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Nobody wants to have financial insecurity in their life. We all want to be prosperous and happy. Unfortunately, the reality is that unexpected events can occur at any time. An unexpected illness can instantly put you in debt and when dealing with taxes, a single miscalculation or error can put you in debt with the IRS and there can be substantial penalties. Tax debt is a serious financial issue and if it is mishandled can escalate into a very real hardship. State and federal governments utilize tax revenues to meet the needs of its citizens. As the recipients of those services, the citizens of San Jose, as well as in other cities all across the United States, bare the cost of our governments to provide those services, such as building and maintaining highway infrastructures, by paying their fair share of taxes. However, when you can’t pay your taxes, the IRS will find a way to collect them and that’s when things can become complicated. If you haven’t filed your tax returns, the IRS may have filed them for you and that can result in them assessing that you owe more than you actually do and if you find yourself in that situation, we strongly suggest you hire someone who knows tax laws to help you. National Tax Attorney have the staff that can answer that need. Our staff will help you safeguard yourself from finding yourself in a complicated, costly issue with the IRS. Our firm specializes in IRS negotiations and tax relief.

Why Call National Tax Attorney?

National Tax Attorney is a group of highly skilled, staff that have professional attorneys, CPAs and tax experts who have decades of experience in all things tax related. They are familiar with all types of tax issues no matter how complicated they may be. They have experience handling various tax issues pertaining to the IRS or the state. They will do everything they can to bring instant tax relief to their clientele.

What Tax Issues Can We Handle?

The IRS sends over a million error notices to people the majority of whom have made a miscalculation in their taxes or didn’t include all the necessary information.   A miscalculation that could possibly lead to a confusing and life altering financial crisis. Failing to file and/or pay taxes often leads you on a path to more difficult problems to cope with like wage garnishment. At National Tax Attorney, we take care of issues such as these and many more. We come up with the best possible solutions that are acceptable to both our clients and the tax authorities.

Wage Garnishment

One of the tools the IRS uses to collect money from individuals who are unable fail to pay their taxes is a wage garnishment. A garnishment is the process by which, with a court order, the tax authorities can deduct money from your pay check without your permission in order to pay off all taxes owed. This is a serious situation that can cause major financial issues that are far reaching in all parts of your daily life. An involuntary monetary deduction from your pay check could be extremely disastrous, can directly affect your monthly budget, further complicating your financial situation significantly.

Bank Levies

Unless you are in a situation where you absolutely cannot pay the debt owed due to financial hardship, the IRS or the state tax board will require you to fully pay all the back taxes and penalties they believe you might owe. Beyond that, they also have the right to take money from your financial accounts in order to force you to pay your debt. With so many employers requiring direct deposit, a bank levy can seriously hamper your ability to meet your financial responsibilities. A bank levy can be quite complicated to resolve, and in the meantime, you still don’t have access to your money. Without the ability to stay within the guidelines of a financial plan, you could not only fall badly behind in taxes, but also become delinquent with other payments as well. Important things that we need in today’s world, basic necessities such as rent or mortgage, food, utility bills, credit card payments, and so forth.

Tax Liens and Seizures

Another set of tools state and federal governments use to retrieve past due back taxes, penalties and fees, are tax liens and seizures. When a tax lien is placed on your property, the tax entity is ensured that they will get their money as the lien is satisfied first when that property is sold. The taxing authority also hopes it will serve as a wakeup call to the debtor to pay their taxes. The situation left ignored will only worsen if the tax amount due remains unpaid, and those with outstanding debt could have their property seized permanently as was the case with Redd Foxx when the IRS seized his cars, his home and even the jewelry he was wearing!

Encountering these kinds of tax problems can be scary, and the effects can be far reaching, gradually accumulating until it feels like there is no way out. Ignoring the situation is not an option, so it is best to deal with it professionally. At National Tax Attorney, we understand that when people become tax debtors they can find they struggle financially and often don’t know how to get ahead of the game. National Tax Attorney agents will tell you what choices you have, and help you work with your IRS personnel to get the best outcome possible.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Services

Life is unpredictable and tax debt can happen to anyone. Every year people across
America come upon hard times, unwittingly ending the fiscal year owing taxes. In these situations, it is best to address the situation quickly, getting your financial situation under control before it gets worse. Professional firms like National Tax Attorney are your one-stop solution for all problems related to paying and filing taxes. Our attorneys are highly educated and have the right experience to get a handle on the legal issues that arise from filing or paying your taxes.

Taxpayers who are unsure of the proper tax forms to use or the proper way to fill out the forms will find our attorneys can help them understand the process, and assist them in filing. If you are already in debt then our attorneys will help you find the perfect solution for your situation. Your situation will be examined thoroughly in order to understand the root cause and what can be corrected or changed. The attorneys at National Tax Attorneys will then work diligently towards to resolving the situation.

The attorneys of this firm are experts when it comes to state and IRS regulations and with negotiating with tax authorities. With decades of combined experience in dealing with the IRS, you can be confident that they will do all in their power to get a solution that can work for you. If you already have tax liens or bank levies on your account, the firm’s professionals research various options that could make overcoming tax debt easy for you. Once a debtor, there can be huge fines and penalties, making it difficult to pay all at once. In light of this our attorneys will appeal on your behalf for an installment agreement so you can pay your taxes over a period of time, making it easier to get out of debt. With the right expert help, your monthly budget could be less affected and you can gradually pay back your tax without further increasing the amount owed. They will also negotiate to extend the allowable time to pay the tax off and to reduce your penalty. With all these options at your disposal you can actually recover from tax debt, reduce what you will have to pay and avoid the hardship that would come from the loss of your property, bank account, or having a greatly reduced pay check. Call National Tax Attorney and let us fight for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Would the government collect back fees immediately after ten years pass by?

The Internal Revenue Service may not collect on for past due taxes that are more than ten years old. This occurs from the time that they have formulated the assessment of your IRS tax liability. The Government loses the stake in order to gather on a back IRS tax debt as that Ten year time frame dies. This system is well suited for the avid taxpayer, however this is hardly an option given that the IRS might nonetheless pursue recovery processes by placing an IRS LIEN.

May an income tax bill get released within a Chapter 13?

Just how any kind of back taxes owed might be taken care of within a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy would depend upon whether or not it's a main priority or non-priority tax bill liability. You would be forced to pay off any sort of Precedence Internal Revenue Service bills in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy requirements. Whereas, non-priority IRS bills usually are wiped out similar to your main unprotected financial debts (which include charge card as well as, doctors charges) and then dropped when you get your prized release. Nearly all I.R.S. tax liabilities tend to be primary unsecured debts while in a bankruptcy proceeding. Which means that, filing B.K. is definitely not the end with regards to your own Internal Revenue Service debt troubles. Priority Internal Revenue Service tax bills needs to be repaid in B.K.

What Internal Revenue Service liabilities are usually incorporated into Chapter Seven?

Physical bills not to mention electricity bills, loans, visa card fees and penalties and a lot of some other unleveraged debt could in fact be wiped away by way of a Chapter 7. To have a credit card debt to end up being included in a bankruptcy proceedings it has to first be approved that the money, assets or expert services were not purchased with the use of phony pretenses. When it can be found that the consumer used a misleading technique to procure services or goods then it would have to be taken out of the bankruptcy hearing process. Alternatively most other types of judgments are actually consolidated.

Specifically what comes about if someone is can not repay their Internal Revenue Service liabilities?

If someone can never pay all of ones IRS tax obligations they'll find tax resolution solutions for an individual. The technique that will likely aid someone basically varies according to simply how much they definitely can pay back coupled with their monetary situation. Most of the Internal Revenue Service options have circumstances that must be met and some contain extra charges. Individuals presented with income burdens could find that there's an Internal Revenue Service income tax outcome to times like a occupation decline, consumer debt negotiation or removing some money from your retirement account. First and foremost, if one feels they will have a hard time repaying their income tax obligation, contact us today.

Is there a IRS relief system?

There are specific I.R.S. back tax relief systems to help, which includes the Internal Revenue Service's Fresh Start system. Frequently a repayment agreement can be used as those who just cannot make the payment for their IRS tax obligation all at once. The offer allows people to make payments right until their tax obligation is achieved. A settlement enables one to clear their I.R.S. tax liabilities for less than the debt. Not all the people meet the criteria for a settlement. One more IRS technique has been Penalty Reduction, where by a portion of their penalty fees just might be thrown out.

Is one able to settle their I.R.S. bills for a lower amount than they owe?

It's possible to negotiate for less or in some instances have their IRS liabilities negotiated but first they are required to endure a qualification process. This is an excellent system for those who can not pay off their past due taxes.

Just what is the modern plan the I.R.S. facilitates?

An Offer & Compromise enables a taxpayer to repay a portion of what they are obligated to pay on I.R.S. tax liabilities. Enhancements have actually been made in the Fresh Start technique to ease the actual Offer-in-Compromise. The I.R.S. now has a great deal more slack when studying a person's potential to pay off.

Normally, how much will the Internal Revenue Service accept as payment in full?

You will be qualified to greatly lessen your Internal Revenue Service liabilities as much as 95% or perhaps more dependant on all your own state of affairs. But also in case you might not, solely by eliminating the IRS penalty charges and interest charges, you may easily get up to 23 Per-cent to 52% off the amount that you owe.

Can I cut down my income tax obligation alone?

You are able to try and address your Internal Revenue Service tax bill complications exclusively on your own nevertheless it's extremely recommended to hire an Internal Revenue Service tax relief skilled professional such as a Certified Public Accountant or a tax attorney. If you were getting a problem in the pipe joints in the night, and your downstairs room was flooded, the best way to solve the situation fast is speak with a skilled professional. identical technique applies to reducing an individual's IRS obligations. Save yourself your cash, time and also irritation of trying to decipher it yourself, and hire a San Jose Internal Revenue Service relief expert to fix it all.

Will the I.R.S. resolve my debt?

In many cases income tax debts are typically dropped. Verify you qualify with a trained Certified Public Accountant or a tax attorney or lawyer that will be able to look at your Internal Revenue Service tax challenges and create a blueprint to get rid of your I.R.S. obligations. It is important to locate a tax authorized professional that has a reputation of fighting the I.R.S. and knows all aspects of tax relief. In case you have serious back I.R.S. liabilities, then a tax attorney can take care of the situation and construct the very best alternative to eliminate your I.R.S. obligations.