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The IRS reports that it sent almost 1 and   million notices to individuals who had made errors in their 2015 individual tax returns and over  of those errors were incorrect tax calculations(1). When the error is in the taxpayer's favor, the resulting notification is a happy occasion and most likely a relief. However, when the error is in the favor of the IRS, the end result can often time consuming to resolve with the IRS and very costly by the time the penalties and interest are added to the additional tax owed. Are you have had the unfortunate luck to have received notice that the IRS has found an error in your return along with a notice of tax assessment? Let the professionals at National Tax Attorney help you.

Filing Taxes isn't always as easy as it looks. Tax laws and regulations are constantly being changed and those changes are often put into effect immediately, making filing your taxes a logistical nightmare.

Owe back taxes from previous years that are accruing incurring penalty and interest? If so, the total amount of taxes you end up paying could be staggering and State and government agencies will use whatever steps they decide are necessary to obtain the tax monies owed by you, including placing a freeze on bank accounts, tax liens on your house and property and/or garnishing wages. The IRS does not care how these methods of obtaining past due taxes affects you or your family.

If you reach the point where you think you are in over your head, and decide you need help, call National Tax Attorney.

If the treasury has sent you a notice, that means one of the following: you owe taxes, your refund is either larger or smaller than your return indicated it should be, the IRS has a question about something in your return or needs additional information, the IRS wants to verify you are who you say you are, the IRS had to change something in your return or there is a delay in processing your return. If you owe the IRS or you disagree with their notice, it would be to your advantage to turn to professionals who have the expertise and experience it takes to file the necessary forms and negotiate with the IRS to provide a means for you to leave your harmful tax situation behind you and move forward on a better financial path. The folks at National Tax Attorney keep up with all the newest tax laws and regulations at both the state and federal government levels. Allow our professionals to be your voice, standing up for your rights so that you can go back to living life the way it is meant to be lived - on your own terms.  

Making payments
If you are suck in a bind, where you just can't pay your tax bill in its entirety when you file, an arrangement can be made with the IRS to allow for monthly payments allowing you stretch out what you owe into smaller payments over a longer period of time. Furthermore, the experts at our firm can work with your caseworker at the IRS to get the penalties and fees they can charge you lowered. Generally speaking, besides paying the full amount all at once, the IRS offers two installment (payment) options, paying within 120 days or a payment plan that extends beyond 120 days.

Filing the 9465 Tax Form
Staff at the firm of National Tax Attorney will fill out a 9465-tax form to obtain a payment plan and submit it to the Treasury Department. The IRS typically has 30 days from receipt as the allotted time to respond to requests for payment arrangements. Upon approval, you will receive a detailed letter from the IRS outlining all the terms and letting you know the amount of any fees required by the IRS to process and approve your request. Know that the IRS refuses to process installment agreements, and requests for dismissal or reduction in penalties if any overdue tax returns have not been filed at the time of negotiation so be sure to let us know if we need to file any forms on your behalf prior to filing the 9465. The 9465-tax form is a form often used by those in the tax business and as such we know to double check to be sure that everything filed is complete and error free so the process can go smoothly and expeditiously to get you final results as quickly as possible.

Tax Liens
Once arrangements have been made to make payments on the tax you owe, you need to make the agreed upon payments in a timely manner if not, or if you have an outstanding balance on a subsequent tax return, then the IRS has the option of cancelling the installment agreement and file an IRS Levy or a Federal Tax Lien Notice to collect the tax. What does a tax lien do? A tax lien tells creditors about money that is owed to the IRS. Why is that a big deal? Potential creditors and banks are made aware you have defaulted on your tax payments and the government now can legally claim any property you own or may subsequently purchase making you a credit risk.

A tax lien also affects your credit score. In this age of information, everything is online so anyone who would be inclined to allow you to purchase on credit will instantly be inclined to deny your purchase. If your credit was excellent prior to the tax lien, then you might still be able to obtain credit, however credit scores also affect the rate at which you pay interest and you may find yourself paying 20% annual interest on a loan that should have been a lot lower.

A tax lien on your property also stays with the property which means if you have to sell your property, the tax lien is paid off first before you receive any money.

Many of these issues can be avoided. Primarily by hiring National Tax Attorney to file your taxes before you have a run in with the IRS. However, if you are beyond that point and find yourself facing a tax lien by hiring National Tax Attorney to help you work through the details of repayment with the IRS. Not only will we guide you through the process but we will show you how to prevent getting into a similar situation when filing taxes going forward. But because tax forms and regulations are constantly changing, what applies today may not always apply in the subsequent tax year.

If you want to be sure of a good outcome when it comes to tax issues, seek an experienced tax professional to speak to the IRS agents for you. As a citizen of Victorville, you can obtain the professional tax relief you need by contacting the experienced staff at National Tax Attorney.


BBB Rating: A+

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do IRS liens terminate following 14 years?

The Government is unable to collect for past fees which are more than a decade old. This happens from the time the Internal Revenue Service created the actual evaluation on your tax burden. The I.R.S. loses their stake in order to gather on a back income tax debt whenever that 120 month window passes. This does not imply you're relieved although since the Federal government can continue to begin collection activities such as submitting an IRS LIEN. In Victorville this is a declaration against your prized assets (including motorbikes, homes, et cetera) to be the protection associated with a tax debt However; a tax levy can be the legitimate seizure of your very own houses to fulfill that debt.

Could an income tax arrear be dropped within a Bankruptcy?

How a tax debt will be cured within a B.K. is determined directly on whether or not it's an actual principal or non-priority IRS tax bill. Certain IRS tax debt will not be wiped away within a BK. At the same time, non-priority IRS tax liabilities are usually emitted the same as your general unsecured personal debt (including charge card and additionally health specialist fees) and then released in the event you get your personal relief. Almost all Internal Revenue Service obligations are thought of as precedence financial debt with private bankruptcy. Generally, the large majority of tax conflicts will not be wiped out in consumer bankruptcy. Superiority IRS liabilities will have to be repaid in consumer bankruptcy.

What I.R.S. tax debts are usually a part of individual bankruptcy?

Quite simply, Federal tax bills that are more than three years old could be. To get a debt to generally be part of bankruptcy proceedings it's got to first be approved that your money, assets or expert services were not attained using fictitious pretenses. The misrepresentation will need to have been written so that the loan originator would not have normally provided financing through your particular guidelines. What's more, income judgments tend to be dischargeable, with a couple of exceptions.

What precisely develops when one finds themselves struggling to pay their Internal Revenue Service tax bills?

For anyone in a emergency and they struggle to make the payment for their Federal income taxes the I.R.S. has services which can often help. The method that might meet ones requirements actually depends upon what amount of money an individual owe coupled with their up to date financial circumstances. A handful of the IRS techniques have factors that must be met and others include premiums. Applying funds out of a 401K or just using unsecured credit card debt relief can certainly have an undesirable Federal income tax consequence. Give us a call to get a free examination in the event someone having virtually any I.R.S. tax debt problems.

What exactly is an income tax bill relief program?

The I.R.S. has more than a few I.R.S tax resolution solutions which may help you with the back taxes including the IRS Fresh Start system. A pay back acceptance has the potential to be utilized by you if you really can't repay your IRS bills in total. An installment binding agreement are often used to repay your Internal Revenue Service tax bills through month by month installments towards it. The most suitable regimen will probably be the Offer in Compromise (OIC). That enables the I.R.S. to settle your tax arrears for less than the amount you owe. Only some people are eligible for an Offer-in-Compromise. In some instances a Penalty Abatement would greatly reduce your I.R.S. tax obligation.

May I negotiate my own Internal Revenue Service debt obligations for considerably less than I owe?

Yes, I.R.S. obligations can often be pardoned, even though the tax influence of canceling or debt negotiation will depend on with your particular details and scenarios. This is an excellent tool for those people who can never pay off your back taxes.

What's the I.R.S. forgiveness process?

A Fresh Start Offer and Compromise happens to be an arrangement enabling you to relieve your IRS liabilities for significantly less than the whole sum. The Offer and Compromise has become efficient as well as enlarged via the changed Relief regime. The Internal Revenue Service happens to be a great deal more accommodating in selecting whether or not a person has the capability to pay back or you cannot.

How much of ones personal I.R.S. obligations may be forgiven?

Based one's conditions an individual may well be able to get rid of one's Internal Revenue Service tax debts varying from 50 % up to 91 Per cent .In case a person has suffered major financial problems within one's CITY including business decline, health care emergency situation, or another type, one may meet the criteria for a lot of plans that would drastically decrease their delinquent IRS debt. . A taxpayer's Internal Revenue Service debt might well be lowered if an individual struggled with life altering economic struggles. Say for example a business loss, sickness condition as well as other financial difficulty. If an individual were to basically only take off the interest and penalty fees a taxpayer will be able to experience a abatement in one's I.R.S. liability around 15 to Forty Per-cent.

Can I trim my I.R.S. tax obligation by myself?

Even though you might make an attempt to take care of your own personal Internal Revenue Service debt issue alone, it's actually in your own interest to receive the assistance of an income tax settlement consultant. If your water tank leaked in the middle of the night, and the dwelling filled with water, the most effective way to conveniently fix the problem is almost always to telephone call a practitioner. The precise same model goes for resolving your company's Internal Revenue Service tax liabilities.

Can you relieve income tax debts for less?

Yep, your tax obligations can wind up being reduced. An IRS tax settlement attorney at law can help with all the necessary information to put yourself on a program to get rid of your income tax obligations.An IRS tax settlement legal practitioner or CPA can easily provide advice on lowering your income tax obligations. If you're in serious debt with the I.R.S. then a tax attorney can certainly help to relieve your pains.