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IRS Headaches? National Tax Attorney Can Give You Relief.

Do you live in Santa Rosa? Do you have a tax issue that you aren't sure how to handle? If so call National Tax Attorney.

Tax issues can have multiple causes: Perhaps you are one of many thousands of people being audited, you could have failed to file a return or you could just have failed to pay past taxes due to financial hardship. Regardless of the issue, if you don't resolve it, the situation can get worse very quickly - you could lose your vehicles, your home, wages and more. Regardless of how you got to where you are, if you live in the Santa Rosa we are only a quick call away. Prefer to use the internet? Not a problem, you can also contact us through our website. National -Santa Rosa- Tax Attorney has the professionals, tools and expertise you need to settle with the Revenue Officers and bring you peace of mind and a solution you can live with.

Tax debt issues can be impossible to resolve on your own and suck up hundreds of hours. A meeting with our seasoned attorneys can give you the true collection process and so you can have the upper hand for your tax debt. We keep you informed of the resolution process so after we fix your tax problems, you will know how to prevent or resolve a future tax issue if you don't fall back into the back tax trap again. We will not only help solve your issues with the IRS, but also accompany you if you are called to meet with the tax agents that are dealing with your case.

Wage Garnishments

Wage garnishments require an employer to withhold a certain sum of money from each paycheck that is sent directly to the creditor.

It will requirean employer to hold backa specifiedamount of cashout ofevery
pay checkthat is then repaidstraight tothecreditor.

Oncea businessis givenany kind ofdemandof
garnishment, they areunder legal standingtohold backthose funds or jeopardize civil litigation.

By Federal law most creditors are limited to the amount of money they can take from your wages and also a judgement against you is required prior to starting the garnishment. However, the IRS is not required to obtain a judgement nor are they limited to how the amount to keep from your paycheck; instead, the Tax code determines how much the IRS is required to leave of your pay for your expenses. In some cases, the Internal Revenue may keep an amount that is equal to 70% of your salary

Prior to garnishment, the IRS typically sends a notice for Demand for the amount owed. Intervention at this point would be best if that option exists. Failure to respond will result in two notifications - the Final Notice of Intent to Levy (your wages and/or bank account) and the Notice of Your Right to a Hearing. Once those notices are received the clock is ticking. You have 30 days before the next and final step. The final step is an order of garnishment to your employer and once this is sent you have 2 weeks before the garnishment is initiated and becomes much more difficult to reverse.

But nevertheless, for anyone who ispastthis point, you've still gotsome amount of time
to do something.

Whether you have been served notice of intent to levy your wages or your wages are already being garnished, National Tax Attorney can help. We will work with you to determine the solution that best suit your financial situation and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.

Bank Levies

A bank levy freezes your one or more of your bank accounts so the IRS can recover the taxes penalties and interest owed to the them. The steps the IRS takes to issue a bank levy are similar to those of a wage levy. Except that once a bank is served with a notice it is required to place a hold on the account for 3 weeks before turning it over to the IRS. This form of levy is especially difficult to deal with, especially if you use direct deposit to receive your paycheck. Without access to your money the ability to meet day to day obligations such as rent food, phone bills and utility bills becomes limited.

Should you find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance, your best bet is to consult with a tax professional.

Why pick National Tax Attorney?

National Tax Attorney specializes in tax law issues and negotiation. We have helped clients with all kinds of situations arising from unfiled tax returns, wage garnishments, bank levies and tax audits. Whatever your situation, if it involves taxes, we can help.

Our group consists of certified professional tax experts. We are attorneys, CPAs and EAs who have years of experience in negotiating with state and federal tax entities on behalf of our clients.

What we do
We use every available tool at our disposal and our knowledge of tax law and experience in negotiating with the IRS to resolve any number of tax issues.

A Missing Return
Filing taxes is required by law. When you missed filing, and you the IRS notifies you a return is missing, you should call the IRS to tell them why you think you didn't need to file or you should send in the missing return(s). Be sure to use the right form and address for the missing year. However, if you received notice the IRS is missing a return and didn't respond to their requests to contact them, the IRS could have filed one for the missing return for you. When this happens, the tax the IRS assesses is often for more than it would have been if you had filed your own return. If believe the IRS has made an error in your tax assessment, we would have the IRS start a process called an audit reconsideration.

Installment agreements and Tax Form 9465
If you can't pay off the complete tax balance owed when you submit your tax returns, staff at the firm will negotiate with an IRS agent to break up your tax, any penalties and associated interest into monthly installments, and they will also work your IRS representative to reduce what you will have to pay. In the event the application is approved the IRS continues to charge interest on the tax owed until final payment is received. For some people it takes decades to pay back the debt and the taxes owed often resulted from incorrectly filing. A little something which could have been avoided in the first place with the help of an educated tax professional. A CPA who would get every possible legal deduction and keep as much of your money as possible where it belongs - with you!

Our staff will file IRS Form 9465 submitting a request for an installment plan for you. The IRS may take as long as thirty days to approve the request. Once the approval has been given, they will send you notice providing all the little details of your contract including the fee required to begin processing your request. The IRS, however, will only negotiate for payment plans and reduced penalties and interest when all missing tax returns are processed and filed. Our staff will work with you to ensure your tax returns are current and correct so that your tax resolution will proceed smoothly.

If you live in Santa Rosa and want a professional who can help you relieve your tax burden, give National Tax Associates a call.


BBB Rating: A+

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Internal Revenue Service recover back taxes immediately following 13 years pass?

The IRS will not come after you for fees that are over ten years old. This happens from the time it has derived the evaluation on your IRS tax liability. Mainly, this means the Internal Revenue Service will have a 10 year window to obtain on a personal IRS income tax and therefore this particular period finishes and the Federal Government will lose this approved litigation for the fees.With regards to Santa Rosa individuals a harmful IRS LIEN here in an individuals City of Santa Rosa is defined as a claim against an individuals assets (in addition to vans, houses, for example) being a protection in terms of a tax arrears Whereas; a levy is going to be specific seizure of your main properties to meet the needs of the debt.

May unsecured income tax debts get mentioned in a B.K.?

Put United States income tax inside a chapter 13? The way back taxes owed will likely be fixed in a B.K. is determined directly on whether it's a primary or alternatively non-precedence IRS tax debt. Priority Internal Revenue Service obligations will need to be put on your Bankruptcy installment program. Basically only non-main priority Internal Revenue Service bills could very well be released in Chapter 13 together with other kinds of un-protected credit card bills. A lot of Internal Revenue Service tax bills tend to be priority debts in consumer bankruptcy. Routinely little can be accomplished in Chapter 13 to fix IRS bills. In the event you file for BK in Santa Rosa it is important to pay off your very own primary Internal Revenue Service tax bills entirely through your payment program.

What Internal Revenue Service tax bills are typically a part of bankruptcy hearing?

In short, taxes which are more than several years old could possibly be. Initially it does need to be identified if debt were received utilizing fake methods. If it is found that the purchaser practiced a fraudulent method to procure goods or services it then would have to be taken out of your personal bankruptcy procedures. Additionally, income rulings tend to be dischargeable, with some exceptions.

What does one do when they owe a lot more income tax bills than they can pay back?

When one is in a hole and they can't pay off their Federal income tax obligation the IRS has offerings which help. The program which is usually best for someone depends on your capacity to pay off and also just how much one might must pay back. Each and every strategy has challenges that need to be found and several plans have premiums. Workers coping with financial headaches could find that there's a Federal tax presence to occurrences like a career deprivation, financial debt forgiveness or cashing in your I.R.A. early. One should phone us in case one can not pay off your IRS obligation.

What sort of IRS negotiation methods exist?

The Fresh Start program is part of the Internal Revenue Service's approach to support you with tremendous income tax liability. Most often a repayment agreement may be used for people that just cannot make payments towards your income tax obligation outright. A pay back commitment is known to pay off your I.R.S. tax obligations through monthly premiums towards it. One new initiative, the settlement means that we can settle for significantly less when compared with what you will owe. There are obligations that must be satisfied to take advantage of an Offer and Compromise. One particular I.R.S. strategy is regarded as Penalty Relief, in which a couple of your individual penalty fees could be disregarded.

Can tax be consolidated?

Yes, IRS debts might be pardoned, however the tax impact of canceling or debt resolution will depend on upon their private specifics and meet certain conditions. If they satisfy the requirements, a fresh start Offer & Compromise is known to dramatically lower an individual's income tax bills.

So what is an IRS resolution OIC?

Taxpayers can relieve his / her Internal Revenue Service bills for a lot less than the balance owed using an Offer and Compromise. Variations happen to have been built in the all new plan to simplify each settlement. The I.R.S. has a bit more flexibility when analyzing their capability to make payments.

Simply how much can the IRS be satisfied with to settle my tax debt?

Based on your qualifications you may well be able to reduce your income tax liabilities about 34 % up to 95 % .Just by removing the Internal Revenue Service penalty and interest fees you can lessen your I.R.S. liability by nearly 52 Pct.

May I get rid of my Internal Revenue Service tax obligation by myself?

It is very possible to tackle your IRS tax bill tribulations by yourself but usually things happen making it harder to carry on without a Certified Public Accountant or an I.R.S. legal professional. In the event your liver burst you might speak to 911, am I right? It is very the very same when it comes to IRS tax bill conflicts. You could end up saving time and effort and hassle by using a tax law firm.

Should I lessen my tax debts?

Frequently Internal Revenue Service obligations are typically lowered. Determine if you qualify with a trained accountant or an I.R.S. legal representative which should examine your personal tax hurdles and assemble a plan to reduce your I.R.S. liabilities. It is important to seek strategies from a tax lawyer that knows how to deal with the IRS tax debt. If you've got major Internal Revenue Service obligations, then an IRS tax authorized professional can take care of the situation and put together the most beneficial strategy to eradicate the Internal Revenue Service debts.