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Are you having tax troubles in Modesto? Is the IRS causing you stress?


Bank lien, incorrect tax filing, AGI, test credits, tax deductions, standard deduction, itemized deductions, tax exemptions, progressive taxation, taxable income, voluntary compliance, withholding, offer in compromise. Do any of these terms sound confusing to you? Are there any that you don’t know the definition of? Chances are there are several but you’ve never heard and quite possibly many you don’t understand. However, whether you understand are not, they could still apply to you either positively or negatively.


In the times we live in today, we are seeing so many financial situations and dealings that we have never seen before. Laws are constantly in a state of change and typically are always in flux. To try and stay on top of everything is not only nearly impossible, but also extremely time-consuming and can cause more confusion when researching than providing answers to questions.


How long can somebody last without an income? If your wages were garnished today, what would you do? Would you have a way you could access money somewhere else to pay bills, to feed your family, to pay for doctors, clothes, education, car payments, house payments, food, dance lessons, Sporting events, vacations, all the things that your family does on a regular basis and just takes for granted, that the finances will be there to pay for all those things?


If you had not paid full taxes that you owe from the past, then the IRS can come in and get your wages from the bank itself. They can contact the financial establishment where you keep your personal and work finances and have any money that you owe siphoned off and applied toward outstanding tax debt without your permission. Your employer would have received legal notification from the tax authorities and under law; it would have to comply with the request.


You can find yourself unable to access your pay and be left without resource until the last amount that was owed is paid in full. One has to ask themselves in this situation, is it worth it to try to save a little bit of money and run the risk of losing so much?


Just one misstep on your tax return could become a huge avalanche of errors and tangles to be undone. Because so very few of us have financial wiggle room for mistakes on a grand scale in the long run, many of us would consider it far wiser to speak with someone who’s been properly educated and trained in every form of taxation, as well as the experience in dealing with tax situations for multiple clients over many years.


Not knowing how to handle a letter that comes in the mail from the IRS can be devastating to your financial future and the future of your family. If you own a business not only could you incur huge penalties and an endless paper nightmare trying to untangle previous tax forms from the mistakes done before, but also you could harm your own financial solvency and perhaps get into such a financial situation that you’re no longer able to pay your employees on time or at all. For a small business that could be the nail in the coffin, and for a larger business it might mean huge downsizing. A business that you could’ve worked for all your life could be ruined because you missed one or two important steps while filing your taxes.


Don’t let something so minor become something so major because it was not given the proper attention and concern when that was needed. Go to a professional that not only knows how to help you avoid tax pitfalls, but will also help you stay in compliance of any new or evolving tax laws. In this way can avoid any unnecessary audits by either the Internal Revenue Service or local state Government that might claim you have not reported you’re profits and losses properly and feel you owe them money.


Isn’t it much better to have things completely clear and understandable? Explained by a professional who is able to answer all your questions and put your mind ease? You can rest knowing that our lawyers can handle IRS communications, that they can stand in the gap for you legally when you need them the most.


At National Tax Attorney our well educated and highly skilled staffs are standing at the ready to help you in your hour of need. We have attorneys that have many hours of dealing with the IRS and are always studying the laws. When you have our attorneys on your side you can rest well knowing that after speaking with you and ascertaining your situation they will be doing research into your particular situation as needed and have all the finesse to handle the situation.


If you find yourself already in a situation where you have a great tax debt, they can help by submitting an Offer in Compromise on your behalf. An OIC or Offer in Compromise is simply the formation of an installation tax payment agreement that our attorneys can work on with the IRS to help settle any outstanding text issues or liabilities for an amount less than the full one of. However, keep in mind it is always wise to consult a tax attorney when doing this, as if it is shown a tax payer has the ability to fully pay the complete amount due in an installation payment arrangement or by any other way this person typically will not qualify for an offer in compromise.


If you are looking to file and OIC Application, be certain that you have no unfiled tax returns, otherwise the Internal Revenue Service will not accept your offer and they will simply return it to you. This program is very helpful to eligible citizens because it puts them on a good path where they can pay off any outstanding tax debt, relieve themselves from the stress of it, and have a bright new tax-debt free future.


The IRS does not necessarily like accepting OIC’s however; they are by far much more willing to except one in the current financial climate than they have in the past. According to an article in Forbes in August of 2015 the acceptance rate at that time had reached 40% when in the years prior to that they were typically in the range between 25 and 30%.


 As the willingness for the Internal Revenue Service to allow OIC’s has increased through time, many more taxpayers are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. No longer do they need to feel they are drowning in debt for the rest of their lives. And if you’re like other citizens in Modesto, you like many before you would benefit greatly from the tax and financial legal services of National Tax Attorney.


Our wise and highly professional staff will look at your financial situation and help you determine the most feasible course of action for you. Not only are they highly knowledgeable and well versed in their craft, they also have what it takes to help you handle all your IRS tax and legal issues pertaining to taxes so that way you don’t have to.


How nice is it to call a professional, and what a comfort it can be to know they are on the case for you, that they care about your financial future, and that they will do everything in their power to make certain that you’re able to have a huge burden lifted and find instant tax relief. Think of having no financial stress and uncertainty hanging over your head. How good to know that they are in your corner and will do everything they can so you can enjoy life.


Call us today for your free consultation. Our attorneys are unique in that you can work with them either in person on the phone through email or online. Whatever tax issues you might be facing today they can help you that you can sleep tonight for a better tomorrow. At National Tax Attorney we truly care and are here to fight for you!


BBB Rating: A+

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to decrease my income tax obligation alone?

When you can make an effort to correct your current IRS tax debt trouble without help, it might be in your own welfare to acquire the assistance of an IRS negotiation professional. In the event, you were experiencing a leak in the conduits in the heart of the night, and your house was flooded, the best way to settle the issue promptly is to speak with a pro. It happens to be the exact same for tax obligation issues. Basically, you'll save both money and time by providing us with a ring.

Should I get the IRS to lessen my income tax liabilities?

Indeed, your Internal Revenue Service tax obligations may be lowered. A tax legal practitioner will help with all the important information to position you on a program to reduce your IRS tax liabilities. You will have to request tricks from an Internal Revenue Service firm that knows how to approach the Internal Revenue Service tax debt. If you're in serious debt with the IRS then an IRS tax settlement legal professional will help you to relax your displeasure.

Can Federal government personal debt be removed?

The Federal Government cannot collect on past-due tax obligations that are greater than a decade old. This gets underway from the time that it has formed the actual evaluation of their I.R.S. tax burden. The Government loses the stake to be able to collect on past tax liability after that Ten-year window transpires. This system appears to be good for a taxpayer, however, this is not an option considering that the I.R.S. might nonetheless begin debt collection measures in the way of an IRS LIEN.

Could unsecured I.R.S. arrears always be included inside of a BK? Put United States tax debt inside a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

How the actual back tax debts will likely be fixed in a BK is dependent entirely on if it is an actual principal or alternatively non-precedence tax bill obligation. Lots of Internal Revenue Service obligations simply can't be released into Chapter 13. So as to wipe away an actual IRS bill in a BK it must be viewed as non-precedence. Just about all I.R.S. tax obligations are viewed as precedents during consumer bankruptcy. Routinely not thing is attainable in personal bankruptcy to handle Internal Revenue Service tax liabilities. As soon as you declare Bankruptcy in Modesto you need to pay out your entire priority I.R.S. tax obligations in its entirety through your payment package.

May unsecured income tax debts possibly be put inside of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Whether any kind of obligation is cleared in a BK relies upon the Internal Revenue Service Standards. Some IRS tax debt cannot be wiped out in a BK. In contrast, non-principal Internal Revenue Service tax liabilities definitely will get removed inside of a B.K. Virtually all IRS liabilities really are viewed as precedent within the consumer bankruptcy. So, declaring bankruptcy hearing is definitely not the end regarding this IRS liability issue. With your BK pay-out arrangement nearly all of your actual Internal Revenue Service tax obligations need to be paid in whole.

What I.R.S. tax bills are discharged?

Fundamentally, Federal tax liabilities which are greater than four years old can often be. For starters, it should also be determined if the obligations were incurred utilizing deceptive methods. In the event it is found that the consumer practiced a deceptive technique to obtain goods or services it would have to be taken out of the BK proceedings. Additionally, money judgments are normally dischargeable, with a couple of exceptions.

What I.R.S. bills will be wiped away?

A lot of un-anchored personal financial debts (that include past due lease payments, energy bills, medical bills, unsecured bank loans, and visa or master card bills) could be discharged in B.K. The bankruptcy proceedings court must examine to make sure items inside Chapter 13 did not come from untrue methods. In the event it is found that the client utilized a deceitful method to attain goods or services then it would need to be taken outside the bankruptcy hearing process. Further, cash rulings are usually dischargeable, with a couple of exclusions.

Specifically what occurs when someone must pay back significantly more income taxes than they can repay?

The IRS has monthly payment solutions any time one just can't repay their income taxes. The alternative that effectively does the job relies upon just how much they definitely can pay back along with their recent economic circumstances. Every single plan has conditions that should be met but some processes contain costs. Employees confronted with income obstacles might find that there is an I.R.S. income tax trauma to periods like a work demise, consumer debt consolidation, or removing funds from any 401(K). Above all, if one thinks they've got problems settling their tax debt, call.

Just what is an Internal Revenue Service settlement solution?

The Fresh Start program is part of the agency's program to help with devastating I.R.S. tax debt. Just in case a taxpayer can never pay back their IRS debts totally, almost always they can easily arrange an Installment Deal with the Internal Revenue Service. This program aids people to do reduced monthly payments up until the entire debt is attained. An Offer in Compromise can often discharge their IRS tax obligations for less than their debt is. There're standards that ought to be met to benefit from an Offer-and-Compromise. In some situations, a Penalty Abatement should reduce their tax debt.

Can someone really escape from his or her Internal Revenue Service liabilities?

This will happen, but only in cases where a debtor clearly has no material goods and/or wages to pay for the Internal Revenue Service obligations in a reasonable time. For people who have the amount of money to take care of the IRS, or may obtain it in the foreseeable future, no magnitude of dealing will be able to sway the Internal Revenue Service to consolidate their taxes for a lot less than the debt.