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Residents in Roseville have Options When in Tax Debt
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In 2015 approximately 1/3 of the 99 million returns filed that year ended up owing the IRS money. The value of those owed taxes? A whopping 114 million dollars! In a perfect world everyone would be able include a check for what they owe Uncle Sam in the envelope containing their return but the reality is that many of us just can't. Whether you owe taxes because of a life changing event like a medical emergency or are just struggling with meeting your day to day expenses and can't come up with the additional money when you file, National Tax Attorney services can help you.
What you should know
Missed Returns
Being unable to pay your taxes is not illegal but not filing your taxes is.If you aren't required to file because of a unique situation call and talk to an agent of the IRS to clarify why you feel weren't required to file taxes that year. If the IRS agrees with you, great! Otherwise, get your tax return in the mail or filed electronically ASAP. Make sure to use the appropriate address and tax form from the year that you need to file. If you have been getting tax related notices and you haven't contacted the Treasury to address those notices, there may have been Substitute for Return filed on your behalf (meaning the IRS files out your return for you). However, the IRS will use what limited information are available to them and the result could be that you owe a lot more than should.

Unable to Pay

If you filed your returns and were unable to pay what your taxes, the IRS will add penalties and interest to the taxes you owe and the interest is compounded daily from the day the taxes were due until you can pay your tax debt off completely. Matters get even worse if you have ignored the IRS' attempts to contact you. 
National Tax Attorney
National Tax Attorney professionals are capable of resolving your tax concerns no matter how complex they might be. We will help you find the right forms to file and, we have a stepwise process meant to resolve the issue and to guide you through developing a tax planning strategy to prevent you from ever having tax problems again.

Why choose National Tax Attorney?
Our firm has been seen on CBS News, Fox and NBC. We have staff of experienced tax attorneys, CPAs and EAS who specialize in tax law, tax relief and tax planning. Our firm was named Acquisition International's Tax Resolution Firm of the Year and our staff has a 4.7 out of 5-star rating with our customers. Additionally, we guarantee our services. If you aren't happy with our tax settlement services within 3 days of hiring us, we will give you a full refund.
We prefer to help our clients with strategic tax planning so they can avoid the pitfalls that commonly occur with paying taxes and tax preparation. Our experienced staff have the experience and expertise to prevent and/or resolve the most complex of tax issues our clients including audits, bank levies, wage garnishments or tax liens.
Bank Levies
A Bank Levy is when a freeze is placed on your bank account so that the money can be sent to the IRS to be applied toward overdue taxes. Once a bank is served with the levy notice it is required to hold the money for 21 days prior to sending the money to the IRS. The IRS has to give the bank notice each time it intends to levy the bank account.
Wage Garnishment
A wage garnishment is when a specific sum of money is removed from your take home pay and applied toward your taxes until the debt you owe is completely paid.
How We Help you
Our goal is to find the right solution to your tax debt and we promise you that the IRS will not seize your property or garnish your wages while we are working with the IRS on your Offer in Compromise. The staff at National Tax Attorney’s first priority will be to protect you. A limited power of attorney is submitted to the IRS so that we can represent you and then we immediately submit a request for collections hold to keep the IRS from seizing your assets.

Our next focus is to obtain all the information the IRS has regarding your case by requesting the IRS' master file. This allows us to discover the root cause of the issue with the IRS and look for any errors in their records as that alone can dramatically reduce the amount of taxes owed.

Then we bring the client into full compliance with the IRS or other taxing agency. Once full compliance is achieved we can move forward to negotiate a tax settlement with the taxing agency. This step may involve requesting a payment option or requesting to pay a sum of money less than what is owed depending on your financial circumstances.

Payment Options

To set up a payment plan for taxes owed by you to the IRS or state agency, we will file a form 9465 and then wait for the IRS to respond which is typically 30 days or less. If the IRS approves the request, they will follow up with a letter detailing your agreement and any special conditions the IRS requires to process the request. As with many of our clients, National Tax Attorney may also be able to get your total tax reduced by having the IRS reduce the penalty and/or interest assessed on your taxes.

Offers of Compromise

If you can't pay the full amount of the tax owed due to exceptional circumstances, tell us what you can have the means to pay and we will make an offer in compromise to the IRS for you. The IRS is most likely to agree to an OIC when you have an exceptional circumstance, you don't have the assets to pay what you owe without suffering a financial hardship. When an Offer in Compromise is made to the IRS, the IRS makes their determination based on your present and projected income, property less your household needs for day to day living expenses (called the Reasonable Collection Potential or RCP). When you choose us to prepare your Offer in Compromise, we back our work with a guarantee that we will work with you to make it error free or you won't have to pay the penalty, we will! We are so confident that we can resolve your IRS problems, that we will also give you a full refund if you find aren't satisfied with our services within three days hiring us. Want some referrals for our services? Visit our website and you will see testimonials from real clients. National Tax Attorney also has an average rating from our clients of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars and we have been featured for our services on several television networks. We know our stuff and we want to use our expertise to get you the help you need!

BBB Rating: A+

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Frequently Asked Questions

May the Internal Revenue Service excuse IRS taxes once six long years pass?

The Federal Government should not come after you for back taxes that are greater than a decade old. This begins from the time the IRS determined the actual analysis of your income tax liability. Quite frankly, what this means is the Internal Revenue Service will have a ten year time frame to collect on the individual IRS income tax and so the particular window shuts and the Federal Government loses this permitted allegation with regards to the past income taxes. For Roseville folks the IRS LIEN present in your personal City of Roseville a TAX LIEN is described as a declaration against your very own property and assets (including vehicles, houses, for example) being a protection needed for a tax arrears while; a levy be the specific seizure of your very own apartment to be enough for the financial debt.

Could Internal Revenue Service financial obligations sometimes be dropped in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Just how I.R.S. tax obligation will be addressed in a B.K. is dependent up on whether it is an actual primary or alternatively non-precedence tax bill liability. Precedence I.R.S. liabilities will have to be placed in the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy monthly payment plan. On the other side, non-priority IRS bills can also get wiped away inside a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. A large number of I.R.S. tax obligations are priority unsecured debts while in bankruptcy proceedings. Sorry to say, the largest percentage of IRS debt cannot be handled with individual bankruptcy independently. Those that declare BK in Roseville you have to pay out all your precedence I.R.S. tax liabilities in its entirety by the repayment schedule.

What IRS bills tend to be discharged?

Almost all consumer difficulties can be treated thanks to BK. However, there is an exemption to clear should the funds, California assets, or services had been acquired with fake pretenses. If under normal circumstances the loan originator wouldn't have made the money and if falsified statements had been generated to obtain the credit then naturally your financial debt wouldn't be inside the bankruptcy proceedings. Plus, cash judgments are commonly dischargeable, with just a few exclusions.

What happens if someone owes Internal Revenue Service debts which they just cannot settle it?

For anyone in a hole and they just cannot repay their I.R.S. income taxes the I.R.S. has offerings that could help. Which alternative can work best with ones requirements will depend on how much one owes to the IRS along with someone entire personal financial condition. Every single solution presents various conditions and others may have expenses. Getting capital originating from a Individual Retirement Account along with utilizing debt settlement may have an adverse Federal tax hit. One might want to contact us right now when an individual some tax bill dilemmas they need assistance with.

Is there an IRS resolution program?

You can find several Internal Revenue Service back tax resolution methods that can assist, like the agency's Fresh Start program. When you can never pay off your Internal Revenue Service tax liabilities entirely, oftentimes it is possible to put in place an Installment Agreement to the IRS. A pay back authorization is useful to repay your I.R.S. tax liabilities by making monthly installments towards it. The most suitable program could be the settlement. Allowing the IRS to relieve your back income taxes for peanuts. There are conditions that should be completed to benefit from an Offer & Compromise. A further IRS method happens to be Penalty Settlement, whereby a multitude of your own personal charges could very well be terminated.

Can tax be negotiated?

This will happen, but only in cases where a person absolutely won't have the wealth and/or profits to make the payment for the Internal Revenue Service bills in a reasonable time. Should you qualify; a settlement can noticeably lower the Internal Revenue Service tax bills.

Just what is the new program the I.R.S. allows?

An Offer-in-Compromise enables a debtor to repay a portion of what they need to pay on tax bills. Fresh Start enhanced and sped up the Offer in Compromise plan. The Internal Revenue Service is definitely a whole lot more flexible when analyzing the capacity to make payments your tax debts.

Merely how much of your income tax obligations will be relieved?

You are usually capable of radically lessen your tax obligations approximately 93% or maybe more according to your individual circumstance. Just by taking off the Internal Revenue Service penalty and interest fees you can decrease your Internal Revenue Service bill by as much as 39 Per-cent.

Am I able to lower my income tax liability by myself?

You may try and correct your income tax obligation setbacks exclusively by yourself but it is highly preferable to retain an IRS tax relief practitioner like a C.P.A. or a tax lawyer. If your family car were to break or your plumbing system broke it is often most appropriate to telephone a professional. It's the same concerning IRS debt burdens. Save money, time and hassle of attempting to figure it out by yourself, and just retain a Roseville income tax law firm to handle it.

Can I negotiate Internal Revenue Service income taxes at a lower price?

The I.R.S. would likely, calculate a very low tax obligation. You are going to decrease your own income tax by using a few systems. As an example, employing the help of an accountant or even perhaps a tax attorney at law in Roseville to assist in determining your given situation and identifying a winning game plan to cut back your Internal Revenue Service bills is a fantastic place to begin. It is advisable to get solutions from a tax lawyer that knows how to handle the I.R.S. debt. If you owe back I.R.S. income taxes then a tax legal representative can assist using the best available options to decrease your I.R.S. tax bills.