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IRS Relief is Available in Fresno with National Tax Attorney

These recent times were had ones financially for many citizens of Fresno, as well as all across the United States. It seems hard times are hitting so very many, and if you are like a large number of your neighbors, there is a good chance you may gotten caught up in debt and unable to file yearly taxes. If this is so, don’t panic. With all the turmoil in the economy, people losing jobs and businesses going under, you need to realize you aren’t alone.  There are very many today who have never experienced difficulties in the past, yet they are finding themselves struggling in the financial landscape of today’s economy.

If you are in a difficult tax situation you need to understand that your debt will accumulate, as will the IRS harassment. Anything owed will not be forgiven, and if left un-dealt with you could lose all your possessions are even end up in jail, something that can happen to any citizen, famous or ordinary. Many celebrities are among those having been penalized for failure to file taxes. Although this may in fact be difficult to hear the truth of it is very real.


Here at National Tax Attorney we specialize in instant tax relief. Robert Harris, Former TurboTax® developer and founder of National Tax Attorney, a Division of Award Winning National Tax Relief, has designed and honed a vast array of services to help in resolving tax issues, supporting a wide range of clients. Robert discusses the firm’s core focus on supporting clients, not just with services such as settling back taxes, removing tax liens, stopping wage garnishments, and ending tax debt, but educating and supporting clients to ensure that the problem does not reoccur.


A Tax Relief Based Firm:

In Fresno we have a firm that can help individuals in their Internal Revenue Service dealings. We will be tough in our stance to help free you from tax debt and bring you instant relief. We don’t let anyone to allow our clients to be intimidated, and will gladly deal with IRS employees on your behalf so you don’t have to. Our firm has had many years of expertise in handling various tax problems that run the gamut from small to incredibly complicated.  We actually have a variety of choices for you to help in your tax rehabilitation program.  Our well-educated staff can assist you in participating in available programs to help reduce any tax amounts that are due.


A Sampling of Services As Well As Programs We Offer:

Offer in Compromise: This IRS program is exceedingly beneficial in that if you are accepted the Internal Revenue Service will in actuality pardon a great deal of the tax debt that you owe!  If you qualify, what you owe could be diminished to even 90% of the original amount!

Installation Agreements: It is hard enough being in debt, and having to pay penalties and such on top of the original assessment. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pay a bit at a time? Our tax attorneys are experts in IRS negotiations and can work on your behalf to create a livable payment plan. When you can pay in smaller amounts yet still remain in good standing, you can have the peace of mind knowing you have a little more breathing space. With an approved Installment Agreement, you can relax more as you gradually reduce your outstanding financial debt.

Complete Old Tax Returns: One of the better and easiest process to become amenable again is to complete your old tax returns. If this is something you are unable or unwilling to do on your own, we can assist you by processing these returns for you. For claiming the incentives, exemptions, and deductions our tax attorneys can be great help to drastically reducing the amount of money you owe.


Wage Garnishments: Are you aware that the Internal Revenue Service has the legal authority over 25% of your pay monthly before you even receive it when you get behind on tax payment obligations? Your reputation could be damaged, and your financial situation could worsen. There could even be a discussion about your financial situation at work from anyone involved with wage disbursements. This could be very embarrassing and at National Tax Attorney our attorneys work hard to have wage garnishments held back from expected pay and wages.


Penalty Abatement Negotiations: If you are an individual who owes the Internal Revenue Service back taxes, you may owe them interest, penalties, late fees and perhaps even other charges. Like credit cards or school loans, charges of this nature will just continue from snowball to avalanche the more time that passes. Our tax debt attorneys specialize in all forms of instant tax debt relief and are adept at diminishing charges as well as having penalties removed from your financial record. With a successful Penalty Abatement Negotiation, our highly trained staff can help lower the total amount you might owe of tax debt to be lowered dramatically.

Liens: If you are unable to pay your debt it won’t stop. It will continue it’s upward spiral, and your debt could very well end up with a lien being placed on your property. Your physical property can be put on lien by the government, which could stop you from even selling your assets to pay off the debt you owe.


Bank Levy: There is another tactic that can be used to encourage tax debt payment. A Bank Levy can give the government the ability to assume your financial property also take all your physical and financial assets, even selling them at auction to recover tax debt owed. Our extremely experienced attorneys have the experience and the know how to get liens and levies effectively eliminated. Our expert team of lawyers are extremely efficient, and very skilled when dealing with issues of this sort.

Contact Our Instant Tax Debt Relief Attorneys:

New people are using our services daily. As the times change so do the laws, and it is vital to stay up to date on all the latest information as it is made available. We have a no-nonsense approach, doing what we can to rapidly bring out clients instant tax help, and we truly enjoy doing what we can to support our local citizens. As we excel in reducing tax debt, we will do all we can to lower the amount of tax debt you owe, and create a positive financial situation that will help our clients to have a better life.

If our services sound like something that could help you and your family experience a brighter financial future, then call us today. You also have every potential for a successful financial future. Call us today for a complimentary team member consultation with a tax relief expert. In the consultation our staff can discuss the various approaches and protections that we can help with, so you and your family can have a brighter, tax debt free future! All this can be frightening, and owing tax debt can feel scary, however you aren’t alone. We will do our best to give you straight and honest advice to help you become tax debt free.

BBB Rating: A+

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Frequently Asked Questions

Just what is the income tax relief?

It's possible to pay much less than the whole amount outstanding by taking advantage of an Offer-in-Compromise. Improvements are being made in the Fresh Start program to improve an Offer-and-Compromise. There is now more leeway in case the Internal Revenue Service evaluates a taxpayer's possibility to pay.

What percentage lower might the I.R.S. take as an offer?

With regard to an unpleasant financial hardship, like for example a health emergency or occupation decline you may perhaps be qualified for Internal Revenue Service solutions which will greatly diminishes your current tax liabilities. Just by eliminating the I.R.S. penalty and interest fees you can reduce your IRS tax liability by as much as 58 Per-cent.

May I lessen my IRS tax obligation by myself?

You can possibly make an attempt to overcome your Internal Revenue Service liability conflicts yourself. Still, it is incredibly better to hand it over to an Internal Revenue Service relief-qualified professional like a Certified Public Accountant or an IRS attorney or lawyer. If your car/truck broke or your water pipe began dripping, it will always be most advantageous to contact a qualified professional. The exact same concern goes for unfiled tax predicaments. Save the stress by receiving assistance from an authentic I.R.S. attorney.

Am I able to strike a deal on all your IRS tax liabilities to the Internal Revenue Service?

Yep, your individual income tax liabilities may very well be lessened. Find out if you qualify with a qualified C.P.A. or a tax lawyer which is able to judge the Internal Revenue Service obstacles and design a strategy to get rid of your income tax obligations. An I.R.S. authorized professional or Certified Public Accountant should be able to provide information on reducing your tax obligations. If you owe old Internal Revenue Service taxes then an I.R.S. attorney can assist while using the best options available to reduce your IRS tax bills.

Just how many days will the IRS have to collect a tax debt?

The statute of limitations regarding the I.R.S. to collect old income tax is now ten years after the Government defines all of the Internal Revenue Service tax obligations. Put differently, the Government has got one decade in order to recover on the I.R.S. liability. With regards to Fresno natives a shocking IRS LIEN in your City of Fresno is described as a declaration against a person's assets (that includes cars, places of residence, and the like) as providing a security with regards to a tax owed while; a tax levy will probably be seizure of your very own possessions to meet the needs of that debt.

Can IRS liability often be wiped away in Bankruptcy?

Whether some sort of bill is dismissed in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy hinges directly on the IRS Instructions. You will need to pay down any type of Priority I.R.S. tax debts pursuant to B.K. laws. To actually treat a I.R.S. obligation inside of a BK the Internal Revenue Service tax burden really needs to be classified as non-priority. A large percentage of Internal Revenue Service obligations are considered priority unsecured debts with a bankruptcy proceeding. As a consequence, it is impossible to get rid of them by getting a release and applying for consumer bankruptcy. In case you apply for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Fresno you'll want to pay out your primary Internal Revenue Service obligations totally throughout your repayment schedule.

Might Internal Revenue Service unsecured debt be removed in Chapter thirteen?

Exactly how back taxes owed are remedied inside of a Chapter 13 is dependent up upon whether or not it's an actual top priority or non-priority irs tax debt. Selected IRS tax obligations can't be emitted Chapter 13. Only non-precedence Internal Revenue Service obligations could very well be dismissed in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy plus your several other unguaranteed credit card debts. Just about all I.R.S. bills tend to be perceived of as precedent in bankruptcy. As a consequence, applying for bankruptcy proceedings should not be the finale pertaining to these I.R.S. tax debt problems. For your personal a bankruptcy proceeding monthly payment program virtually all your personal IRS tax obligations must be paid in whole.

What Internal Revenue Service tax bills are generally able to be wiped out?

Basically, IRS income taxes which are greater than 3 years old might possibly be. For any credit card debt to generally be included in a Chap Seven Bankruptcy it has to first be determined that your money, property or services were never accumulated using inaccurate pretenses. The false comment should have occurred in writing with the lender and the misrepresentation should have been material, which signifies the statement was in ways the financial institution wouldn't have provided the lines of credit had the important details been known. On the flip side almost every other type of rulings will be resolved.

What Internal Revenue Service tax debts may very well be cleared?

A large number of financial debt of an unguaranteed nature is often removed within a individual bankruptcy. To have a debt to become included in a bankruptcy proceedings it has to first be cleared that the money, assets or services were not accumulated while using erroneous pretenses. The misrepresentation must have been put in writing such that financial institution wouldn't have routinely issued a personal loan through their instructions. Likewise, revenue judgments tend to be dischargeable, with a couple of exclusions.

Specifically what happens when I must pay back much more Internal Revenue Service tax liabilities than I could truthfully make payments towards?

The Internal Revenue Service has monthly payment choices providing you can't make payments towards your Federal income tax debt. The program that is generally effective for you depends on your capacity to pay and how much you genuinely need to repay. Many requirements may have to be met in order to obtain these processes. Don't forget a number may demand a charge. Citizens fighting financial hassles can find that there's a Federal tax result to incidents like job deprivation, debt settlement, or cashing in your individual retirement account early. You can ring us as soon as possible if you have any kind of tax bill challenges you require assistance with.

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