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IRS Nightmares in Palmdale? National Tax Attorney will chase those nightmares away!
Do you hang your hat in Palmdale? Do you need an affordable tax company, with integrity and who puts their clients first? Then you've come to the right place!
The Internal Revenue Service was designed to be efficient at what it does and that is to collect monies owed the United States Government. Purposely set up that way because of the many services our government provides to its citizens that we can no longer do without. Providing those services costs money and since the United States Government is not in the business of making money, those monies come from taxing its citizens. If, however, the IRS targets you as someone who owes them money, they can be ruthless and relentless in how they come after you and any amount owed them quickly grows in a short period of time.
Don't Try to Solo the Fight
There are plenty of horror stories regarding dealings with the IRS. Horror stories abound since the passage of the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act back in 2000. the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act was designed allow the IRS to take the assets of persons suspected to be involved in criminal activity, including terrorists, without having to wait for charges to be filed or convictions attained against the suspected parties.
The Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act mandates financial institutions to notify federal authorities when patterns of deposits are observed that are just under $10,000. Ten thousand dollars is the amount which triggered the requirement to report prior to 2000. It was believed criminals were saavy to the reporting requirement and would therefore use multiple deposits in amounts under 10K to avoid being detected.
Unfortunately, in its zeal to collect money, the IRS that began targeting legitimate businesses that were making deposits amounting to less than $10,000 and subjected them to seizures of their property and financial accounts. The New York Times reported that in 2012 only 20% of the 639 seizures conducted by the IRS were ever charged with any criminal activity (1). Like Carol Hinders who had $33K seized from her checking account without prior notice or any charges filed. Even worse, to get their money back, business owners had to prove the legitimacy of their business, frequently racking up legal fees and having to use whatever means they had at their disposal to maintain their businesses. Spending the time needed to run their companies, dealing with the IRS.
And not only businesses were targeted, the New York Times article also told described an instance where a father had saved money from his pay checks to put toward tuition for his kid's college studies. At the time banks were failing so the father at first stored the money in the basement of his house.  When it was time to transfer the money to his children's bank accounts, the father voiced his concern about paying additional taxes a on the tuition money to the bank teller. The bank teller indicated that as long as he kept the deposits under the 10K reporting limit, the money wouldn't be reported. Unfortunately, the IRS took $66k from the family. Not only did it cost the family $20K from his dealings with the IRS but one of his children had to delay going to college for a year.
Why you Should enlist the aid of a Professional
Nightmares are made of stories like these. There are often legitimate reasons preventing people from paying the IRS when they file their returns. Unexpected calamities, transpositions in returns and sometimes misinformation.
Tax attorneys are experts in tax code and policies related to the transfer of property through inheritances, employment income, dividends from investments, and business transactions at the all government levels. Primarily serving as consultants, tax attorneys are concerned with matters of litigation, and represent to bring about the conclusion of disputes in and out of the courtroom. A tax attorney's intricate knowledge of tax law, is often required when a client is found by a taxing authority to be out of compliance of the law. Tax attorneys are also consulted to deal with taxes that result from transfers of estates and inheritances including the establishment or enhancement of wills and trusts, and disbursement assets to the beneficiaries.
Tax Attorneys or CPA?

Tax attorneys can aid with any issue that involves taxing entities that implement and regulate taxation policies, like those of the state and local authorities, issues involving the IRS are the primary reason clients seek out the advice of tax attorneys.
Taxation issues - especially those involving the IRS - can be very complex and often will necessitate the combined aid of a CPA and a tax attorney. National Tax Attorney is staffed by tax attorneys, CPAs, and EAs. A tax attorney must be fully versed in tax code, accounting, and finance, while CPAs are experts on the day to day financial workings required to run big businesses and filing taxes including auditing and accounting. Tax attorneys must be licensed to operate in the state where they do business in order to give their clients sound legal counseling, and represent them in a court of law if matters should lead in that direction. Another main difference between a CPAs and tax attorneys is that attorney-client privilege only applies to information divulged to attorneys.
CPAs can also be EAs (Enrolled Agents) that is the IRS allows for the CPA's representation on their client's behalf on issues that end up in Tax Court. However, the National Conference of Lawyers and CPAs of the American Bar Association has indicated that CPAs are to advise their clients to seek the advice of an attorney when if their client has been contacted by the IRS or another taxing agency regarding a deficiency. This is because very often tax issues will not go to Tax Court but rather to the District Court of Claims for resolution.  Additionally, if the matter consists of a potential criminal charge for violation of law, the client should retain an attorney so to be legal counsel on their constitutional rights under the law.
The Services of National Tax Attorney are Available in Palmdale
We are guessing that you're reading this information because you require professional services to aid with the resolution of a tax problem. Perhaps you are trying to figure out where you should go that is both reputable and affordable. If you live in Palmdale, we have an office near you. At National Tax Attorney, our staff can help you determine the type of services you need to put you back in compliance with the law or to prevent the IRS from processing a lien or levy against you. National Tax Attorney is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has been featured on several major networks for our professionalism.

Our staff has the capability to represent you in front of the IRS whether it's for an audit or for an appeal. We have the capability to stand with you before the U.S. Tax Court, the United States Court of Appeals and even before the Supreme Court of the United States should that ever be needed. Feel free to give us a call or look us up on the web to find convenient location near you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What I.R.S. obligations may very well be removed?

A lot of uncollateralized personal credit card debt (in particular back lease bills, energy bills, medical bills, unsecured bank loans, and visa or MasterCard bills) could be wiped away in B.K. There exists an exception to pass should the funds, California possessions, or products and services have been acquired by fake pretenses. The misrepresentation needs to have been written in a way that the lending company wouldn't have routinely issued a mortgage with your own instructions. Furthermore, cash rulings are generally dischargeable, with several exceptions.

What I.R.S. liabilities may very well be a part of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

In a nutshell, Internal Revenue Service tax liabilities that happen to be at least three years old can be. For any personal debt to be part of a consumer bankruptcy it must first be approved that the money, possessions, or expert services were not gathered with wrong pretenses. The misrepresentation must have been put in writing in ways that the financial institution wouldn't have generally given financing through their very own instructions. In contrast, most other types of judgments should be resolved.

So what can I do when I cannot repay my tax bill?

If you just can't pay off your individual IRS tax liability you can find tax resolution options for you and your family. Which option may be perfect for your needs will depend on the amount you owe to the IRS in partnership with your overall financial circumstances. Numerous Internal Revenue Service choices have circumstances that must be met plus some may have premiums. It's best to look at the IRS impact on removing your money from your own I.R.A. or debt negotiation. Call us to obtain a free examination for those who are having some sort of I.R.S. liability problems.

Just what I.R.S. tax debt resolution practices are there?

You will find several I.R.S. tax relief programs that can help, such as the agency's recent system. Typically an installment offer can be used for those who really can't pay off their tax burden in full. An installment authorization may be used to pay off your Internal Revenue Service bills by making equal payments towards it. The very best regimen is considered the Offer in Compromise. Allowing the Internal Revenue Service to relieve your back income taxes for peanuts. There are actually constraints that need to be attained to benefit from an Oic. An added I.R.S. device could be Penalty Relief, which is where a portion of an individual's charges are generally let go.

Can Internal Revenue Service tax be relieved?

It does happen, but only in instances by which you unquestionably lack the properties and assets, and/or earnings to pay back the IRS tax obligations in a reasonable time. This is an excellent program for those who just cannot pay back your back taxes.

Precisely what is an Internal Revenue Service tax relief O.I.C?

An Offer-in-Compromise is definitely a contract that permits citizens to consolidate this I.R.S. obligation for a lot less than the actual balance. The Offer and Compromise technique has been created quite a bit easier within the tax relief project. The IRS currently is a lot more adaptive in calculating if a person has the capability to pay off or otherwise not.

Just how much less should the Internal Revenue Service accept?

One could be able to drastically trim an individual's I.R.S. debts as much as Ninety three% or perhaps more based upon all of an individual's own circumstances. If perhaps a person were overwhelmed by monetary hardships for example the loss of a job, health care hardship as well as other monetary obstacles an individual will be in the position to rapidly decrease an individual's IRS liability. One's own tax liability could be dropped if a taxpayer has struggled with life-transforming personal financial struggles. For instance occupational decrease, medical-related problems, or other income problems. Should an individual strictly take away the interest and charges expenses one is able to see a lowering of an individual's income tax obligation up to 27 to 52 percent.

May I cut down my Internal Revenue Service tax burden without any help from an IRS authorized attorney?

While you may very well endeavor to settle your own I.R.S. tax liability issue exclusively on your own, it is usually in your interest to receive aid from an income tax resolution expert. In case you have a killer bee invasion or even your auto throws a rod do you ever begin to repair it all by yourself or just contact an expert? Precisely the same aspect is applicable to tax predicaments. In the long term, you will save time and money by providing us a call.

Am I allowed to get rid of my back taxes?

Certainly, your IRS tax debts can frequently get reduced. Utilizing a tax legal representative is an efficient starting place for going over your specific problem in order to determine if there are any Internal Revenue Service plans that you can use to trim your actual Internal Revenue Service tax liability. An income tax settlement attorney or lawyer provides good suggestions about how to lessen your Internal Revenue Service obligations plus they are pre-loaded with the wisdom in order to address the IRS. If you're in serious debt with the I.R.S. then a tax legal practitioner can certainly help to relieve your troubles.

Am I allowed to reduce my Internal Revenue Service tax debt alone?

You are able to attempt to take care of your own income tax obligation roadblocks your self but it's extremely advisable to hand it over to an Internal Revenue Service relief-qualified professional such as a CPA or an income tax law firm. In case you were developing a problem inside your pipelines in the midst of the night, and your cellar was flooded, the best way to end the issue without delay is often to speak with a pro. It actually is the same thing with regard to I.R.S. tax liability tribulations. Avoid the hassle by using the assistance of an authentic tax attorney or lawyer.