of the nighttime, and your house is filled with water, the best strategy to fairly quickly fix the problem is always to get in touch with an expert. The same point pertains to un-filed tax troubles. Save your cash, the time and fuss of attempting to decipher it by yourself, and allow an Oxnard Internal Revenue Service attorney at law to take care of all of it.

Should I consolidate Federal tax obligations at a discount?

Many times tax liabilities are able to be decreased. You can trim your personal IRS by using a few means. Like, employing the help of an Enrolled Agent or even an income tax lawyer in Oxnard to help in reviewing your dilemma and planning a good quality strategy to minimize your tax bills is a great place to start. You must select a tax lawyer or attorney who has a track record of dealing with the IRS and knows the ins and outs of income tax debt reduction. If you're in serious debt with the I.R.S. then a tax firm enables you to alleviate your agony.

Can IRS unpaid bills be eliminated?

To recover on the income tax debt the I.R.S. needs to collect within the 10-year time period, or else it falls outside of the time limit to collect. Therefore once this 10-year time period is considered up, the Federal Government is unable to collect upon the tax owed. With regard to Oxnard home-owners an IRS LIEN within the City of Oxnard is defined as a claim against one's home and property (that includes vehicles, jewelry, places of residence, for example) becoming a guarantee regarding a tax owed while; a tax levy is a true seizure of an individuals home or property to be enough for the financial debt.

May an income tax debt get dropped inside of a Bankruptcy?

How an income tax liability is actually addressed inside of Chapter 13 is going to depend entirely on whether it's a real primary or a non-precedence tax debt. A small number of IRS tax obligations are wiped out in Chapter 13. Whereas, non-priority Internal Revenue Service tax debts are typically discharged the same as all of your unsecured personal debt (including credit lines as well as surgical obligations) and emitted the moment you receive your personal emission. Virtually all IRS tax debts are considered precedent in bankruptcy. That is why, applying for bankruptcy definitely won't be the end pertaining to your own IRS tax obligation problems. Priority IRS obligations should be paid back in bankruptcy proceedings.

Can personal Government bills generally be included inside of a Bankruptcy?

The ways back tax debts will undoubtedly be remedied inside a BK and will depend directly on if it's an actual priority or a non-priority tax bill. A small amount of I.R.S. liabilities may perhaps be removed into a B.K. On the other side, non-precedence Internal Revenue Service tax liabilities are going to get cleared into Bankruptcy. A lot of IRS debts have proven to be viewed as precedents within the bankruptcy hearing. The sad thing is, the majority of IRS tax complications cannot be wiped away in private bankruptcy. With your B.K. repayment plan, practically all your current I.R.S. tax liabilities must be paid off as a whole.