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You Don't Have to Live with Tax Woes When You Live in Sacramento
If 2017 is anything like 2015 for the IRS, they will process over 150 million tax returns (1). That year, they sent over 1.5 million notices of error in individual returns alone (2). Errors were the types of things that any of us can make - calculation errors, transcription errors, errors in the number and amount of exemptions and standard or itemized deduction errors. In those cases, the individuals filed their taxes and hopefully the errors the IRS found were in the taxpayers. However, chances are at least some of the taxpayers who received notices were found to owe additional taxes.
The IRS also reported that over 29 million returns owed taxes at the time of filing (3). Why should you care about these numbers? Chances are if you are one of the 1.5 million people who were has an error in your taxes, you received a letter notifying you of the error, if you were found to owe additional taxes and you didn't have the money to pay the additional taxes owed, you were then thrown into a stressful situation that needed to be resolved; or worse, if you ignored the notices from the IRS, your situation might have escalated into something that is nothing short of a nightmare.
Perhaps Benjamin Franklin was thinking about taxes when he first thought of one of many quotes he is attributed to have written "An ounce of medicine is worth a pound of cure" as it certainly applies in these instances - if those 1.5 million tax returns had been prepared by a professional, the IRS most likely would not have found any errors or at the very least the number of errors would have been vastly reduced. A tax professional can also help taxpayers that find themselves owing and incapable of paying at the time of filing before it becomes a nightmare that could include wage garnishments, bank levies, liens or property seizures.
Failure to File
Filing your tax return is required by law. If you believe your situation precludes you from needing to file, and the IRS has sent you notice of a missing return, your best bet is to contact the IRS and explain why you haven't filed. Otherwise, you should file the missing tax return. If you have moved since the time return was due, check to ensure you use the residence and tax returns from the time periods that weren't filed. If you don't respond to the IRS for whatever reason, a Substitute for Return could have been filed for the missing return (The IRS assesses tax for the missing year based on what information they have). Without you to supply the correct information to compute your tax, the amount of taxes assessed on the Substitute for Return may indicate you owe far more than you do.

National Tax Attorney
Our staff at National Tax Attorney can handle your case no matter what your tax issue might be. If you failed to file, we can help you file the right form and, if you owe taxes, we can negotiate for reduced penalties and interest. In the instance that a Substitute for Return has been filed and you disagree with the amount the IRS says you owe, an audit reconsideration would be appropriate to dispute the tax owed. However, the IRS will not negotiate with anyone who is not current in filing all past due returns. Make sure your compromise all the delinquent returns you have.

Notification of an Intent to Levy
IRS Staff have a responsibility to collect revenue owed them and they have several ways in which to accomplish this. They may take a portion of your paycheck (garnishment) or take all the money in your bank account. Like a ball rolling downhill, once the process is started and the further down the road it gets, the more difficult it becomes to stop.
Bank Levies
When you are suffering a financial crisis, and you simply can't pay anything, you are still on the hook to pay back everything you owe plus whatever penalties, fees and interest they assess. Under the procedures of a bank levy, whatever money you have in your account is remanded to the Treasury after 21 days and applied toward your back taxes.
Wage Garnishment
Each time the IRS wants to take money from your bank account, they have to give notice to your bank and wait 21 days for receipt of the money but that is not how it works when your wages are garnished. Tax authorities can have your employer deduct money from your pay check until all taxes, penalties and interest owed are completely paid off without your permission. When a wage levy is processed, you are left with an allocation of your pay that is deemed to give you a basic means of financial support. A process that could affect every aspect of your daily life leaving you seeking to find enough money to meet rent, utility payments and your other daily needs.
The Process of Turning Things Around
We know tax law and we know your rights. Our professional staff will listen to you and will find a way to make things work.

Your Options as a Taxpayer

An option we can exercise on your behalf is to request the taxing authority establish a payment schedule for the taxes owed. The IRS is then allowed 30 days after receipt of the form to reply. If approved, the IRS will send a notice detailing the terms of the agreement as well as any special provisions the IRS will require in order for them to move forward with the request. We are often also able to work with the IRS to get penalties and interest reduced.

Offers of Compromise

With an offer in compromise (OIC) you offer to pay the Internal Revenue Service an amount of money that you feel you can afford to pay with a minimum amount of hardship. There are very specific criteria under which the an OIC will be accepted by the IRS such as the amount offered by a taxpayer should be at a minimum equal to what the taxpayer has the potential to pay. That amount is called your Reasonable Collection Potential (RCP). To determine your RCP, the IRS will look at your assets and what the IRS figures your anticipated future income will be and then deducts for your anticipated living expenses. We guarantee our Offer in Compromise will be 100% correct or we will pay the penalties! Get the tax relief you need - call us today.
At National Tax Attorney we have the right combination of experienced staff that will allow us to resolve your tax debt and who can show you how to avoid future confrontations with the IRS. If you give us a call and tell us your IRS woes, our staff at National Tax Attorney can get you where you need to be.

BBB Rating: A+

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Frequently Asked Questions

May the government recover back income taxes when 5 years go by?

The IRS is unable to collect on income taxes which are more than ten years old. This gets started from the moment it has derived the evaluation of their income tax obligations. Practically, what this means is the IRS has a ten year window to collect on the specific Government tax then the specific time frame finalizes and the Federal Government loses this certified litigation with regards to the past income taxes. When it comes to Sacramento folks an IRS LIEN located in City of Sacramento is understood to be a claim against ones home and property (which includes boats, condos, etc.) as an effective assurance regarding a taxes owed. However; a levy will be total seizure of an individual's property like real estate to fill that debt.

May an income tax debt get cleared inside of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

The way IRS liability is remedied in a B.K. is reliant on if it is an actual priority or a non-priority tax bill. A number of Internal Revenue Service liabilities are generally removed inside of a Bankruptcy. In contrast, non-priority I.R.S. debts may very well be discharged within a Bankruptcy. Most IRS tax obligations tend to be priority unsecured debts when it comes to personal bankruptcy. Regretfully, virtually all tax complications will not be discharged in B.K. A part of your consumer bankruptcy pay out arrangement almost all all of your Internal Revenue Service tax obligations must be paid up totally.

What Internal Revenue Service tax debts are typically incorporated into bankruptcy proceedings?

Simply put, I.R.S. income tax debts which are more than four years old may very well be. For your unsecured debt to generally be part of a Bankruptcy it has got to first be determined that your money, belongings or expert services were not obtained while using fake pretenses. The misrepresentation needs to have been written such that the lender would not have generally issued financing with your very own requirements. In contrast most other types of rulings are almost always resolved.

What if someone owes Internal Revenue Service taxes and now they can not make the payment for it?

For those who are in a hole and they just can't pay their IRS income taxes the I.R.S. has solutions which could help. The technique that will be ideal for someone is dependent on what one can do to make payments towards and also how much one must pay back. Precise circumstances might need to be met so one can take advantage of these approaches. Be aware numerous might demand a fee. There can be Internal Revenue Service tax significance for things like debt negotiation and currently taking some money from your 401-k. One should call in the event one simply cannot make payments towards your income tax bill.

Precisely what are the IRS debt relief approaches?

There are lots of IRS tax relief plans to assist, such as the IRS's recent initiative. A settlement Offer is usually available for men and women who just can't pay off their IRS tax liability entirely all at once. The system empowers customers to do smaller monthly installments until the complete debts are attained. One new system, the Offer and Compromise can help one pay off less than they would owe. Not all people qualify to have an OIC. In some cases a Penalty Abatement is likely to cut down an individual's Internal Revenue Service tax obligation.

Can income tax be forgiven?

Yes, tax obligations may just be pardoned, yet the tax impression of cancellation or debt relief will depend on on their own personalised realities and conditions. This is a good approach just in case they simply cannot make payments towards their past due taxes.

What exactly is the new system the I.R.S. provides tax debtors?

Taxpayers will be able to pay off much less than their entire amount due because of an Offer and Compromise. The Oic is currently streamlined not to mention improved through the customized tax relief system. There happens to be more range of flexibility as the IRS assesses their possibility to pay.

What precisely shall the I.R.S. take to wipe out their back tax?

The I.R.S. guidelines allow the an individual to reduce their I.R.S. tax debts by Thirty five Pct - 97 Pct based on one's exact challenge. When it comes to an extraordinary financial unexpected emergency, perhaps a hospital emergency or employment decline one could meet the requirements for Internal Revenue Service programs that would appreciably cuts one's current income tax debt. . Their income tax debt might be dropped if a taxpayer suffered life transforming personal financial difficulties. Including a source of income elimination, health-related dilemma and also other debt problems. If a taxpayer were to only take off the interest and charges fees a taxpayer may potentially see a reducing of an individual's I.R.S. tax burden around 19 - 60Per-cent.

Is it possible to cut down my income tax burden on my own?

You can aim to work out your own Internal Revenue Service tax obligation troubles by yourself yet it's highly wise to leave it to an IRS tax negotiation professional such as an accountant or a tax law firm. If you had a an ant infestation or your auto throws a rod do you really make an effort to fix it yourself or just speak to a specialist? It is very much the same for IRS tax debt hardships. Save your hard earned cash, precious time as well as a headache of attempting to figure it out on your own, and merely leave it up to a Sacramento IRS attorney at law to handle it all.

Am I allowed to take advantage of the I.R.S. to decrease my IRS liabilities?

The Internal Revenue Service most certainly, calculate a smaller income tax obligation. You will certainly trim your personal Internal Revenue Service by utilizing several possibilities. Like, employing the help of an accountant or an I.R.S. tax relief attorney in Sacramento to assist in reviewing your circumstances and picking an excellent plan to alleviate your Internal Revenue Service obligations is a terrific place to begin. You have to seek aid from an IRS legal professional who is familiar with how to overcome the I.R.S. debt. If you owe back Federal taxes then an income tax relief firm can help using the best solutions to lower your I.R.S. tax bills.