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Sleepless in San Francisco Because of IRS Woes? We Can Help You Get Your Sleep Back.
Nothing can make you toss and turn all night like worrying about your financial security. We all want to get ahead in life or at least to be able to make ends meet on a day to day basis and be happy. Unfortunately, life is full of ups and downs. Unexpected hospital visits or having a major mechanical failure with your car can instantly empty your bank account of whatever savings you may have. Likewise, an overlooked miscalculation or transcription error can put you in debt with the Treasury with substantial penalties. When Tax debt is mishandled your taxes can balloon out of control and escalate your situation greatly.
State and Federal governments are not businesses that can produce revenue and therefore have to tax its citizens to perform the numerous services that we as a nation require. The citizens of San Francisco, like all other localities in the United States, share the burden of providing the funds to cover the cost for those services as well as the benefits they provide, such as disability for those in need or highway construction and repairs. However, when you are put into a situation where you can't find the money to cover what's owed, you can be sure the Treasury will find a way to collect and that's when things can become troublesome. Some people find filing taxes overwhelming, and make the decision not to file at all. However, when you don't file your tax returns, the IRS may file them for you and that could result in a tax assessment indicating you owe more than you do. If you are already in that situation or could end up in that situation because you haven't files some tax returns, we strongly suggest you get professional help too walk you through the process. The National Tax Attorney firm remain up to date on the latest tax laws so they can be sure to give the best aid available to you and others like you who need help with tax woes.
Why Call Us?
National Tax Attorney is a conglomeration of award winning tax attorneys, CPAs and EAs with have decades of experience in working with taxes and tax related requirements. People like Al who has over 27 years in taxation and whose specialty is in resolving tax issues or Greg, a certified negotiator with the IRS since 1993. At National Tax Attorney, we can lift that feeling of helplessness and bring instant tax relief to you.
How Can You Be Confident That We Can Resolve Your Tax Affairs?
Each year millions of people receive letters indicating an error has been found in their returns. The errors might be a transcription error, or a mistake in a calculation or the return simply didn't include all the required information. Failing to file and/or failure to remit payment can result in IRS retaliation with tax liens, and bank and wage levies (garnishments). Our staff routinely see and resolve these types of issues and when these types of mistakes lead to larger problems, we have the tax law know-how that allows us to step in, take control of the situation and put the matter behind you.
IRS Withholding Your Pay?
Wage garnishments are one of several tricks of the trade used by the Treasury to collect money owed them. By law, the IRS can have money taken out of your pay check indefinitely until all tax, and associated penalties, interest and fees are zeroed out. Imagine how only having a portion of your pay check can wreak havoc with your life. A mandatory deduction from every pay check would certainly make life difficult for most people.
Frozen Bank Assets
Unless the IRS finds you are in financial hardship (by their standards, not necessarily yours), they as a taxing entity will desire that give them what monies are owed. To get your attention and to collect payment, they can stop all activity on your bank accounts and have the funds sent to them to apply against your account. Having your assets frozen be difficult and time consuming to battle, and while you are in the process of resolution, you still won't have access to your account. If you work where direct deposit is required for your pay, the consequences of a bank levy can place you in a situation where you can't pay your rent, purchase groceries or meet the other day to day expenses necessary to live. In that circumstance, you would not be behind with the Treasury bill but you can also fall behind on your other payments such as utilities as well.
Property Liens and Seizure
Another tool taxing agencies use collect outstanding taxes and assessed penalties and fees, is a tax lien or a property seizure. When you have assets that the IRS determines have the potential to be applied toward your debt, the IRS can place a lien against those assets allows them to recover their money in the event the property is sold. At the close of the sale, the lien is satisfied first and the remainder is what comes to you. If, the taxing authority is the IRS, and an arrangement is not made to resolve the issue, your property can be taken permanently and nothing is safe. The IRS has seized cars, houses and jewelry. As you can well imagine, encountering these kinds of situations can be alarming and far reaching as you can imagine and a professional is therefore best suited to resolve them. At National Tax Attorney, we realize people don't choose to become behind on their taxes and that being behind on your taxes often occurs when a triggering event such as an extended hospital stay has put a financial burden on them, they become overwhelmed and can't see or don’t know that the law offers them certain protections if the right pathway is chosen.
Protecting Your Assets
A run in with the IRS can happen to anyone. Every day people suffer a major illness resulting in hospitalization. Still others lose their jobs. Those kinds of financial stresses can place you in the position of being on the opposite side of the fence with the IRS.
If this happens to you, address the situation quickly, such that you can control the outcome before it becomes insurmountable. Those of us here at National Tax Attorney want you to know we can navigate the most serious of encounters with the IRS involving taxes. Our staff remain up-to- date on the latest tax laws and their certifications so that we can protect your assets and get you back into compliance with the IRS.
If the IRS has already place a tax lien on your property of a bank levy on your account, the professionals at the firm will research options to ease the burden placed on you by the Treasury. We will lobby for a payment plan of 120 days or longer to make it easier for you to continue to pay off your taxes in a manner that allows you to accomplish your day to day financial needs without unnecessary hardship. Contact us today so you can rest tomorrow.

BBB Rating: A+

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Government unsecured debt be dismissed?

The Internal Revenue Service needs to retrieve tax arrears before 10 years. This starts the instant the IRS obligations has been determined. This means immediately this 10 year precious time is regarded as done; the I.R.S. tax collections department can't collect upon a tax owed. This does not imply you're going to be relieved as the Government has the ability to still take collection measures such as filing an IRS LIEN. In San Francisco this is defined as a declaration against your property and assets (and this includes motorcycles, places of residence, etc) as a form of protective measures in terms of a taxes owed Whereas; a levy can be the legitimate seizure of your prized condo to be enough for that debt.

Can IRS bills generally be discharged in B.K.?

Whether a obligation is eliminated inside a Bankruptcy is reliant entirely on the I.R.S. Standards. A few Internal Revenue Service tax bills can be cleared into a BK. In contrast, non-principal Internal Revenue Service tax liabilities can also get wiped away inside a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. The vast majority of Internal Revenue Service tax obligations unquestionably are thought of as precedent in a bankruptcy proceeding. Sadly, just about all income tax complications can't dismiss in B.K. If you ever declare B.K. in San Francisco you must repay your entire precedence IRS debts completely by the pay back schedule.

What IRS liabilities might end up being a part of bankruptcy hearing?

Doctors bills along with electric bills, unsecured loans, and unsecured credit card fees most other kinds of unguaranteed debts could be absolved by a Chapter Seven. The a bankruptcy proceeding court needs to investigate to make sure items in the B.K. did not stem from fictitious measures. In the event it is found that the consumer used a fraudulent way to acquire services or goods it would need to be taken out of the private bankruptcy procedures. Furthermore, income rulings are frequently dischargeable, with a couple exclusions.

Precisely what can I actually do when I can't afford to pay for my taxes?

The Internal Revenue Service has payment solutions any time you can never pay back your Internal Revenue Service income taxes. The program that will be right for you typically hinges upon how much money you'll need to pay and also your present-day monetary circumstances. Most IRS programs have circumstances that must be met and a few contain extra charges. Workers encountering personal financial issues might find that there is an IRS tax effect to events like a employment decline, loan relief or cashing in your SEP early. Call to get a free examination in case you're having nearly any income tax liability problems.

Exactly what is an I.R.S. tax negotiation process?

The Internal Revenue Service's Fresh Start Procedure is among many Internal Revenue Service tax relief programs. Sometimes a settlement offer may be used for people who just can't pay off their income tax debt in full. This plan allows people to make payments up till their income tax burden is fulfilled. The ideal process would be the Offer & Compromise. That permits the Internal Revenue Service to settle their tax owed for peanuts. Not every person qualifies to have an Offer-in-Compromise. To people that have not paid their own personal IRS tax debts due to a extraordinary difficulty in THEIR CITY, penalty abatement should be presented by the I.R.S. in restricted predicaments.

Can a person's Internal Revenue Service bills be negotiated?

It does happen, but only in cases where a debtor unmistakably won't have the material goods and/or capital to take care of the I.R.S. bills in a reasonable time. This is a good tool for people who cannot really make payments towards their prior years taxes.

What exactly is the Internal Revenue Service settlement technique?

Taxpayers could settle much less than the amount owing by using a fresh start Oic. The settlement application has been less demanding within the Fresh Start program. The Internal Revenue Service has a lot slack when going over a persons capacity to pay back.

Normally, how much may my personal I.R.S. liabilities be decreased?

Depending upon your conditions you are able to decrease your Internal Revenue Service liabilities ranging from 33 % - 92 Percent .An enormous drop on your IRS tax obligation can be acquired by merely reducing I.R.S. penalty and interest fees.

May I reduce my IRS tax obligation by myself?

You may make an attempt to overcome your own I.R.S. tax obligation headaches exclusively on your own however really recommended to hire an income tax settlement skilled professional such as an Enrolled Agent or an IRS attorney.If your vehicle were to break-down or maybe your water pipe broke it's most helpful to speak to a skilled professional. It's very much the same for I.R.S. debt troubles. Save your cash, the effort and also trouble of attempting to decipher it yourself, and simply hire a San Francisco I.R.S. authorized attorney to fix it all.

Am I able to have the IRS to lessen my IRS obligations?

Absolutely yes, your income tax liabilities might get diminished. You will get rid of your own Internal Revenue Service tax by utilizing a number of programs. For instance, employing the help of a CPA or even a tax legal professional in San Francisco to assist in determining your ailment and picking out a very good plan to relieve your I.R.S. bills is the perfect place to begin. An Internal Revenue Service law firm will offer good coaching regarding how to lessen your I.R.S. bills plus they're pre-loaded with the ability concerning how to deal with the IRS. If you owe past due IRS income tax liabilities then an income legal practitioner can help using the best alternatives to decrease your IRS debts.