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Having Tax Debt Problems in Long Beach?

It is always best to practice prevention than it is to deal with an illness. Medically we get checkups to make certain everything is running smoothly and is in good health for a better tomorrow.  We take supplements, exercise, and take action to make certain we eat right, rest up, and do what we can to make certain our bodies run well.

The same can be said for financial health and wellness. To keep things running the way they should, you would want to take all the steps you can to ensure a secure financial future.  You would perhaps make a money plan, budget your resources wisely, look for bargains when making purchases, put aside a part of your earnings in savings, and like a wise person who is health conscious would visit a physician, it would also be wise financially to have a yearly checkup from a certified professional tax attorney.  Here at National Tax Attorney we have the education and experience that you need to be financially healthy and fit, with every hope for a bright and prosperous tomorrow.

When finances are difficult and it looks like you might be having tax troubles, it does not help to turn a blind eye. The Internal Revenue Service takes tax debt very seriously and their agents do not find it a humorous situation if you have unresolved tax debt. Tax debt can be even more serious than other financial obligations in that there is no escape from them.

Choosing to ignore outstanding tax debt is like choosing to ignore a traffic citation.  It will only get worse as time goes on, and you could end up owing far more in taxes, penalties and fees, compounded with interest because you failed to file a return correctly or on-time.  To add insult to injury, apathy on your part could cause you to be red flagged and audited by the IRS, and all those penalties/fines/compounded late fees will have added interest as well and can become a huge monster of debt. The total amount could be staggering. If left unresolved other penalties and restrictions will occur and you could not only lose your house, but also your car, any inheritances you may have, any investments that you own such as stocks or bonds, and you could even experience lost wages due to wage garnishment. Liens could be put on any physical properties you own, restricting you from even selling your own property to pay off the debt, and ultimately you could even be facing jail time.

From celebrities to the common man, people throughout the years have been plagued with tax debt situations. Many have experienced jail time. Sometimes life is tough. Everyday people are losing their jobs or are experiencing medical situations, schooling expenses, repaying loans or unexpected situations that could cause bills to rack up. Perhaps you’re even divorced and the debt you are facing does not even belong to you. Our well-versed staff is very familiar with all kinds of difficult tax situations and they specialize with helping our clients attain tax relief. We have a myriad of solutions that we can help you with in any of our satellite offices.  Our expert and courteous staff would be happy to give you a free one-to-one consultation to find what services might benefit your tax and financial situation best.

Tax laws are always in flux, constantly evolving and changing, and in the process confusion is not uncommon. At National Tax Attorney our job is to continually educate our staff in all the new laws and tax situations that you might encounter. We will work with you to find your very best financial solution, regardless of the complications in your particular situation, and get you on the path to brighter financial future.

Our innovative legal team can help you either in person, or on the phone, or if you prefer, even online through our website. With a one hour consultation and tax guidance from one of our team of well educated attorneys, we can give you a much better picture of your tax debt situation, the collection process, and also in turn clear up your financial clouds, as we find the best resolution for you.

Throughout the entire process you will be involved from start to finish as we help you empower yourself with tax knowledge that can help you feel like you can actually be a part of your solution and not a victim of tax debt. Our experienced and courteous staff will help you to not only solve your tax debt issues and bring you instant relief, but they will also be your ally when dealing with all tax agencies, whether they are state or government, and they will stand with you to help get your situation resolved with as little difficulty as possible. Our lawyers will even speak with the Internal Revenue Service on your behalf, and seek a resolution that will make life far easier.

Often times people will try to negotiate IRS settlements on their own, without professional assistance. Very commonly people will get a flat out rejection when trying to deal with the IRS, and many will simply be rejected because of improperly filled out paperwork that was perhaps too complicated, or too nebulous to complete correctly. If you are unaware of the allowable deductions and expenses that you can claim then you could not only end up defaulting on your taxes, but you could also be overpaying things that you do not need to be, or are not required to pay. That’s why in situations like this you need an expert that you can count on. Sound legal advice that will give you clear direction, relieve stress, and help you rest at night so that way you and your family can live your lives without the worry of tax debt.

Who is National Tax Attorney?

National Tax Attorney is a professional group of licensed tax attorneys, with years of negotiation experience with federal and state tax agencies to do what they can to bring about tax relief for their clients. We are a team with certified public accountants or CPAs, and enrolled agents or EA’s. You might wonder what is an EA? An EA is someone who has earned taxpayer representation privileges with the IRS because they either passed a comprehensive three-part test covering Business tax an individual returns or they were formally employed as an IRS representative. With all this assimilated knowledge we specialize in tax negotiation and tax law so we can best serve our clients with whatever their current tax needs are or whatever agency, State or Federal is involved.

Whether your situation is a Bank Lien, Tax Levies and Liens, Wage Garnishment, End Penalties and Interest, Tax Negotiation and Settlement, Reduce IRS Tax Debt, Resolve Back Taxes, IRS Audit Defense, or Payroll Tax Negotiation, we are available to serve any taxpayers across the whole United States. No matter where you are living in the US, we can represent you, the taxpayer before the IRS in all 50 states.

.  You too can be one of our many satisfied clients. Call us today, and get the tax debt relief that so many others in Long Beach have experienced. 



BBB Rating: A+

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of income tax relief possibilities are available?

You will find several IRS back tax resolution approaches that will help, for example the Internal Revenue Service's new program. A repayment Deal is typically designed for men and women that can never settle your income tax debt entirely at one time. An installment long term contract can pay off your I.R.S. obligations through monthly installments to it. The best regimen will likely be the Offer-and-Compromise. Enabling the IRS to relieve your back income taxes for significantly less than your balance. There are certainly specifications that have to be completed to benefit from an Offer in Compromise. In a few scenarios a Penalty Abatement can possibly trim your tax responsibilities.

Is it possible to settle their Internal Revenue Service unpaid bills for a great deal less than one owes?

It can happen, but only in cases where a taxpayer really hasn't got the sources and/or income to pay the IRS bills in a reasonable time. This is a great solution if you really can't repay your old taxes.

Is there a the personal income tax resolution legal requirement for 2020?

An O.I.C is definitely an a long term contract that permits you to resolve your income tax obligations for significantly less than the complete fee. Fresh Start improved and sped up the O.I.Cregime. The Internal Revenue Service happens to be far more diverse with determining the ability to pay off your tax liabilities.

How much of ones personal income tax obligations are usually settled?

The IRS instructions allow for a taxpayer to lower their IRS debts between 34 % to 95 % or perhaps more depending on a taxpayer's distinct status. If an individual has encountered severe financial hard knocks within Long Beach like career loss, a doctor crisis, or something else, an individual might just qualify for a bit of strategy that should drastically lower their old taxes. An individual's tax debt could be dropped when one in case one has person has a taxpayer has been through life-transforming income troubles. Such as career loss, medical-related challenges as well as other financial difficulties. Nonetheless in case one does not, solely by eliminating I.R.S. penalty fees and interest fees, one may immediately get up to Twenty-six Percent to 43Per cent away from the total an individual still owes.

Am I able to cut down my income tax obligation alone?

Though you might attempt to address all of your Internal Revenue Service debt concerns without hiring somebody, it can be in your own welfare to receive aid from an Internal Revenue Service tax resolution professional. If you were having a problem with the pipes in the heart of the night-time, and your den was flooded, the best way to address the issue without delay will be to call up a pro. It's the exact same for Internal Revenue Service tax liability problems. You could potentially end up saving a considerable amount of time and trouble by finding an IRS law firm.

May I wipe out my I.R.S. bills?

Indeed. You will find several ways to trim the IRS debts. You could very well trim your personal income tax by choosing a number of techniques. Such as, employing the aid of a CPA or alternatively a tax attorney in YOUR CITY to help in evaluating your dilemma and selecting a proven plan to cut back your tax liabilities is a marvelous starting place. An income attorney or lawyer will deliver sound secrets on how to get rid of your Internal Revenue Service tax debts and they are provided with the data regarding how to juggle the IRS. If you owe past due I.R.S. tax obligations then an IRS tax settlement attorney can assist in making use of the best solutions to help reduce your Internal Revenue Service bills.

May the Government reduce Federal income taxes immediately after ten long years go by?

The Government won't be able to collect on for past due fees which are over ten years old. This starts up from the moment the IRS prepared the analysis on your income tax debt.To explain, the I.R.S. has one decade in which to collect upon a I.R.S. liability. With regards to Long Beach home-owners a real IRS LIEN located in your own City of Long Beach is defined as a claim against your very own belongings (which includes passenger cars, places of residence, etc.) to provide a collateral with regards to a taxes owed However; a tax levy would be the specific seizure of your personal property like land to meet the needs of the arrears.

Can you really put federal income taxes in a bankruptcy?

How an income tax liability happens to be viewed in a B.K. relys upon whether it's a real principal or non-precedence irs tax liability. Some Internal Revenue Service bills may possibly be emitted inside a Bankruptcy. yet, non-precedence I.R.S. obligations may very well be discharged comparable to your personal unguaranteed debts (which include charge card as well as, family doctor fees) and then dismissed in the event you are given a relief. A lot of I.R.S. obligations will be thought of as precedent in the private bankruptcy. That being said, submitting personal bankruptcy will not be the very end involving your own Internal Revenue Service debt problems. Superiority Internal Revenue Service tax debts will need to be paid off in B.K.

Can someone place federal government income tax into a chapter 13?

The way in which the actual back tax arrears might be viewed within a B.K. is reliant entirely on whether it is a top priority or alternatively non-priority income tax obligation. Certain I.R.S. debts simply cannot be wiped out inside of a BK. Only non-precedence Internal Revenue Service bills would be eliminated in Bankruptcy as well as other nonguaranteed financial debts. The majority of Internal Revenue Service debts are considered precedence unsecured debts with regard to BK. This is why, filing a bankruptcy proceeding should not be the very end associated with your own personal Internal Revenue Service bill troubles. You'll be required to pay off almost all Internal Revenue Service tax bills with a bankruptcy proceeding requirements.

What I.R.S. tax bills usually are removed?

Virtually all unsecured problems can be handled with bankruptcy. For starters it needs to be determined if obligations were accrued using fraudulent techniques. The misrepresentation must've been put in writing so that the lending company wouldn't have routinely given a mortgage by your particular regulations. Also, revenue rulings are normally dischargeable, with a couple exceptions.