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Don't agree with the IRS? Have the final say with National Tax Attorney!
Ever have a run of bad luck and think to yourself what else could possibly happen? For millions of taxpayers, that what else is going to be a letter from the IRS telling them they owe money and insisting it be paid. Immediately. Any number of errors can result in that kind of letter - a simple addition error, a transcription error (like instead of writing 2,100 you put 1,200), misunderstood directions or thinking you didn't need to file this year. If lady luck is on your side, your error would result in you receiving a check in the mail. But if not, you may end up owing money you don't conveniently sitting in the bank.
In 2015, over a quarter of a million tax returns processed by the IRS owed money to the US Treasury (1). What do these statistics have to do with you? If you don't owe the IRS, nothing. But if you were unlucky enough to get that error notice in the mail, everything. Especially if you don't have money in the bank to cover what the IRS now says you owe. Because the penalties and interest were already adding up even before you got your letter in the mail.
The truth is, in most cases where an error was found by the IRS, had the returns been professionally prepared, the errors would never have been made or at least have been caught and corrected before they got as far as the IRS auditor's desk. Once you owe the IRS, if you are incapable of covering that payment, you are staring at a mounting problem that could become a real nightmare resulting in any number of actions by the IRS including jail time.
It's the Law
Believe it or not, there are people out there who don't realize reporting your income to the IRS is codified in law. You are one step ahead of the game if you already knew that. In case you didn't, now you do. Also, if this applies to you, knowing that you may have unwittingly broken the law now leaves you with a choice to make, phone the taxing authority to see if your circumstance is such that they will agree with you or give them what they want. If the latter, be sure all the information on the form is correct including using your old address if you've relocated and using the correct form for the year you need. It stands to reason, that if you are reading this and the information just shared does indeed describe you, you have received a notice from the IRS and you are looking for a solution for the dilemma you now face. If you choose not to respond to that letter, the IRS may file the return they have inquired about by proxy. This means the IRS take it upon themselves to file for you and assesses tax based on that. Without your input into deductions and number of dependents etc., (maybe you got married or had a child that applies to that year) your balance may now be far more than in the red than you believe it to be and your world just became a whole lot more complicated because of it.  We know this because it's our business to know these things and if you live in Redding, we stand ready to help you should you decide you need it.

National Tax Attorney
Irrespective of your unique situation, National Tax Attorney has the workforce that is responsive to your needs when it comes to the IRS. Did you fail to send in a form? We have access to the correct form for the year you need, if you are indebted to the IRS, we can advocate for a payment plan complete with a reduction in any penalties and fees the IRS is charging you with. If you have a dispute with the findings of the IRS after filing a Substitute for Return for you, we will use an audit reconsideration to challenge the IRS on their findings if we find disputing the balance owed is warranted. If you consult with us, you should made be aware of the fact that our hands will be tied with the IRS if you do not bring to our attention all of the tax returns that are missing as the IRS refuses to begin negotiations unless they include everything that is needed to bring you current.

Notification of Some Pending Action
Just as we have a duty to you to be sure we identify every possible path to a solution with your tax problem, the IRS is under a mandate to look for every available pathway to get monies owed them and have several pathways by which they may lawfully proceed. They can take a percentage of your pay (garnishment) or empty your savings and checking accounts. Just as with many things in life, what may start out as a simple disagreement with the treasury, left ignored becomes increasingly more difficult to challenge and the longer you wait to do something, the more challenging it is to stop. All of the IRS's pathways start with a Notification of one sort or another. First thing to do is to respond to that initial notice but if that ship has sailed, then we need to know which pathway the IRS is taking so we can prevent you from drowning in the tidal wave that may be headed your way.
How We Can Turn Things Around
We eat, sleep and breathe tax code and we know how to use it to protect your rights as a taxpayer.

Step one, we need to file any missing returns you may have. As we said before, if the process doesn't include everything to bring you into compliance of the law, the IRS will refuse to even consider working with us. Step two, depends the state of your finances at the time of negotiations. If you can pay the taxes owed but your current situation is such that you need to postpone payment until your current circumstances are resolved, a temporary delay can be requested. If that still doesn't fix the problem we can go with one of the next two choices:

Installment Options

If payments over time are needed to accomplish the task, we can request a payment option. Sounds simple right? Not necessarily. There are short-term agreements (<120 days) and long-term agreements. Which one is right for you depends on how long you need to pay. Erring on the side of caution is best as if you miss even one payment, you start back at square one. Remember interest starts accruing on day one, so the shorter your agreement, the less tax you pay.

Offer In Compromise

When the Offer in compromise (OIC) is processed, we submit a request to the IRS asking them to accept a payment that you are confident you can come up with as full recompense. The IRS has stringent guidelines under which they will allow for an OIC. The first being that what is offered as compensation needs to equal what the IRS considers you have the ability to give them toward what is owed (in other words not only taking into consideration what you have available today but also any expected increase of future income) that includes a basic ability to make ends meet.
Let's get started today. Call us to set up a consultation and we will help move you in the direction you are most confident will end your tax woes while allowing you to live your life at its fullest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can income tax liens expire following 11 years?

The Federal Government simply cannot collect for back income taxes that are more than 10 years old. This can start from the time the Government prepared the analysis on your I.R.S. tax debt. Mostly, what this means is the internal revenue service has a ten year window to recover on a individual I.R.S. income tax and because the actual window ends. Simply the Internal Revenue Service drops this sanctioned allegation for the back tax obligations. Within the IRS's collection activities they could place an IRS levy and or an IRS LIEN upon your private home. An IRS LIEN in your entire City of Redding is defined as a claim against a person's property (in addition to used cars, places of residence, etc) as a safety with regards to a tax owed. Although; a tax levy will probably be special seizure of your main property or home to fill your arrears.

Might you place U.S. income tax in a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

How IRS tax bill is cured in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is based directly on whether or not it's an actual main priority or alternatively non-precedence tax bill. Some kind of I.R.S. obligations are generally eliminated inside a BK. Basically only non-main priority I.R.S. debts are able to be eliminated in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and even similar unanchored responsibilities. Nearly all I.R.S. bills actually are viewed of as precedent within consumer bankruptcy. The fact is, the largest percentage of I.R.S. obligations are not processed by way of a bankruptcy proceeding on your own. For your personal individual bankruptcy repayment schedule almost all of your current I.R.S. bills must be paid up in its entirety.

What Internal Revenue Service bills may very well be part of Chap. 7?

Health-related bills in addition to electric bills, loans, visa or MasterCard charges and plenty of other unsecured obligations is always wiped out using a BK. The BK court will have to explore to make sure items included in the private bankruptcy did not originate from untrue actions. The phony declaration should have been made in writing with the lender as well as the misrepresentation must-have been material, which suggests the statement was such that the loan originator wouldn't have offered the financing had the important facts been known. By comparison most other types of rulings can be resolved.

What should I do if I cannot pay for my income taxes?

The Internal Revenue Service has repayment options available in the event you just can't pay your Internal Revenue Service income taxes. The process that can be right for you depends on your capacity to settle for as well as how much you actually need to repay. Some I.R.S. programs have requirements that must be met and some include costs. There are many I.R.S. income tax repercussions for debt forgiveness as well as receiving revenue from your 401(k). You'll need to e-mail us today should you have any tax bill fears you require help with.

Exactly what is an IRS relief method?

There are several IRS back tax relief services to help, for instance the IRS's fairly new system. Typically an installment contract may be used for people that can not repay their income tax burden fully. An installment authorization are often used to pay back one's I.R.S. liabilities through payments towards it. An Oic will allow taxpayers to resolve their Internal Revenue Service bills for under the amount they owe. Few citizens qualify for an Offer & Compromise. In many situation a Penalty Abatement can possibly get rid of their irs tax demands.

Can you compromise a repayment plan with the IRS?

It does happen, only in scenarios where by you undoubtedly doesn't have the valuable assets and/or pay to settle the IRS tax obligations in a reasonable time. If you meet the criteria, an Offer-in-Compromise can be used to radically lessen your income tax debts.

Just what is the the US income tax settlement legal requirements for 2018?

A fresh start Oic facilitates a debtor to pay back a lot less than they need to pay on IRS tax obligations. Fresh Start improved and streamlined the Offer-in-Compromise application. The I.R.S. has grown to be much more accommodating in deciding upon if a individual could make payments towards or you cannot.

Precisely how much should the I.R.S. accept as a settlement?

Depending an individual's current particular issue, a taxpayer should reduce their income tax bills by from 40 Per cent to Ninety-five Pct and beyond. Assuming a person has dealt with really serious economic hardship in Redding not to mention vocation cuts, clinical emergency, or some different, one will probably be approved for a number of opportunities which would greatly lessen an individual's past due IRS debt. . A taxpayer's tax obligation could be reduced if a taxpayer has encountered life transforming debt troubles. Similar to a work loss, sickness condition and also other income difficulty. If a person merely remove interest and penalty expenses a person would possibly see a abatement in a taxpayer's I.R.S. obligation up to Twenty - 44Per-cent.

May I cut down my income tax obligation on my own?

You may attempt to address your income tax bill struggles without help but it's extremely advisable to retain an IRS negotiation professional such as a Certified Public Accountant or a tax attorney at law.Should you have a varmint situation or even your used car or truck throws a rod do you ever make an effort to remedy it all on your own or just contact a pro? precise same concept pertains to eliminating your current I.R.S. debts. Over the long haul you will save cash and time by giving us a ring.

May I lower my tax obligations?

Absolutely, your income tax liabilities can often end up being lowered. You should lessen your own tax by using a few means. For instance, using the help of an accountant or just an IRS attorney in Redding to assist in reviewing your circumstances and coming up with a productive game plan to slim down your Internal Revenue Service obligations is the best starting point. It is always best to request recommendations from an Internal Revenue Service tax settlement firm that knows how to handle the I.R.S. tax debt. If you're in serious debt with the Internal Revenue Service then an IRS tax relief attorney can certainly help relieve your grief.