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IRS Woes in San Diego? National Tax Attorney has the Solution That's Right for You!
Whether you are an individual, a rental property owner or an S-corporation, if you have tax problems the staff at National Tax Attorney can help. National Tax Attorney is a group of highly trained and experienced attorneys, CPAs and negotiators that specialize in tax planning, preparation, payroll and sales tax. As well as all the tax resolution for issues that can result from tax discrepancies with taxing agencies like the IRS.
Individuals and businesses alike can run into financial difficulties that make paying your taxes on time difficult. If you don't have the money to pay you might be tempted to just not file. However, kicking the can down the road will not make your situation better. If you have already missed filing some tax returns and been contacted by the IRS about the missing returns, we strongly suggest act quickly. If your situation has gone beyond that point or you need help filing your missing returns we suggest you hire a professional to help you. National Tax Attorney has staff that are experts in both corporate and individual tax laws. They can help you file and correct returns. If you have received notice of wage garnishments, Tax liens and seizures or Bank Levies they can negotiate with the IRS or other taxing agency for you so you can continue to operate your business or if you are an individual, you can get back to the business of living stress free. Our staff will safeguard you from making a mistake that can make things more difficult than they already are.
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As you can see the penalties and interest that accumulates on unpaid taxes can add up quickly and put you in a debt situation that seems overwhelming.
What Kinds of Tax Issues Can We Resolve?
If the IRS has notified you of an error in your taxes, or failed to file, or just couldn't pay at the time of filing we can help you get it straight with the IRS. Owing the United States Treasury often results in several larger problems such as freezing of bank accounts, property seizures or wage garnishments. At National Tax Attorney, we know how to fix errors, the appropriate tax returns and forms to file on your behalf and how to work with the IRS to find solutions to your tax problems. We have helped individuals and corporations overcome the most complicated tax issues that you can imagine and, as our client, you will find we can do the same for you.
Why you need to act now!
Taxing authorities, and the IRS in particular have a variety of means by which they can recover monies owed to them. If you owe taxes and you have ignored repeated attempts by the IRS to contact you any of the following steps can be taken by the IRS and once put in place they are often complicated to reverse until the taxes, penalties and interest owed are paid in their entirety.
Wage Garnishment
Under a wage garnishment, the IRS notifies your employer to withhold a portion of your pay check (up to 70%) until their debt is satisfied. For debts owed to collectors where a wage garnishment has been issued, the process involves getting a court ordered judgement and they are limited by law as to how much of your pay they are allowed to take. But the Treasury can take your pay without a court order and the law dictates exactly what must be left for you. Getting by on only 30% of a pay check for an extended period of time would certainly complicate most people's financial security significantly.
Bank Levies
Another way the IRS can ensure payment, is by placing a hold on your financial accounts in order to retrieve the unpaid debt. Just as with a wage garnishment, a bank levy can prevent you from having access to the money you need to live.
Tax Liens and Seizures  
 tax lien is a hold placed on your property, that ensures the taxing authority will get their money in the event the property is sold. The immediate problem with a tax lien is the damage it can do to your credit. If you own a business, imagine what happens if your suppliers no longer allow you to buy on credit because you are a risk. As an individual, poor credit can prevent you from renting a place to live or a car or even prevent you from refinancing your home. At National Tax Attorney, we understand mistakes can easily be made on tax returns and that when people are behind on their taxes it's often because they are financially overwhelmed and often don't know what options are available to them. The professional staff of National Tax Attorney will determine what options you have and help you negotiate with the tax authority to get the best possible solution possible for whatever circumstances you may be facing.
Benefits of Hiring Professional Services
Tax debt is more common than you might think Life is complicated and there are so many circumstances that can place individuals and businesses in temporary financial stress. If that has happened to you and you have found yourself owing taxes, move quickly to get the situation under control and prevent your debt from amplifying. We recommend hiring a professional to help you through the complicated process of filing corrections, dealing with bank levies or wage garnishments and negotiating instalments. A professional tax service provider like National Tax Attorney can help you with any tax problem you may encounter whether it involves tax filing, tax debt, tax liens, bank levies, or wage garnishments. Our attorneys are highly educated, have years of experience and have the right skills to deal with your tax or financial issues, whatever they may be.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the IRS come alternate individual online business for past due tax bills, immediately following 13 years pass by?

The Internal Revenue Service has to recuperate the back tax debt before 10 years. This begins after the specific IRS obligations had been assessed. It really means since this 10 year period is regarded as completed, the IRS collections can no longer gather upon a tax debt. As forSan Diego home-owners an IRS LIEN located in San Diego is understood to be a declaration against ones property or home (which includes motorbikes, places of residence, etc) as a collateral when it comes to a tax owed while; a tax levy is definitely the physical seizure of a person's possessions to satisfy this balance.

Can I.R.S. arrears be wiped out in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Exactly how I.R.S. liability happens to be addressed into a BK relies up upon whether or not it's a primary or non-precedence irs tax bill. Top priority IRS tax liabilities should be placed on a Chapter 13 repayment schedule. So you can absolve a real Internal Revenue Service debt inside of a B.K. the Internal Revenue Service tax obligation is required to be deemed non-principal. Virtually all I.R.S. bills are typically perceived of as precedent throughout individual bankruptcy. Regretfully, a great deal of I.R.S tax dilemmas are not able to be released in bankruptcy proceedings. As part of your BK repayment plan nearly all your IRS bills will need to be paid in full. |Can back IRS income tax be part of a consumer bankruptcy? The manner in which any kind of back tax arrears might be treated within a Chapter 13 relies on whether it's a precedence or non-precedence I.R.S tax liability. Priority I.R.S tax bills won't be dismissed in bankruptcy and so these people must pay all of them off in its entirety through Bankruptcy payment program. To enable you to discharge an actual IRS bill inside a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy it really should be considered non-principal. A lot of Internal Revenue Service tax debts have been viewed as precedent throughout private bankruptcy. Generally not a thing can be accomplished in B.K. to manage IRS obligations. A part of your Chapter 13 payment schedule the bulk of your personal Internal Revenue Service liabilities needs to be payed entirely.

What IRS liabilities might be part of Chap. 7?

Pretty much, IRS income tax liabilities that are more than thirty-six months old could be. To begin with it should be established if bills were acquired utilizing falsified techniques. If under usual scenarios the financial organization would not have rendered the loan terms and if less-than-honest claims had been developed to get the loan then of course that financial debt couldn't be inside the individual bankruptcy. Also, cash rulings are likely to be dischargeable, with a couple of exclusions. |What IRS obligations may be part of Chap. 7?Almost all consumer debt can be remedied with B.K.. For your financial debt to generally be part of a BK it has to first be determined that the actual cash, belongings or professional services were never bought while using false pretenses. If under normal instances a financial institution would not have created the money and if fake statements had been created to get the financing then simply that financial debt couldn't be inside the bankruptcy proceedings. Further, cash judgments are usually dischargeable, with a few exclusions.

Specifically what ought someone do when they really can't pay back their IRS tax liabilities?

If someone just cannot take care of someones entire IRS income tax bill there's tax resolution options for individuals. Which plan may best suit ones needs is dependent upon what one owes conjunction with ones present debt circumstance. Pretty much every choice offers various kinds of terms and conditions as well as possess expenses. I suggest one give thought to the I.R.S. bearing involved with extracting some money from your own Individual Retirement Account or debt settlement. Don't hesitate to contact us if one can never pay your IRS debt.

Just what I.R.S. tax arrears forgiveness procedures exist?

You can find several Internal Revenue Service back tax relief approaches to help you, which includes the agency's Fresh Start initiative. An installment contract may be utilised by you if you cannot take care of your I.R.S. tax obligations in total. This program aids you to do reduced payments so that the total debt is paid. A fresh start OIC allows for you to relieve your Internal Revenue Service tax debts for less than the amount they owe. The Offer & Compromise is a crucial program to help individuals in undesirable circumstances. Taxpayers are considered after a number of other payment programs appear to have been explored. If you haven't paid your IRS income taxes as a result of special hardship in YOUR CITY, penalty abatement happens to be made available from the I.R.S. in restricted predicaments.

Could somebody work out a pay back plan with the IRS?

One may negotiate for less or in some instances have their I.R.S. obligations forgiven but first they should go through a qualification process. People who have the income to repay the IRS, or will more than likely get it someday, no degree of bargaining could convince the I.R.S. to forgive their tax debt for less than their debt.

Is there a income tax bill consolidation?

Taxpayers are able to repay less than the total amount owing if they take advantage of a fresh start settlement. The Offer & Compromise has been efficient as well as developed from the new tax relief program. The IRS has grown to be a whole lot more agile in diagnosing whether or not a debtor could make the payment for or not.

What percentage of my income tax bills may be settled?

You could be able to dramatically lessen your income tax liabilities as much as Ninety three% or maybe more dependant on your entire own state of affairs. If you solely eliminate the interest and charges fees you might get a cut in your I.R.S. bill by up to 24 - 45 Pct.

Am I allowed to get rid of my I.R.S. tax obligation without any help from a tax relief expert?

You possibly can seek to overcome your own income tax obligation complications your self however it is tremendously advisable to hire an I.R.S. tax resolution expert like a certified public accountant or a tax relief expert. If your car / truck were to break down or your pipes begun dripping it's most effective to connect with an expert. It is identical when it comes to tax debt problems. You'll end up saving 100s of hours and hassle by using an income tax law firm.

Can my income tax bills owed towards the IRS be decreased?

Without a doubt. Multiple methods may be used to reduce your own I.R.S. tax burden. You will certainly lessen your Internal Revenue Service by using a few strategies. As for instance, using the help of a Certified public accountant or alternatively an IRS attorney in YOUR CITY to assist in assessing your situation and generating a complete strategy in order to reduce your Internal Revenue Service obligations is the right place to begin. An Internal Revenue Service tax settlement lawyer or accountant is able to provide great tips on lowering your tax obligations. If you've got extreme back I.R.S. liabilities, then a tax authorized professional can cope with the figures and formulate the perfect alternative to eradicate your IRS bills.