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What do Willie Nelson, Chris Tucker, Pamela Anderson, Christie Brinkley and Redd Foxx have in common? The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has accused each of them of not paying enough taxes. In Redd Foxx's case, the IRS seized $755,166.21 worth of assets - leaving him only a bed at his home.1 Assets taken from Foxx included his home and 7 vehicles as well as the jewelry he was wearing at the time they seized his property.

Redd Foxx's case was certainly extreme due to the comedian's net worth and the fact that he allegedly owed 4 years of taxes, penalties and interest. However, owing the IRS is no laughing matter and if left unresolved can cause you to lose your car, your house, wages, inheritances, refunds and property. And, unlike most creditors the IRS does not need to obtain a judgment to put those processes into effect.

When back taxes are owed or you can’t pay the entire amount of this year’s return, the IRS will make several attempts to contact you and resolve payment. In the case of Redd Foxx, the IRS indicated he had ignored four payment notices and as in the case of Redd Foxx, if those notices are ignored, the IRS will make every attempt to collect their money.

It is always in your best interest to deal with tax issues as soon as possible, for peace of mind and to protect your day to day financial needs. Tax debt situations can be very difficult to manage, tax laws are constantly changing and can be confusing. At National Tax Attorney, our team of lawyers works together to find the best solution to help our clients deal most efficiently within their unique situation, no matter how complicated it may be. It's easy to get started just call the firm or contact them through their website. A consultation with our well-educated attorneys will give you a better understanding of the collection process and more control over your tax debt situation. Our legal tax team believes in involving clients throughout the process so that as they solve their tax issues they will be capable of handling a similar situation themselves should it happen again in the future. Our experienced staff will not just help you solve your tax debt issues, but also stand with you as an ally while you are dealing with state and government tax agencies.

Who is National Tax Attorney?
National Tax Attorney is a group of highly skilled, professional tax attorneys who have years of experience in negotiating with state and federal tax entities on behalf of their clients. The National Tax Attorney staff is composed of licensed EAs and CPAs with expertise in tax law and negotiations regarding tax issues with the IRS or the state.

What Sort of Issues Do We Handle?
Failure to pay taxes can result in any number of issues such as tax liens against personal property and real estate, bank levies freezing financial assets, and wage garnishments among other things. Every year the IRS sends out nearly two million garnishment notices and notices to levy bank accounts. In fact, the 2016 Fiscal Year Budget indicated $56 million dollars of back taxes had been collected via wage garnishment in 2014. It is not uncommon for people to either be misinformed or simply unaware of important tax information, hence they fail to deal with it accordingly, possibly leading to something that could potentially escalate into a big financial crisis. At National Tax Attorney, we take care of issues such as these and many more. We find with the best possible solutions tailored to the unique situation that our clients are experiencing and work with the tax authority to ensure success.

Wage Garnishments

Wage garnishments or wage levies are legal avenues for the IRS or other creditors to collect past due or defaulted on debts. It requires an employer to withhold a certain sum of money from each paycheck to be paid directly to the creditor. If the employer fails to do so, they are responsible to pay that amount. When a creditor seeks to garnish wages, they are limited as to how much of your wages they may take by Federal law and they must go through the process of obtaining a judgment prior to garnishment. However, in the case of the IRS, they are not limited as to how much they may take, rather the Tax code limits only what the IRS is required to leave and they are not required to receive a court ordered judgment to do so. The IRS will take as much as it can and leave you with an amount that the tax code says it has to which is based on your income and number of dependents you claim. This means the IRS takes an amount 25% or more of your income. In some cases, up to 70% of your hard earned money!

However, before the IRS garnishes your wages, they typically will send you a notice of Demand for Payment for the amount due. If that notice fails to garner a response, they will follow it up at some point with a Final Notice of Intent to Levy and a Notice of Your Right to a Hearing. These two final notices will be sent 30 days prior to the garnishment of wages. If you have received these notices the time to act is now as once the garnishment is in place there are only a few instances where the IRS will end the garnishment before the full amount of tax, penalty and interest has been collected.

If you have reached this point, you should act now because at this point your options are limited. We strongly suggest that you contact a professional in order to get the best possible outcome. National Tax Attorney has highly trained professionals that can help.

Bank Levies
Tax code also gives the IRS the right to freeze your financial accounts in order to recover unpaid taxes, interest and penalties. With so many employers now requiring direct deposit, not having access to your bank account can be devastating. Imagine the consequences of not being able to pay your bills, how would you meet your everyday needs such as rent or mortgage, food, education costs, phone bills, utility bills, credit card payments, etc without access to your money?

Again, your best bet is to hire a professional. In cases such as these, the staff of National tax attorney will appeal to the state and negotiate with the IRS on behalf of their clients to release them from the bank levy and set up the option of tax payment installments. The staff will file all the required forms that will get you the access you need to meet your day to day needs while paying off your debt to the IRS.

The attorneys at National Tax Attorney will stand with you. Whether you need an installment agreement to help pay taxes in manageable, scheduled payments, someone to explain the tax laws, or someone that can negotiate for a repayment schedule within all legal boundaries. Tax problems are not so ominous and foreboding when you have highly skilled professionals like the tax experts at National Tax Attorney. Call today and let them go to work for you!


BBB Rating: A+

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Frequently Asked Questions

May the Internal Revenue Service try to put an IRS LIEN on your own firm for past due income taxes, after 15 years pass by?

The Internal Revenue Service will not come after you for back tax which is over a decade old. This will begin from the moment they've derived the evaluation on your IRS liability. The Federal government loses their right to be able to collect on back income tax liability each time that Ten year period dies. During the IRS collection endeavors they will often attach an IRS levy or IRS LIEN on your house. An IRS LIEN here in your current City of Sunnyvale is described as a claim against your very own belongings (which includes motorbikes, family homes, and so on) to be guard towards a taxes owed. Although; a levy is the valid seizure of your actual estate to satisfy your debt.

Can a tax arrear get emitted inside a Chapter 13?

How back tax debts will undoubtedly be covered into a BK is dependent up on if it's an actual precedence or a non-priority income tax bill. You will need to pay down all the Precedence Internal Revenue Service tax debts within Chapter 13 Bankruptcy requirements. However, non-precedence Internal Revenue Service liabilities are undoubtedly cleared similar to all of your general consumer debts (including charge card and as well , pharmacist or doctor fees) and then removed in the event you get a emission. A large number of Internal Revenue Service tax obligations are actually thought of as precedent in the consumer bankruptcy. It is most not easy to do away with IRS tax debts by just applying for personal bankruptcy. Primary IRS tax bills will have to be settled in Bankruptcy.

What Internal Revenue Service liabilities should be contained in private bankruptcy?

Quite simply, IRS income taxes that happen to be greater than thirty-six months old might possibly be. To have a personal debt to be part of a individual bankruptcy it's got to first be determined that the cash, property or professional services were not received using false pretenses. If under usual circumstances the financial institutions would not have created the loan terms and if less-than-honest assertions were presented to acquire the financing then undoubtedly that personal debt wouldn't be within the private bankruptcy. On the flip side almost every other type of judgments are almost always consolidated.

Just what takes place when I owe Federal taxes and I can't repay?

If you cannot really take care of your tax debt there exists tax resolution choices for your family. The program which is best for your needs is dependent on your capability to take care of and also just how much you'll have to pay. Just a few I.R.S. processes have considerations that must be met and others possess service fees. Men or women being confronted with economic matters may find that there is a Federal tax bearing to times like a work elimination, unsecured debt negotiation or removing money from a Individual Retirment Account. Above all, if you think you may have trouble paying your income tax debt, give us a call.

So what's the tax debt resolution options?

The Fresh Start program is the IRS's plan in order to assist with daunting income tax obligation. A repayment written agreement has the ability to be utilized by you if you just can't pay back your IRS tax obligations in total. This program allows people to make payments up until the time your income tax obligation is satisfied. An settlement may be used to discharge your I.R.S. tax bills . There will be obligations that ought to be reached to take advantage of an O.I.C. The other Internal Revenue Service procedure is Penalty Alleviation, during which several of the fines could well be waived.

Could I forgive my individual Internal Revenue Service unsecured debt for less than I owe?

Yes, Internal Revenue Service obligations may possibly be forgiven, although the tax impact of cancelling or debt negotiation will depend on with your personalized resources and meet certain conditions. A great method if you can never pay for your past due taxes.

What is the recent system with the IRS?

A fresh start O.I.C lets a person to repay a portion of what they are obligated to repay for Internal Revenue Service debts. The Offer-and-Compromise approach has been created less painless within the Clean Start move. The I.R.S. presently has alot more leeway when going through a persons ability to spend.

What percentage less shall the Internal Revenue Service go with?

Based upon a taxpayer's conditions an individual will most likely able to decrease one's tax debts varying from 25 Per-cent to Ninety five Per-cent or more. With regards to an extensive economic plague, perhaps a physicians' crisis or business loss an individual should be qualified for Internal Revenue Service plans that will certainly lowers an individual's current income tax debt. One's IRS tax obligation can often be lessened if one has undergone life transforming economic problems. Including a occupational reduction, hospital ailment along with other debt trouble. If a taxpayer merely takes away the interest and penalty fees a person might see a reducing of an individual's tax burden by as much as 23 - 50Per-cent.

Can I decrease my income tax obligation alone?

It is usually easy to care for your own personal tax obligation challenges without any help though more often than not circumstances crop up making it harder to progress without a Certified Public Accountant or an I.R.S. lawyer or attorney.If you were getting a hole in your plumbing during the middle of the evening, and your home was flooded, the ultimate way to eliminate the issue immediately is to always contact a qualified professional. It truly is the exact same with respect to I.R.S. tax debt conflicts. Avoid the migraine headache by using aid of a real an income tax legal practitioner.

Can your tax obligations be decreased?

The I.R.S. most certainly, calculate a smaller income tax liability. By using a tax authorized professional is a popular starting place for going over your individual predicaments to be able to check if there exists any I.R.S. tactics which you can use to trim the tax liability. It's essential to request tricks from an Internal Revenue Service tax authorized professional who is familiar with how to cope with the IRS income tax debt. If you owe old I.R.S. tax liabilities then an Internal Revenue Service legal representative can assist with the best methods to lower your your tax debts.