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Drowning in Tax Woes in Riverside? Let National Tax Attorney be Your Life Raft

If you have IRS woes chances are you are already painfully aware of all the options the IRS has to collect money owed them - wage garnishments, bank and property levies and seizure of your car, boat, home or other personal property are all on the table. Even if the IRS has already levied your wages (garnishment) or have issued a bank levy, it’s not too late, National Tax Attorney will work through the taxation process to provide with alternatives. Have you been served notice of a pending action by the IRS and ignoring their attempts at making contact for fear of what comes next? Call us and tell us your story. Ignoring the IRS won’t work. We know, because our staff that specializes in taxes, and we have seen plenty of financial devastation brought about by ignoring the IRS.

Why call National Tax Attorney?

National Tax Attorney has a capable staff specializing in fixing errors, filing tax returns and negotiations with tax authorities. Many of our staff are certified by the IRS which makes them qualified to negotiate on your behalf, others are certified public accountants and tax attorneys and bookkeepers who have the necessary background you need on your side. To become certified, our EAs had to take a difficult two-day test administered by the IRS and must obtain at least 24 hours of continuing education credits yearly with a total of 72 hours completed during a 3-year cycle. The point is, we stay current on the tax laws that apply so that we can provide the best representation we possibly can to get you the best possible solution for your tax situation.

Still not convinced? We are a member of the Better Business Bureau, have been featured for our works on NBC News, Fox, CBS and ABC and were rated by Acquisition International Awards their 2017 Tax Resolution firm of the year. Our services are guaranteed and make every effort to negotiate a solution our clients can live with.  We know return business and word of mouth are the cornerstones of success and we strive to make sure our clients are satisfied with their results.

Our guarantee

The end result is that we want to settle your debt with the IRS. Once your OIC is filed, your wages will not be garnished nor will your property be seized.

Additionally, the services at National Tax Attorney are guaranteed: 1) After 3 days of working with us, if you are not happy with the service we have provided, we will fully return your money l and 2) your Offer in Compromise (OIC) will be completely accurate and the settlement done correctly, or the penalties incurred will be paid by us.


What Sort of Challenges Do We Take on For Our Clients?

Now that you know who we are, here is what we can do for you. If you have received notice of an audit, incorrect calculations or an error in the information contained in your taxes, if your bank account has been frozen, your wages garnished, if you missed filing a return, filed an incorrect form or just couldn’t cover the cost of what you owed when you completed your return, we can arrange with the taxing authority to provide you with an acceptable solution.  We can stop your present tax issues from becoming even bigger ones.

Filing Returns

This first step is crucial to bring you in compliance because the IRS won’t negotiate any sort of tax resolution unless all delinquent taxes are filed. If this applies to you, we will help you file all your delinquent returns. Then we can begin the process of figuring out your best options for payment. Filing for Tax resolution can be a complicated process. Perhaps the IRS has already filed for you and have assessed an amount of tax they feel is owed by you – a process called Substitute for Return. What if you disagree with the IRS’s finding about how much you owe or your ability to pay? Do you know which returns to file or the forms necessary to file in order to dispute the amount owed, for late filing, etc? At National Tax Attorney we will walk you through whatever your filing needs may be – whether you need a correction, need to file a delinquent return or need negotiations for payment options. We will also teach you the correct way to file so that filing your own taxes, if that is what you want to do, will be easier for you in the future.

Payment Options

As we stated earlier, in order to have payment options at all, you need to furnish all the return(s) currently missing to the IRS. Once filed, we negotiate with your agent to find a solution that best fits your current state of financial affairs.  Our options include: 1) making the argument that by paying taxes it will cause undue hardship and therefore cannot pay the taxes (in that instance the IRS may agree to delay collection), 2) requesting a payment plan to extend your payments over a prolonged period of time or 3) make the IRS an offer of compromise (OIC).  In most cases the IRS will not accept an OIC unless extreme hardship can be proven that prevents you from paying your taxes in full.

Installment Agreements

If the IRS determines you can afford to pay your taxes if given enough time to do so, we would file for a payment plan that allows you to make extend your payments over time so that paying your taxes won’t be as difficult as paying them all at once. Under an installment agreement, payment options include paying in full, requesting a short-term agreement (payment plans less than 121 days) or a long-term agreement (paying plans with durations of 121 days or longer). Both the short-term plan and long-term plans or changes from one plan to another, may incur fees, and the IRS often applies penalties and interest until the tax debt is fully paid. At National Tax Attorney we will make every effort to save you money by requesting a reduction of fees, penalties and interest.

Offer in Compromise

When an offer in compromise (OIC) is made with the Internal Revenue Service the taxpayer agrees to pay an amount less than value of the taxes owed. When negotiating an OIC, the IRS takes its ability to recover the taxes owed based on the taxpayer’s total income, ability to pay, assets, and expenses.

Notice of Intent to Levy ….

When for whatever reason – you’ve moved and the IRS doesn’t have your new address or perhaps you just haven’t responded to notices from the IRS because you don’t see any path forward, the IRS will begin a process to recover monies they feel are owed, by whatever means will get them results. They may freeze your bank accounts, have your wages garnished, place a lien against your property or even seize your property to place the sale proceeds against your debt. Once the IRS moves forward with any of these steps, they will be reluctant to reverse the process until your entire debt is paid off in its entirety. The time to act is now if you have received a Notice of Intent to Levy so we can halt the process before the Levy is put in place. Call us, tell us your story so we can prevent the IRS from putting a garnishment or Bank Levy in place. Even if the Treasury has already garnished your wages or placed a hold on your bank account, if you contact us early enough, we may be able to help.     

Whatever your tax issue we believe we can help you. Contact us today.

BBB Rating: A+

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly how many months or even years does the Internal Revenue Service really have to come after you for back taxes?

The statute of limitations regarding the Internal Revenue Service to collect on old taxes is ten years when the I.R.S. establishes the IRS tax obligations. The Federal government loses their claim in order to collect on a past due I.R.S. tax burden whenever the 10 year window transpires. Pertaining to Riverside citizens the actual IRS LIEN here in your current City of Riverside is described as a declaration against your very own assets (which includes cars, bungalows, or anything else) as a security towards a tax debt All the while; a tax levy is going to be particular seizure of your property like estates to fulfill your bill.

Can an income tax bill be wiped away within a BK?

The way Internal Revenue Service debt is generally viewed in a Chapter 13 depends directly on whether or not it's an actual principal or a non-precedence income tax debt. Just a few I.R.S. tax obligations can certainly be emitted inside a BK. In contrast, non-precedence Internal Revenue Service debts can easily get eliminated within a Chapter 13. A large number of IRS obligations are considered primary debts inside individual bankruptcy. Ordinarily not a thing is achievable in a bankruptcy proceeding to manage I.R.S. tax liabilities. You may have to pay down almost all Internal Revenue Service tax obligations according to bankruptcy proceedings procedures.

What I.R.S. bills can often be released?

Specialized bills and energy bills, signature loans, credit cards charges and lots of other personal debt is without question dropped through a bankruptcy. To have a unsecured debt to get included in a Chap. 7 it's got to first be determined that your cash, belongings or services were not bought with fictitious pretenses. When it is found that the purchaser implemented a deceptive means to obtain services or goods it would need to be taken out from the BK process. What is more, revenue judgments are usually dischargeable, with a couple exceptions.

What must one actually do should they owe much more Internal Revenue Service taxes than they can pay off?

The I.R.S. has installment options available when one can't repay their IRS taxes. The option which may be best for someone is dependent on ones ability to make the payment for and precisely how much one might need to repay. Every single plan has terms and conditions that must be found and several services come with costs. Women and men dealing with debt woes may find that there is a Federal income tax affect to periods like a occupation deprivation, consumer debt settlement or moving currency originating from a IRA. One should e-mail us in the event one just can't make the payment for your income tax obligation.

Are there any Internal Revenue Service debt negotiation possibilities?

The Internal Revenue Service has many income tax resolution plans that will assist you with back taxes for instance the Internal Revenue Service Fresh Start initiative. Providing you cannot make payments towards your I.R.S. debts outright, usually you're able to prepare a payment Statement with the I.R.S. The program permits people to make equal payments until finally your income tax obligation is achieved. The most effective program may be the Offer-and-Compromise. Which permits the I.R.S. to resolve your back income taxes for well under your debt. Don't assume all taxpayers are eligible to get an Offer-and-Compromise. If you haven't paid your Federal taxes caused by a unique hardship in YOUR CITY, penalty abatement may very well be made available by the IRS in restricted scenarios.

Is it possible to escape from his or her I.R.S. liabilities?

One could make a deal for less or in some instances have their IRS tax debts negotiated but first they are required to go through a qualification procedure. For individuals who meet the criteria, an Offer in Compromise is proven to notably reduce a person's tax bills.

Is there a fairly new program with the IRS?

A taxpayer could pay off less than the full amount owed via a fresh start Offer-in-Compromise. New Beginning improved and streamlined the Offer & Compromise approach. The I.R.S. has increased range of flexibility when evaluating a person's capacity to repay.

Exactly how much might ones income tax debts be lowered?

The I.R.S. criteria permit one to trim an individual's I.R.S. debts from about 36 Pct up to 93 Per cent or maybe more depending on a taxpayer's exact state of affairs. If a taxpayer were overwhelmed by economic difficulties for example the loss of employment, healthcare problems along with other financial trouble one should be qualified to rapidly lessen a taxpayer's IRS liability. One's I.R.S. debt could be dropped if one has encountered life altering economic troubles. For instance a employment decrease, medical-related condition or other economic difficulty. Take note: A substantial decrease against a taxpayer's IRS debt can be acquired by cutting out I.R.S. charges and interest charges.

Is it possible to reduce my income tax liability without any help from Tax Attorney?

You can seek to sort out your own income tax liability woes by yourself but it's remarkably better to leave it to an I.R.S. tax resolution practitioner like an Enrolled Agent or a tax legal practitioner.If you have a rodent invasion or even your sports car breaks down do you really begin to remedy it all by yourself or alternatively communicate with a qualified professional? The very same issue holds true for tax problems. Save your hard earned cash, the effort as well as fuss of trying to figure it out on your own, and merely let a Riverside income tax authorized attorney to fix it.

Could you work out a deal on your I.R.S. liabilities to the Internal Revenue Service?

Without a doubt. A small number of options can be employed to get rid of your Internal Revenue Service debt. See whether you qualify with a successful accountant or a tax attorney at law which can easily analyze your current IRS obstructions and develop a method to lower your income tax obligations. You�ll have to hire a tax lawyer or attorney having a reputation of dealing with the I.R.S. and knows all aspects of income tax debt reduction. If you're in serious debt with the Internal Revenue Service then an I.R.S. tax relief attorney can certainly help reduce your displeasure.